Economic Impact of Illegals, “Free” Trade, and TPP in US

image.png We've heard a lot about the blessings of mass immigration (whether it's "legal" or not) and the economic benefits of "free" trade. But a closer examination shows that we're at a loss everywhere, in every state. As high tech jobs and manufacturing jobs fly out of the country left and right, wages and salaries stagnant or down for years, with a trade deficit that only moves in one direction. Over 2 million jobs were lost as a result of TPP! 

If you live in Ohio and voting for GOP Republican candidate John Kasich, you may want to reconsider. Under Kasich’s watch, the state of Ohio has lost over 112,500 jobs and many more high-paying manufacturing jobs. In addition if elected president, Kasich will grant amnesty to the over 12 million illegal immigrants and their offsprings, support and continue Obamacare and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreements.

Whomever you vote, just know this, Kasich has stated, “If I get to be president, I’m going to golf.” America does not need another President who is lazy and doesn’t care about our well-beings. We need someone who is going to make America great again! The steel and coal industry was devasted by NAFTA, which was suppoorted by Kasich and this will worsen with the TPP. Below are articles and well-researched studies about the TPP.

Even if Kasich were to win Ohio, he won’t win the GOP Presidential nominee. He is currently at 63 delegates. The required amount of 1,237 delegates won’t be reached even if he wins Ohio. He is far from it. That is why a vote for Kasich will be a wasted one, so don’t waste yours! SOURCE

1 Comment on Economic Impact of Illegals, “Free” Trade, and TPP in US

  1. joenorthpal // March 15, 2016 at 1:03 pm // Reply

    The whole thing is being written by the largest multinational corporations and financial institutions behind closed doors, gee what could go wrong?

    For instance, right now a auto manufactured with 62.5% of parts from ‘North America’ (US-Canada-Mexico) is treated as a local domestic produced product (in spite of any local/national compliance, licenses, environmental, labor/consumer protection regulations, taxes/social-entitlements ie: welfare for citizen-/non-citizen-illegals/infrastructural cost borne or imposed upon said local constituency, and currency disparities of the particular country ) tariff free along with the corporate profits/liabilities being shielded from those costs/taxes behind the individual entity/nation originated.

    That is their interpretation of a nations sovereignty, despite the fact that any impedance of a corporations activities in the production/distribution/sales of their products into your market which would not only be detrimental but in many cases downright immoral and illegal (environmental/human rights/ consumer safety/labor laws, etc) if practiced in your local/national constituency, citizens are liable to fines and compensations determined by a non elected non representative panel/tribunal interpretations of the trade agreements dispute mechanisms and executions of binding remedies/sanctions againsts the offending party which ultimately comes down to expropriating you the citizens private property in one form or another.

    Despite such arms length protections from any power afforded citizens to exercise constitutionally or politically, those same corporate entities have direct and protected pathways into influencing or negating those powers by granting them the rights of financial influence and immunities through lobbies and sponsorship of the whole damn process paid fully by those same non participatory citizens hedonistic consumerism/consumption.

    Therefore, overloading and overburdening any opposition by various social engineering be it off loading costly surpluses of non productive, culturally/racial diversity be it ‘legal’, illegal immigration/migration quotas that eventually displace and replace any troublesome opposition to this race to the bottom is the ultimate weaponization of these destructive trade ‘deals’ as public policy for the feel good of a nation.

    The only solution is non participation, to disengage, fight it on the internet where I keep hearing, “we are winning”.

    But, WTF do I know? I’m just a guy from Jersey with a GED.


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