PTD Radio: Episode#40

ep 40

Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #40

***The Internal War***

On today’s show we talked about how we can make better use of social media, using avenues like Twitter. The insanity of giving away our intellectual property for FREE, providing revenue for media platforms that don’t support what we do. More on PTD Trump Meet-Ups and practical activism. More on Angelo John Gage. PTD Member responsibilities. Trump has opened the door for all of us. What we’re doing here isn’t anti-anybody, it’s a pro-traditionalist stance, put forth with a populist/nationalist appeal. The Blame Game is officially OVER, but the Internal War still rages on for the hearts and minds our men out there lost in a never ending sea of dead ends. All of this and more… Longer show today! The MP3 Download is now posted in the Radio Club.

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3 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#40

  1. ericincanada // March 5, 2016 at 4:40 pm // Reply

    Great show as always. One thing i did yesterday was joint the Conservative party of Canada. It was 60 dollars for a 5 year membership, very easy to do took less then 1 minute. I actually got my brother to join as well and we are going to attend their leadership convention in Vancouver at the end of May. I encourage all Canadian PTD members out there to do the same. Lets get out there and take our country back from the marxist traitor Trudeau. Any Canadian PTD members who are interested may get a hold of me through e-mail and we can take from there. As long as you have a stable job, don’t chase jooos, or plan on attending the convention dressed as Adolf Hitler.


  2. I like the direction you are taking things Rich…keeping the message positive.
    Defining who we are instead of who we are not;
    What we are for not what we are against;
    Avoiding negative and “anti” platforms and refusing to pick on other racial groups.
    Have you noticed our enemies can only be negative…all their movements from feminism to Black Lives Matter to Marxism to anti-Christianity, etc, etc are all negative and destructive…meant to tear down and destroy the old order.
    Our enemies can only destroy they cannot build. This is why when they take total power they implode like what is happening in Europe now or in the Soviet Union decades ago.
    We can’t let them suck us into their program of pitting group against group. By attacking other groups…it alienates and destroys. It allows us to be easily demonized.
    We can’t fall into this trap; we must build, create, support…this in and of itself is a rebellious act that will strike at the hearts of those who rail against the natural order and traditionalism.
    Through being positive we can actively counter acting their negative force.


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