Update: New Jersey Meet-Up!

Today I met up with Angelo, Pete, and Frank from New Jersey. All 3 men were passionate, dedicated, standup guys with great attitudes. All four of us seemed to be on the same page, and outside of Angelo eating everything in site at the diner (lol), it was a productive meeting. It's always great to be around people that not only share your political views, but have something to offer in the way of talent, service, and future collaboration.

I would like to personally thank Angelo, Frank, and Pete for coming today. And I appreciate the phone calls and email responses from Chris, Dave, Kevin, Jeff, and Joe. Hopefully you guys can make it next time! As for the rest of my guys in New Jersey, I don’t know why you’re hiding? These were four regular dudes meeting up for lunch.

I think everyone here knows how I feel about Angelo. I think the guy’s great! I look forward to working with him in the future. He’s a guy that I probably would’ve hung out with in high school. He and I talked about future media collaboration with the start up of a network, along with Joe Northpal. Stay tuned!

Frank was another dynamite guy, a guy who’s been around the block, a guy with roots in NJ, that has a close working relationship with Forza Nova in Italy. He has some great ideas about reconnecting with our ancestral ethnic roots in Europe. Pushing ethnic nationalism for European countries!

Pete is another great guy here in NJ. He’s extremely passionate and very well intentioned. Pete has roots in the Chech Republic. Pete floated the idea of having more frequent meet-ups, possibly hitting up a shooting range next.

There’s a great shooting range (Sunset Hill) right across the Delaware River in the Poconos, Pennsylvania. If we can set a date… maybe we’ll open that one up to more guys… with folks in PA, CT, NY, and NJ. And come June, we need to meetup for Trump and attend any events and/or rallies in NJ. I’ll make sure to give advanced notice for our next meetup!

6 Comments on Update: New Jersey Meet-Up!

  1. Rich,
    I myself want to say Thanks to you, Angelo and Frank for organizing and showing up for the meet up.
    It was a long time since I met good, standup and like minded guys with passionate attitude to improve and better ourselves and our lives. Certainly looking forward to future meet-ups and hoping more of you other guys will come and join us.


  2. I’ll be there if it’s a weekend, week days are impossible for me. Shooting range sounds great. If you guys can do Saturday or Sunday I’ll be there.


  3. angelojohngage // March 22, 2016 at 9:07 pm // Reply

    Its was a pleasure to meet you Rich, along with the others. Good things will come.


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