Powerful Video, Must Watch!

                     Truly Great Inspirational Video

What our lives and culture could and should be, compared to what they are today! Think positive, think about the possible opportunities we have now, and what we can achieve with a few personal and collective changes in what we choose to believe, value, appreciate, and physically get our asses up and DO!

4 Comments on Powerful Video, Must Watch!

  1. This is it. This is what I always used to ponder about in my younger days when I felt like an outcast loner in multicultural Sweden.

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  2. I come from that same generation with baby boomer generation parents. There seems to be a sense of I just don’t care about anything attitude amongst our generation. Maybe because we live in a giant Disneyland. Skateboarding and punk rock was my escape. Always wanted something better but just didn’t see any way out of it. I’ve always been serious minded but at the same time acted immature. Took me a long time start growing up. Let me tell you I made a lot of changes in my life for the better and I’m still far from perfect. But with the inspiration of others and people like Rich, is what we need to lift each other up like fellow comrades and brothers in the dirges of war. Wouldn’t it be nice to just have a community of like minded friends like an extended family who don’t agree with everything but have a common core principles and ideals.? I love the etymology of words. For example take the word ” WORDS”. If you place the “S” in front, you get “SWORD”. With “WORDS/SWORD” we can Cut asunder or Lift each other up.. And this is the power we have ,of our tongue. Thank you Rich for taking action and putting this forum together. I hope it reaches beyond cyberspace in the future but for now it is a SOLID foundation. Cheers brothers! Make it a Great Day!


  3. We need more stuff like this for the emotional propaganda for lack of better words. Our movement is really lacking on it and our enemies really take advantage of that. If more people saw videos like this than we would recruit by the thousands, especially women.


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