PTD Spring Promotion!

For all new Spring signups, US visitors that Join PTD for 2016, with a website donation of $50 (or more) will receive a FREE t-shirt of their choice from our store, along with a full year radio club membership! This promotion will end on the solstice: June 21, 2016. Thank you for your ongoing support!

9 Comments on PTD Spring Promotion!

  1. Hey Rich

    You deleted my comment on another thread. Care to comment on another jew being appointed to the SCOTUS?

    Damn those Woddy Allen bogeymen.


    • You must have a very boring, uneventful life. Why are you even on this website? You must have a lot of time on your hands. But even if that’s the case, why waste it here if our approach is so ineffectual and anti-you?


  2. The man has a point… The Jews have a total lock on our media, school text books, movies and all forms of mass communication… Politicians of BOTH parties at the national level receive about half of their election money from Jews to assure that they will be compliant and do their money masters bidding… Sock Puppets of the Jews… Henry Ford saw it and exposed it a hundred years ago.

    What you are doing is great… I mean no disrespect or complaining. I just want to set the record straight about Who our most dangerous enemies really are. THEY ARE the driving force behind the degeneracy and Pussification of our White men,,, A word to the wise…


  3. All you weirdos crying about the Jews only attract like minded wackos. Every group is represented by good and evil. Go ahead and focus on that one issue and see how far you get…NOWHERE


  4. Your right.. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!!!?


  5. What difference does it make if it’s the flying monkeys,,,, WHAT are you going to DO about it!? …is the question..


  6. I’ll be waiting for an answer….


  7. I know what I won’t do; I won’t listen to irrational guys like him.


  8. Jason, I was directing that question at the whinny blame gamer excuse makers… I agree with your point of view Jason.


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