Chicago Trump Rally, What really happened?


Chicago Trump Rally: What Really Happened And How The Left Exposed Their True Form

This is a report on the Donald Trump rally from Markos, who was reporting live for Danger & Play Media. I’m sure most of you have heard the news, and seen the videos on the news. You may have a lot of questions, and want to see if what the media reported was accurate or not. Well, I’ve got good news for you. I was there, and I will tell you exactly what I saw, and how it all went down.

Let’s first go over the details.

Chicago Trump Rally -First Announced and Leading Up To The Rally

Trump’s campaign first announced the rally on Friday, March 4th when tickets became available online. After I got 2; one for my friend (whom I will refer to as Mav) and one for myself.

I told some other people after I got my tickets to get some, but they quickly sold out after only a few hours of being offered. (We later found out what happened to all these tickets).

Leading up to the event, my friend Mav told me that he saw a Facebook group that already had 7,000 people saying they were going to protest Trump’s rally. By the time Friday came around, some 11,000 anti-Trump protesters had said they were going to the Trump rally.

Chicago Trump Rally -Friday, March 11, 2016

We arrived at the rally around 4 o’clock and began walking towards the U.I.C. Pavilion where the rally was held. The gates opened at 3 but the rally wasn’t supposed to start until 6.

For those of you unfamiliar with Chicago and the area:

The event was hosted at the U.I.C. (University of Illinois at Chicago) Pavilion, which is located in Chicago’s West Side
U.I.C. is 60% non-White and repeatedly ranks in the top 10 most “diverse” universities in the U.S.
U.I.C. and the area surrounding it is considered a bastion of Leftism and ‘multi-culturalism’
The U.I.C. Pavilion can hold around 9,500 people.
As we began walking towards the building, we saw protestors on one side, cops in between, and people in line trying to get into the Trump rally.

There were about 30-50 protesters behind metal barriers with signs and chanting slogans. Police on horses were between them and the people.

Now, let’s talk about the line.

The line.. was massive. I’ve never seen such a huge line before.

During the walk, we saw mostly Trump supporters in line, and a few Trump protesters waiting to get in. We could tell they were protesters by what they were wearing or what signs they were carrying.

When we first got in line, we were behind some high school kids (one was wearing a jacket with the school’s name on it) who were getting lectured by some 50 something year old feminist looking woman.

She was arguing with them as to why they should support Bernie Sanders. When one of the kid’s said that he didn’t want socialism, she threw out the tired and overused “Bernie isn’t a socialist; he’s a democratic socialist.” She didn’t explain the difference but said it matter of fact to the kids.

The People In Line

Since we were in line for close to 2 hours, we were able to get a feel of the people waiting to get inside.

Most of the people (though there was a sizable amount) were not wearing Trump clothing; no hats, shirts, buttons etc.
Most of the people were regular looking White Americans; close to 90% of the line.
Around 60-70% of the people in line were male.
The women that were in line tended to be on the attractive side of the scale.
There was a sizable amount of parents with their kids (under 18 years old) attending the rally.
Most people were just chatting among themselves; waiting to see the Donald. Thousands of people were still in line at 6 o’clock; and we had no idea if we’d get in or not.

Chicago Trump Rally Line

The Protesters/Anti-Trump People

I got a good feel for the people there who didn’t support Trump. You could mostly tell who was for/against Trump. Some of my observations:

Most of the people were wearing anti-Trump shirts or shirts they created with anti-Trump slogans, or were carrying signs
Most of them were Hispanic or White; with a sizable amount of Blacks (mostly Black females) making up the ranks
The majority were college aged; and the genders were around evenly split
The women were not attractive; overweight, short hair and/or dyed green/blue, and generally unfeminine in appearance
Trump Rally Get’s Cancelled

After waiting for close to an hour and a half, we get word that the rally has been postponed/cancelled. As people are walking by us shouting this, and most are Bernie people, we don’t accept it right away and stay in the line.

As we get right by the doors, we get confirmation from Trump supporters that the rally has indeed been cancelled. We talk to a few, and see a few get interviewed.

But we notice that there is no security keeping people out from going inside the Pavilion. We decide to go in and have a look at what was going on.

What we saw inside there was total chaos.

There were still thousands of people inside the Pavilion.

When we got in and looked down into the stage/arena area, we saw hundreds of anti-Trump protesters running around wild on the floor.

They were chanting slogans and yelling at the Trump supporters, and were being chased by police.

Protesters Inside UIC

Note: The Chicago Police were excellent at this event. I’ve never been the biggest ‘Support Our Police’ kind of guy, but they were extremely professional and did a great job. Hats off to the Chicago Police on this night.

So while there were hundreds of anti-Trump protesters on the floor of the building protesting/distrupting the now cancelled event, there were also hundreds of anti-Trump protesters in the stands as well.

It looked like a scene out of a March Madness basketball game.

