Reforming the Approach!        Gage: The Most Important Video He's Done In order to become Great Men, there are many things we must do in life. A lot of it involves coming to grips with our own individual and collective failures. All of us have to examine our own lives, our own failures, where we went wrong, and all the mistakes that we made in the past. All the mistakes we make now. But more importantly... what are the changes, the necessary reforms we need to make NOW (in relation to our approach) that enable us to achieve certain goals going forward?

Sometimes that involves doing things that are often seen as uncomfortable, because it involves admitting that you were wrong. Which is something no one likes to do. But REAL men admit when their “way of doing things” is wrong. They make adjustments, they make corrections, and they fine tune whatever it is that needs to be patched up! In our case, it’s a threefold issue: it’s an image issue, a failed message issue, and it’s an issue of not appealing to a broader audience!

Much of this hasn’t changed over time, because many folks out there (for whatever reason) feel that it’s illegal to change your mind. This kind of thinking is absolutely insane. Any business man knows this to be true. If you’re selling a product (in our case, a message) that doesn’t sell, you don’t keep it up on display, you don’t double and triple down, and say fuck the consumer and what they think, and stack up on next months supply.

You find a NEW product!

It’s OK to change your approach.

There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind, when it makes sense to do so. When there’s legitimate justifications to validate that change!


40 Comments on Reforming the Approach!

  1. joenorthpal // March 3, 2016 at 9:59 am // Reply

    Angelo welcome back the from dark side PTD Reformation is a FORWARD MARCH not a retreat

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    • Ericthered // March 3, 2016 at 10:52 am // Reply

      The message Rich puts out here should’ve been our message for the last 50 years. Imagine we followed his approach, what we could have accomplished and where we’d be today power wise and as men. It’s ashame it’s taken us this long to realize where we’ve went wrong in the past. I’ve personally disassociated myself with dozens of people already because of exactly what Angelo talks about here. This is about the only website I go to anymore, and my time on the Internet is slowly decreasing because of it.

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    • I was one to email Rich to get in touch with this guy and look what happens, Gage gets a piece of PTD. Loves it. And realizes now that there’s no going back.

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      • I myself can say I questioned this guy before, but not anymore. What a great speaker and motivator. This was inspirational. These are the kinda guys we need Rich. 2 thumbs up to you Mr. Gage 👍👍


  2. Way to go! Kill your darlings and getcha’ head oucha asses !

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  3. We have some great men over here! Loads of potential!

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  4. I have to say a cord has been stricken. Everything else is dead and boring. Power through discipline. Strength with courage. It’s simple.

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  5. Nice to see this guy come around. I stopped watching his vids some time ago, and then when he buddied up to DD I said ok he’s down that rabbit hole, but look at him now. This was a great video. I hope he stays on this message for good. If he does, wouldn’t this meet up to the standards of a new media platform Rich?

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  6. Moishe the beagle // March 4, 2016 at 6:49 am // Reply

    Fundamental error here. In politics you are not selling a product, you are presenting yourself as a potential leader. You don’t get taken seriously as a leader by selling out and throwing your allies under a bus. You fearlessly attack, attack and attack again. Never go on the defensive and never apologise. If you have to change tack, fine, do it but don’t waste time trying to justify it to your enemies. They will call you names and try to demonise you no matter what. Trump will have to keep disavowing until he realises this. Your attacks on white nationalism only show your own weakness.


  7. Moishe the beagle // March 4, 2016 at 6:57 am // Reply

    Also let me add. I was around when this debate about mainstreaming the message was had five years ago and basically the idea then as on this site is to shut up about Jews and history and stuff and just cover daily politics like breitbart, as if Breitbart wasn’t already doing that. That debate was lost by the mainstreamers when Andrew Anglin proved that the no bullshit approach is quantifiable more effective in reaching the masses who are actually open to your message and a forteriori not afraid of being called mean names such as racist.

    You have a nice looking site here but your strategy is confused. We don’t need to go through the this pointless debate again as a movement. Just don’t attack to your right and concentrate fire on the enemy. It works in warfare and in politics too. With all your macho stuff you would think that you would understand the analogy and not stoop to this the customer is always right crap.


    • Wrong. At the end of the day you are selling a product, you and your simplified message is the product. Leaders clearly understand this.

