You Determine the Future!

RNC Chairman provides insight on the Rules

Its great to show up at a Trump Rally, is great to say you support him, but it's another thing to make sure you're registered and get your ass out there and vote! No more excuses. The idiots out there can't just assume that everything has a forgone conclusion. The fact is that we have people spending their time posting under videos, watching conspiracy documentaries, debating retards living in their parents basement, and worrying about what everyone else is doing to us! Well what the fuck are you doing? Are you even registered?

Ah, fuck that, you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s all rigged jerkoff, they’re all criminals, the boogeyman decides it in the end. If that’s your attitude and your frame of mind, you deserve everything you get! The fact is that you need 1,237 delegates to secure the nomination. If you’re not voting (I don’t care how many rallies you’ve been to) you’re part of the fucking problem! We can no longer afford to complain about the current system, our system, we have to become it. WAKE UP!

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