PTD Radio: Episode#41


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #41

***A New Start for Us All***

On today’s show we talked about the last Republican “debate” (Circus) and violent protests with the spotlight and “media” attention given to these insane overgrown children and parasites living off the the system. We talked about new strategies, attack the problems, yes, but put forth a damn solution and give people an alternative and a future to believe in! We also talked about business, and what it takes to succeed in that world, which we will revisit again soon. Along with some listener email and some of our plans moving forward here. All of this and more…The MP3 Download is now posted in the Radio Club.


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4 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#41

  1. New member here. This is some of the best radio i have heard in some time, mainstream, Internet, am, XM what have you. You’ve got a great voice there. You ever think about doing a YouTube channel? I think it would take off.

    Best regards,



    • Thanks for the suggestion Mike. I’m actually of the belief that we need to get away from those outlets for broadcasting. Not completely, we can use their software, but people should be coming to us for our material, not YouTube.

      If I decide to create one, I would submit previews and clips only. That might be a halfway decent idea. Full shows, will be located here though, at our platform, not theirs!

      Thanks again for the feedback.


  2. I agree with your advice to get involved in local politics. Perhaps, on a future show, you could get into details on what there is locally to get involved with (town board, planning boards, zoning boards, school boards, etc.) Not to be boring but you could explain how they work and how you can act in order to become a constructive voice for our people (instead of some kook complaining about “da joos’).


    • Good suggestion, I’ll take them into consideration! I think I’ve been doing that, but the general idea is to start small, yes, attend all of those meetings, and familiarize yourself with the process and the concerns/interests of your neighbors and what they want going forward.


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