      Furthermore, selling out and throwing “my” “allies” under the bus?

      Who are these “allies” you speak of? As far as the people I attack. I don’t attack them personally, I attack their failed approach, their lack of practical strategies, not having tangible goals, wasting tons of time, and not doing a damn thing in real life.

      And I want no “alliance” with those folks, that crowd!

      And NO I won’t apologize for that.

      I don’t, nor have I ever justified anything to an enemy. I don’t fear demonization, I fear idiocy and shortsightedness.

      Trump did the right thing by disavowing. He doesn’t get into specifics about. He just denies it and that’s the end of it.

      As far as “white nationalism” goes, I can’t speak to that. I’m not a white nationalist. And I tell people all the time to forget about it. This “white nationalist” shit is a non-starter, it’s a false concept that will NEVER take hold in American politics. Way too many divides here, regional divides, ethnic and cultural divides, economic divides, social and political divides. It’s unrealistic, it’s not viable, it doesn’t apply well to our situation here. Our situation is local. It’s always been local.

      As I just got done explaining under Gage’s video… you must make LOCAL CONNECTIONS. You must get involved in town projects, on school boards, on the PTA, you must attend town council meetings, get to know your representatives, get to know your police, your firefighters, your teachers and administrators, speak at the town halls, acclimate yourself with the local political process, town proposals, legislation, codes, and so on.

      Its NOT, nor will it ever be: white nationalists just go out and campaign on local issues and stand in government. It’s completely idiotic. Furthermore this has to be a holistic approach. It’s not LIMITED to politics. Far from it.

      Your no bullshit approach is pure bullshit. Nothing was proved. Other than having the ability to attract a bunch of weak white men to a website that suggests that people troll their way on the Internet into power. Absolutely insane, illogical, crazy. Good luck with that!

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      • “Nothing was proved. Other than having the ability to attract a bunch of weak white men to a website that suggests that people troll their way on the Internet into power.”

        I would have thought traffic would be a pretty good indicator of a website’s success. What criterion would you apply instead? This distinction you like to make between doing things “in real life” versus online is self-defeating because podcasts and blog posts is all you do yourself. If the question is whose materials are more intellectually satisfying and informative, there is no comparison between your mere rhetoric and, say, David Duke’s exposes of Jewish power. And speaking of successful real world activism, have a look at his political career. If you knew anything about intellectual history you would be aware that revolutions are preceded by intellectual movements and the wide dissemination of propaganda among the masses.

        Learn from the left. The homosexual movement has not been hampered by their association with child molesters. Bernie Sanders has not been hampered by his past membership of Trotskyist groups. They work together and it makes them strong; you think mocking and misrepresenting potential allies will ingratiate you with the masses, but actually it will be about as successful as hitting on a pretty girl with compliments. You think you must shift to the centre rather than shift the centre to you. That is not strength, it is weakness.

        I know you are impatient for results, but think of what we are up against. It is not weakness to have a realistic grasp of the forces in play. Our enemies want desperately to censor us—why should we censor ourselves? Because that is what you are suggesting with your stupid digs at anyone who raises the jewish question.

        And look at Trump’s campaign. I hope he pulls it together again but his enemies have drawn blood because they were able to put him on the defensive. He has been trying to appear more moderate and what happens? Snake Cruz tried to position himself to Trump’s right on immigration. They say he can’t be trusted, he;s a con man. He disavows support from “white supremacists” and what happens? They bring it up again, reinforcing the association however false. This is a losing strategy. What he should have said is this: “I don’t care; he’s welcome to support me. Why don’t you go and ask Rubio why he supports black lives matter, a terrorist organisation killing innocent people in our cities; why don;t you go ask Bernie Sanders about his communist links? We’ve got Muslims killing people all over the place and blacks going nuts and ISIS chopping off heads and crucifying Christians and you expect people to give a shit about some co-called white supremacist organisation that hasn’t existed since the 1940s? Gimme a break.” You get the idea.

        Further, you say you are not a White nationalist. Are you opposed to White genocide? Yes or no. If you’re not, I think you need to let your readers know so they can take their business elsewhere.


      • A few things here…. Funny you talk about riding coat tails with the men here, yet you drool over Duke and Anglin, and every other Joo chaser pushing a failed strategy, ignoring the simple fact that the problem is in our own backyard, it always was.