They were literally jumping up and down chanting slogans and singing anti-Trump/anti-Trump supporter songs.

There were still hundreds of Trump supporters in the stands/on the floor, but it appeared most had left and were leaving, while the protesters were not.

There was a lot of fear and disbelief in the eyes of the Trump supporters.

I saw a father, mother, and their 2 kids in the stands. They were wearing Trump clothing and were clearly Trump supporters.

They were Filipino (I could tell by their appearance and accents) and the parents were clearly born there. They were genuinely scared for their children’s protection.

Mav and I stood by them for a little bit to give them a little comfort, but after a few minutes when it was safer, they headed for the exit.

We decided to head towards the doors ourselves, but as we approached the door we saw police on top of and arresting an anti-Trump protester. Many of the anti-Trump protesters were yelling and screaming at the police for arresting this guy.

Protests Outside Of The U.I.C. Pavilion

When we exited the Pavilion, we were greeted by hundreds of anti-Trump protesters who were congregating outside the entrance.

Some were forming mash pits and jumping up and down. One of their chants was : We Stumped Trump, We Stumped Trump, We Stumped Trump.

Chicago Trump Rally Outside

Many of these anti-Trump protesters were harassing the Trump people leaving the venue.

One of the favorites was to say: Racists Go Home! Racists Go Home! Fuck You Racists, Get The Fuck Out Of Here!

They were yelling this at Trump supporters, but more importantly White Trump supporters. It was clear that they were equating being a Trump supporter and being White as their definition of a racist.

The crowd was almost exclusively college aged kids.

There was one scene that kept repeating itself.

One lone Trump supporter, with simply a Trump hat or a Trump 2016 sign, would be surrounded by 5-15+ anti-Trump protesters.

These protesters would get up in the Trump supporters face, swearing, screaming, yelling, and threatening them to get out. Most of these lone Trump supporters were men in their 40’s and 50’s. These protesters seemed to not have grown up with the concept of ‘respecting your elders’; or showing any respect for that matter.

At one point, 2 Trump supporters; one guy with a Trump sign and the girl he was with had a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat on.

They must have been in their low to mid 20’s.

Another one of these protester packs surrounded them and started to shout and threaten them. These 2 Trump supporters did not back down, and held their own.

Then, one of the protesters stole the Trump hat off of the girl’s head and ran away down the street celebrating. All the protesters started to laugh and mock the girl that she ‘got her shit stolen’ and ‘that showed you, b*tch.’

Police allowed these protesters to gather and did not try to disperse them. They were down the street on horses, and formed a line, but did not try to stop them.

Protesters Move To The Parking Garage

After gathering outside the entrance and protesting, they all seemed to know where to go next.

They moved to outside the parking garage next to the Pavilion. They were behind the metal barriers and were allowed to be there.

What I saw next was pretty appalling.

They were booing, yelling, swearing, and flicking off the Trump supporters who were driving out of the parking garage.

The police were protecting the cars from being attacked, but they did not stop the protesters from yelling and screaming at the cars leaving the garage.

At this point, it seemed most of these protesters were Mexican and Hispanic. There were at least 2 giant Mexican flags in the crowd of protesters being held up.

There were Antifa, with their face masks, roaming around at this point. They also appeared to be Mexican.

After their protest of the cars leaving the parking garage, most of the protesters started to disperse and slip away into the night. Mav and I decided to head out as well, as we did not want to run into one of these many anti-Trump protester packs that were now roaming the nearby streets.

Important Observations and Comments

I just covered how the night went, from beginning to end. Now I’d like to comment on a few things that stood out, and what we learned that night.

Also, let me state this: I grew up in the Chicagoland area, and am very familiar with how things work there. I knew many friends that went to U.I.C., so I am familiar with the school, the area, and what kind of students attend there.

With that said-

1. These Were Not ‘Peaceful Protesters’

I have heard over and over in the Media that these were simply ‘Peaceful Protesters’ trying to make their voice heard.

This is a complete lie.

These protesters had a clear agenda: Disrupt, intimidate, silence, and attack anything and everyone pro-Trump.

There were plenty of parents there with their kids. There were high school kids, elderly folks, and many females trying to genuinely listen to what Donald Trump had to say.

I myself am in my 20’s and was taught growing up to respect people older than yourself (if anything because I wouldn’t want someone to treat my parents that way). These 18-20 somethings clearly did not; and had no problem harassing and intimidating people their own parents and grandparents age.

2. Most Of These Anti-Trump Protesters Were Bernie Sanders Supporters

The Media, new sites, and political pundits have tried to dismiss or deny this.

But for anyone that was there, this much was clear:

Bernie Sanders signs were everywhere the protesters were.

Whether they carried Bernie 2016 signs, had Sanders pins/t-shirts, or wrote Bernie Sanders on their home-made posters, his name was everywhere.

‘White Guilt’
‘White Guilt’
3. The Most Violent and Aggressive Anti-Trump Protesters Were Mexican and Hispanic

Most of the protesters were White or Hispanic- it was about evenly split; with Blacks coming in third.

