PTD Radio: Episode#42


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #42

***Infiltrate the System***

On today’s show I talked about how we seem to lose patience with just about everything and everyone as we age. I also discussed the need for serious educational reform, what we need for our young men and women going forward. A practical, positive, realistic vision for the future and our children (especially our young men) that haven't been prepared for life.

Conservatives, Nationalists, Libertarians, Right-wingers all share a few common traits… pessimism and negativity with no answers and no short-term or long-term solutions. If there’s one thing, and one thing only to learn from Trump, it’s that we have to play by our rules, where we determine the battlefield, we dictate the narrative, and we shape the framework of everything we do in life. You can longer sit on the sidelines… you must get involved in this system. The fact that it’s corrupted at this point doesn’t matter. The objective now isn’t to complain about it, but to become it! All of this and more…The MP3 Download is now posted in the Radio Club.


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5 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#42

  1. Great show Rich. Nailed it right on the head, once again.
    One thing we can do, is simply support local businesses and community functions that are in line with “our” culture, Traditional American culture.. Maybe a small group or start a group.Take a martial arts or boxing class, eat at family owned restaurants, shop at whole food markets or farmers markets, attend local city meetings, school board meetings, DO NOT support the contrary.. VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLAR. – Basically reiterating what you mentioned on the show.. Thanks


  2. In my opinion I think you were spot-on with everyything you talked about in this episode. I fit into that category I barely have enough time to eat s*** and sleep haha. One thing I’m definitely going to do is be proactive at the newschool my daughter’s going to be attending, she is just now going into High School ,which should be a lot of fun LOL. Also in my line of work I need a lot of different people. For example this one client I’m working with right now is pretty well-off financially and he’s an older man but it is always looking for something new to do or to invest in. He’s a part of this Yacht Club and actually invited me to be a member of some Elks Lodge or something. I never thought about it before but it gave me an idea. At the Harbor they have auctions for abandoned or repoed boats . So so I thought to myself, hell that can be a good positive thing for kids and adults likewise, to learn how to sail get on a boat out in the sunlight get some exercise, something other than just sitting around playing video games or chasing down boogie men… So my client is willing to help invest in one of these boats which I could take my kids out on and my little niece. My point is that there may be an opportunity to get involved and doing something positive with the community and the youth. Also there is always opportunities out there to network with people and present your ideas to them and sometimes collaborate or cooperate with them. They can’t even be an asset to us in the direction that we want to go whether they are fully involved or not . I still have to look into it but just wanted to share that this just took place yesterday right after listening to your show.


  3. Spell correction. I meant that they can even be an asset or help with what we’re doing weather they are fully involved or not


  4. Once again great show Rich. I pretty much walked away from this whole ‘movement’ due to the worse is better crowd. Most of the folks who spout that nonsense are unmarried childless baby boomer retards who did nothing with their lives and will do nothing with the remainder of their days. I am glad you took the step to distance your site from those individuals as they are a drain on our collective morale. As for ideas for your site, i think offering different membership levels may be something to look into. The more a person donates to the site, the more input they could have on certain programs.


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