        Furthermore this website has only been up for 7 months. Talk to me in a few years, and we’ll see who has accomplished what.

        You talk about Dukes political career like it was yesterday (over 30 years ago), the man did not preach what he preaches now.

        Don’t pretend that he was. You have the nerve to talk about being intellectually honest? What did Duke run on? Let’s Look at the platform he won on in Louisiana. He ran on a traditionalist platform: supporting lower taxes, states rights, immigration, strong family values, self responsibility and getting people off welfare! He didn’t over complicate the issues. He didn’t push this Joo shit. He didn’t even push anything overtly racial. There was no need to do it! Because it doesn’t WIN, and it doesn’t attract the RIGHT people.

        Focusing our attention on Jews is stupid, it’s counter productive, and it hasn’t achieved a damn thing in this country. Not one thing you can put your finger on. Oh we’ve woke people up! You’ve woke people up to do what? What have they done?

        Not one fucking guy who runs his mouth about this Joo shit all day long has been elected to ANYTHING! Not even a Dog catcher!

        We got thousands of elected seats available across this country at the local level, the town, the county, the state, and the federal level…


        And again, that’s because it’s the wrong approach. It doesn’t work, it hasn’t worked, and it won’t work.

        As far as white “genocide” goes. Your fellow whites are to damn stupid and selfish and comfortable to reproduce. They’d rather have a dog or a few cats, and take selfies of each other, alone on vacation for the next 40 years of their life, but hey, they got a great collection on their Facebook page. But I’m sure you’ll attribute that to the powers of the boogeyman too?

        Fact is, you folks (Joo chasers) are completely out of touch with reality. You’re not serious people. You have a fun hobby here on the Internet. A game, a circle jerk of chasing phantoms and not taking self-responsibility, and looking at our own poisonous choices and actions as a collective. You do this because you’re weak, and you know it. You’re a weak white man.

        But that’s ok, you’re in great company on the other websites. Now go back over to your favorite bitch corner, with every other boy on his period, and go cry and scream about the BIG BAD Joo and what everyone else is doing to us.

        Because it’s truly worked wonders!

        By the way… anymore insults directed at people here, or anymore of your weak white male bullshit with this constant whining about the Joo boogeyman will be deleted on site immediately. I don’t want to be affiliated with weakness.


  8. kerberos616 // March 4, 2016 at 11:01 pm // Reply

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  9. @ moishe the beagle

    Man,I could shit on my keyboard and write something of more relevance. You put a lot of effort in your boogey-hunt justification declarations, for how long did you dwell in the basement? Here’s a news flash: This is not a racist website. This is a website for mentally grown up men. This is a website that will attract the best of men.The boogeyman is completely irrelevant to the cause of this website. This website is a part of the cultural revolution, and there is nothing stopping the PTD movement from reaching greatness if we manage to keep out the likes of yourself.


    • “Are you opposed to white genocide”

      If it’s something I learned from this website it’s that nothing should stop me from having a family. Do you have a family SIR? Because to me it seems the only relationship you ever had is the BOOGEYMAN


      • IM FED UP WITH THIS SHIT. Truly fucking done. Chemtrails,jews,chemtrails,jews,chemtrails,jews,9/11,jews….and som chemtrails on top of that.

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      • Moishe the beagle // March 5, 2016 at 1:05 am //

        Your repetition of his buzzwords reveal you as Rich’s abject fanboy.

        Yes I have a family. Do you also want to know my living arrangements? My income? My degree of social involvement? Read a book, musclehead.


  10. Whatever you say Mr wise guy. This site is IMO an important building block in the meta politics of the right, and you’re just measuring you dick for the sake of it


  11. Try using both strategies? // March 5, 2016 at 4:22 am // Reply

    Can’t to some extent both approaches be used? “Power Through Discipline” and naming the Jew? It’s all very well attempting to heroically stand up to the Jewish establishment, but if you’re not completely prepared for the onslaught you’ll face as a consequence then it’s a complete waste of time and most likely you’ll do more harm than good for the movement by looking like an idiot in the process, (give Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” a read).

    So instead, it’s worthwhile following Rich’s advice of self improvement. And that doesn’t just have to be lifting weights and eating well, it can involve mastering a subject, craft or art – whatever your talents maybe. Become a leader in your chosen field of expertise and take over the etablishment at all levels! Prove your worth to exist!

