Teamsters Ready to back Trump for President?


This is an incredible story. When's the last time a Republican candidate was backed by the Teamsters? Not in my lifetime, but leeks from individual Teamsters are now being released, that members are now (quietly) ready to back Trump. In large numbers. Some are even creating Facebook pages to organize for Trump. If this is true, and Trump grabs some of the Union vote, and a good chunk of the Independent vote, it's over!

So far, the Teamsters union has withheld a 2016 presidential endorsement, but one active union Teamster worker has launched a Facebook page, “Teamsters United For Donald J. Trump.”

“I’m active on the computer with a lot of things,” said Antonio Caracciolo of the Teamsters local 282 in New York. “I set up the Facebook page because there were individuals out there saying different things, arguing on [a website run by] Union Building Trades of New York City, they didn’t want to discuss political stuff on there. They said no politics, but that whole page is politics.”

This spurred Caracciolo into launching his own Facebook page in support of Trump. “I did that with some other Teamsters,” Caracciolo explained to Breitbart News. “We all like Trump.”

When asked why he supports Trump, Caracciolo pointed to trade, slammed NAFTA, and added that Hillary Clinton “was in the initiation process” for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.

“We went out and we went against those trade agreements,” he explained. “We need to stop the free trade because it’s hurting our country,” he added. “Basically, this is why Trump is more appealing to me, close the borders … work on the currency manipulation and the trade deficits.”

“Hilary Clinton talks about jobs, but the trade agreements caused Ford to be able to move to Mexico,” Caracciolo countered, saying that cost many Americans their jobs.

He said cracking down on illegal immigration would also mean “more jobs” for Americans. “I believe that if there’s less people in the workforce, or available for work, they got to pay for them. It’s like supply and demand,” he reasoned. SOURCE

7 Comments on Teamsters Ready to back Trump for President?

  1. Wow, the Trump Tain keeps rollin’!


    • It’s good to see that the soul has not been completely expunged from the Teamsters. The last Republican they backed was Nixon in 1972. After the coup against him, and nothing much from weak-white-man Ford, mixed-bag Jimmy Carter’s administration deregulated the trucking industry. However, this was actually head-manned by stupid (or worse) anti-union “right to work [for slave wages]” Republican “free [to steal] traders”.

      In fact, the Teamsters were targeted and infiltrated precisely because of their dominant White base. While street organizing in favor of them and their “Master Freight Agreement” back then, I met many who were good hard working family men, and who had nothing to do with the union’s national leadership problems, most of which were instigated and worked by the enemy. They knew, though, that Jimmy Hoffa and his folks were good guys who just got caught up in the intrigues of labor politics.

      We lost that battle, and ridiculous Reagan drove the final nail into the White-led aspect of organized labor when he fired the PATCO air traffic controllers in 1981. After that, there was little left there but blacks, browns, race traitors, and of course jews. This apparent Teamsters endorsement is encouraging, whatever your view of Trump may be.

      RESIST !!!


  2. I have a few friends in the Ironworkers & electricians unions. Their leadership is pushing Hillary & Bernie, but from what I see and hear, the rank and file want Trump. They recognize the anti-White Union leadership is not working in their interests, as they promote illegal immigration, etc.


    • This has been the case here some time, but now it seems to be a ground swell for Trump. My guys over here, nearly every last one of them are going for Trump.


  3. How do Unions decide who they will support? Do they take a vote?


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