Feminist Anti-Trump Ad


Perfect example of how Anti-Trump Ads will become Pro-Trump Ads in the End.

One ugly loud mouthed bitch after the next. That's the one thing I love about feminism... It removes these genetic mistakes from our gene pool, as they sit there childless alone with their 6 cats!

These women are just mad because they haven’t given a handjob since the 8th grade. What man in his right mind would bang one of these broads? Never mind have a “relationship” with one of these monsters!

But what this will ultimately do, is bring out even more folks to vote for Trump. People that haven’t voted in years will come out now in droves, because of bulldyker pigs like this. I say the more the merrier!

6 Comments on Feminist Anti-Trump Ad

  1. The establishments attacks on Trump are so over the top that people are starting to see through their lies and are backing Trump with even more determination. Their system is breaking down. Only the most extreme Marxists, Anti-Fa and anti-whites are buying into their lies. They are riling up this mob of losers and they are turning violent. Got to get tough…


  2. They spent $35,000,000 on this anti-Trump advertisement.


  3. At first I thought it was put out by the left but it was actually a Romney SuperPac ad.


  4. kerberos616 // March 20, 2016 at 6:28 am // Reply

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