    Take Donald Trump for example, (forgetting for a moment whether he is geniune or not). He’s spent his life building an empire for himself by in part playing the system to his advantage. Now he’s in a position where he’s calling the shots without having to answer to anyone but himself, with the support of the people. That’s a good example to follow.

    For spreading the message about the Jewish issue the internet is a great tool and has helped greatly in turning the tide, the memes especially. Satire definitely shouldn’t be underestimated. So with the strategy of PTD in combination with internet satire for naming the Jew I think we have the best chance of succeeding.

    I just want to add also that it’s not simply the Jews that we’re up against, it’s other Whites also, e.g Mitt Romney types. I think it’s partly a ‘class’ issue where a section of the White population have allied with Ashkenazi jewry for world dominance. So on that account it’s not White genocide per se that is taking place but a sort of White/Jewish filtering wherein if you’re part of the current White/Ashkenazi establishment then you’re destined to be mongrelized.

    For example, in England, the rich and well connected ‘elite’ send their children to the best private schools, such as Eton, who then go on to the best Universities, e.g Oxbridge, who then go on to become bankers, hedge fund mangers, lawyers, politicians etc. ensuring that they themselves live in the most wealthy areas free from immigrant ghettos, whilst at the same time pushing multiculturalism on everyone else. And although this is only a reality television program, I think it gives some of idea of what I mean in the White ‘class’ divide that has taken place:


    • Try using both strategies? // March 5, 2016 at 4:25 am // Reply

      The second to last paragraph should be – “… but a sort of White/Jewish filtering wherein if you’re NOT part of the current White/Ashkenazi establishment then you’re destined to be mongrelized.


    • Try using both strategies? // March 5, 2016 at 10:12 am // Reply

      Great presentation by Angelo also, alot of very good points made.


    • To clarify // June 20, 2016 at 7:26 am // Reply

      To clarify and avoid any potential midunderstanding, (as I think it’s important), that I don’t believe everyone who attends elite institutions is against us, (in case I gave that impresssion), and no doubt some are on our side with most being brainwashed just like everyone else. What we do need is for as many of them as possible to join our side, since their connections, wealth and education would be a great asset.

      What pro-Marxist organisations such as Channel4’s ‘Made in Chelsea’ are trying to promote, (just as was done by the Jacobins in France and the Bolsheviks in Russia), is the idea that elitism, class and privilage are inherently bad, which could lead to some disastrous consequesnces, (we all know what happened in Russia with the Tsars). And although, (as was in France and Russia), there is some truth to the ruling classes being corrupted and weakened with decadence, there is much that is still salvagable.

      What we need is a restoration of true leadership, and institutions such as Eton, (considering their history developing future leaders), would be an ideal place to start such an endeavour. Unfortunately, the Maxists, with their ‘march through the institutions’, currently have control of Eton, Oxbridge etc. (as far as I’m aware), but we can take them back, and those who currently reside at those instituions would be best able to do so. Hopefully they’ll be reading this site and getting onboard the Resurgence Media message.


  12. NormalWhiteGuy // March 5, 2016 at 4:45 am // Reply

    This is Scott Roberts response to Gage’s video. I’m not endorsing either one of them but it’s just something to think about and come to your own conclusions…


    • Why would we want advice from a Joo chasing, chemtrail/vaccine/ritual murder chasing weirdo with mixed raced children himself?

      Rich, get these cranks out of here please!


    • Dave_in_Ohio // March 5, 2016 at 6:43 am // Reply

      Watching Scott Robert’s video I feel the life force being drained out of me…


      • Agree, Scott Roberts pushes the weak white male victim card. Oh poor us, we’re so helpless. These boys need to reconsider what they put out. Speaking from a position of Strength, not their version of “the truth.” Being “truthful” in a war gets you killed, on a metaphorical battlefield or not. Angelo Gage is 100% Right.


      • NormalWhiteGuy // March 6, 2016 at 3:51 am //

        Watching a video I posted for the purpose of critical thinking makes you feel like your life is being drained out of you? I was under the impression Power Through Discipline was occupied by strong men!