Note: Most of Hispanics in the Chicago area are Mexican; and many of them shouted that they were Mexican.

But what was clear- the Mexican and Hispanics were the loudest and most aggressive out of the protesters. There were dozens of Mexican flags, signs, and pins in their ranks.

At one point a group of Mexican and Hispanics formed a chain in the middle of the street, holding signs and singing ‘Sí, se puede’ which means ‘Yes, we can.’

Most of the protesters running up to, surrounding, and threatening the Trump supporters were the Mexican and Hispanics. The one who stole the Trump hat off of the girl was a Mexican protester.

Chicago Trump Rally Trump is Hitler Poster

4. Anti-Trump Protesters Despised Non-White Trump Supporters

While the protesters clearly targeted any and all Trump supporters, they seemed to have a special affinity for non-White Trump supporters.

The protesters saw these non-White Trump supporters as ‘traitors’; and would get extremely angry seeing them. We even saw 2 groups of Mexicans; Trump supporters holding up the Mexican flag, being verbally harassed by anti-Trump Mexican protesters arguing back and forth in Spanish.

Also, many black Trump supporters were verbally harassed and confronted by many of the protesters.

5. The Protesters Were Filled With Hate

The Media has reported and constantly lied that at the Trump rallies, the Trump supporters are the ones that are filled with hate.

Pardon my language, but this is complete bullshit.

The people who wanted to see Trump were your everyday people- lawyers, corporate workers, small business owners, laborers, etc. I did not see or hear any hateful things said by the Trump supporters.

But, the protesters had an aura of pure venom.

While I felt completely safe (they did not say anything or mess with me), I was actually worried for some of the solo Trump supporters and older guys that they may be physically attacked and hurt.

These protesters 1:1 were not impressive, but they were like a pack of hyenas and had power through sheer advantage of numbers.

6. This Was An Attack and a Declaration of War Against Trump Supporters

If you were present, there is no way you would not come to see this as well:

The Left, and specifically Bernie Sander’s people, have declared war on all Trump supporters and sympathizers

They do not care what you have to say. They do not care about your rights of free speech. They do not care if they commit crimes and break the law.

They want every and all Trump supporters to shut up, stay silent, and submit to them.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The Left exposed their true form in Chicago. Whatever claim they still had of being “pro-free speech” and for human-rights was thrown right out the door.

After personally witnessing this historic event, it is clear that the Left is completely built on lies (not that most of us didn’t already know that), and that they are dangerous and a threat to personal freedom.


8 Comments on Chicago Trump Rally, What really happened?

  1. Very good break-down of events, Rich. Great job.


  2. So here’s what needs to happen. In every state we must form “self defense” groups, “citizen patrols” to “keep the peace” at Trump events in every state. We will provide our own form of security for Trump, and make sure these fuckers are dealt with in an efficient but peaceful manor until the police escort them out of the event using their heads to slam open the door.


  3. I can’t wait for Jersey in both the primary and general.

    You folks here better join me!


  4. joenorthpal // March 16, 2016 at 10:04 pm // Reply

    At this point it is a two man race, Trump vs. damn TERRORIST SORRYASS GEORGE who will use his funding to push for a brokered convention.


  5. joenorthpal // March 16, 2016 at 11:51 pm // Reply

    All I have been hearing on the internet and in the street these days is talk about ‘the system’ is rigged nonsense?
    All political parties are private entities, always have been.
    If Trump doesn’t get the majority delegates going in then there is a vote including unpledged and super delegates, if another vote is needed all delegates are released from the pledge vote to whom ever they want.
    There is no friggin mystery or conspiracy.
    The public primaries are a recent event to gage the party candidates public viability.
    The RNC could vote to have no damn national primaries if they desire, that is until the public gets off their ass and stop watching conspiracy youtube videos and make a state legislative change in eligibility rules for any and all candidates obtaining state electors commitment.
    The presidential election is decided by the Electoral College, the people only indirectly elect the president, as the national popular vote is not the basis for electing the president or vice president.
    Presidential electors are selected on a state-by-state basis, as determined by the laws of each state.
    The only thing consistent, unchangeable variable in the whole process is the average American’s laziness and ignorance,
    If the wealthy and the commies put in the effort to learn the system and participate in it well, they deserve the levers of power to steamroll over the ignorant and lazy assholes.

    It’s in accordance with the laws of nature, meritocracy, and survival of the fittest.


  6. Jesus Christ. And people say Trump is worsening race relations. Heck no, Trump is the anti-dote that makes these leftist viruses expose their zombie sickness and go crazy for a last sip of air in their dying world view! Disgusting humanoids.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thanks for the kind words. It was a hell of a night; one of those fun, chaotic nights. Reminded me of being a camper at summer camp when everyone just runs around and the counselors lose control.

    Liked by 1 person

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