  13. Chris in NJ // March 5, 2016 at 8:48 am // Reply

    Rich these idiots should be on auto ban mode. Keep this stupid stuff off this great website. Block/Ban their IPs. Angelo should do the same on his channel if he can, or disable comments. It’s all trolling and bashing from idiots that don’t offer anything positive. All crap. And we all know that if people go to a video or story or whatever they go right to comments to read them. Why even allow the negativity? It’s so demoralizing and uplifts no one. These people are mood and will killers. They bring nothing to the table. BTW much support for Angelo and what he’s doing, hope he gets into the political area or does something big.


    • NormalWhiteGuy // March 6, 2016 at 3:46 am // Reply

      “Ban these idiots Rich! Ban the IPs. Gage should disable comments too!” You are such a strong man Chris. I posted a video and clearly stated I’m not endorsing either Roberts or Gage and you freak the fuck out! Some real strong men here…


  14. NormalWhiteGuy // March 6, 2016 at 3:33 am // Reply

    I simply posted a video and CLEARLY said I don’t endorse either Gage or Roberts and took a neutral stance on it. You’re all flipping out over it. Go ahead and ban me! I think this website does great stuff but at the same time it attacks people who name the Jew and call them “Jew chasers” instead of just doing their own thing and remaining neutral. That is just more division. How is that productive? I might as well call you guys “runaway Jews” because every time someone names the Jew you freak out!


  15. joenorthpal // March 6, 2016 at 6:12 am // Reply

    @NormalWhiteGuy So you post a video that runs over 2 FUCKING HOURS along with the same old tired ass circular arguments of conspiracies,
    Well, real strong men have jobs, businesses and families to take care of, not a whole lot of time for drama the moves at the pace and has the substance of drying paint.
    1)Bogeyman counts the votes,
    2)Bogeyman controls everything top down,
    3)Bogeyman controls media,
    4)Bogey man censors us.

    1)Then YOU START COUNTING THE FUCKING VOTES get on your state and county election committees,
    2)then YOU CLIMB TO THE FUCKING TOP it only took a extremely intelligent and talented successful man like friggin Donald Trump 70 years of his life for the RIGHT MOMENT and YOU not seeing THE BIG PICTURE want to BLOW THE OPPORTUNITY and sit in your darkened corner preaching the 50 year losing nonsense that put us HERE,
    3) then YOU let the flies out of YOUR WALLET and get on board with creating OUR OWN MEDIA DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM,
    and for Godsakes


    • NormalWhiteGuy // March 6, 2016 at 9:13 am // Reply

      The video is obviously under 2 hours long, not over.

      Angelo admits he doesn’t work because of “PTSD”. He seems pretty sane and definitely able-bodied to me…

      Trump got to where he is because of his Jewish connections. He climbed that billionaire ladder fucking people over and destroying lives. But of course you would look up to that asshole!

      Funny how PTD is on the “Trump train”. That is for true weak white men not to mention complete lemmings. Pretty much the Obama for white retards who believe in a literal reality tv star. Good luck putting your hope into that orange clown!


      • joenorthpal // March 6, 2016 at 3:51 pm //

        Oh pardon me an hour and a half of a constant torturous droning of fallacies, kinda like water boarding, you honestly believe your drowning.
        Not sure what Angelo or PTSD has to do with you being more pitiful than #weakwhiemen..
        You are the epitome of a Bogeyman chaser, and a very naive child, are you telling me you go through life living on an island ?
        ‘Connections’? You get to the top in America or any where at any time or for that matter any where at any time without dealings, associations or making ‘connections’?
        You have ‘connections’ just from the fact of your birth, if your predecessors were not Bogeyman chasers and were actually talented enough to build a successful business, guess what? You have natural ‘Connections’, whether you are able to do anything with those ‘Connections’or advantages is up to you.
        @NormalWhiteGuy You are a waste I haven’t the time nor patience to even attempt to explain the concept of putting one foot in front of the other, balancing your weight and maintaining a rhythmic cadence to walk.
        You can just keep crawling on your knees and see who gets further.


  16. NormalWhiteGuy // March 7, 2016 at 2:23 pm // Reply

    Try again to think for yourself Trumptards…


  17. NormalWhiteGuy // March 7, 2016 at 6:38 pm // Reply

    Video is only 20 minutes. Angelo and Rich are mentioned. Give it a listen.


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