PTD Radio Britain: Episode#1


Power Through Discipline Radio {Britain}: Episode#1

***Feminism and Patriarchy***

Ask, and they shall come. New radio show on PTD with Matt from Britain! I'm very excited for this young man. This was his 1st broadcast and I think he did a phenomenal job. Matt hit the issue of Feminism and Patriarchy. He laid out the problem real well and provided practical solutions, with some humor and a great British accent. Please provide your feedback for Matt below. He's apprenticing here, and we would both appreciate your objective thoughts, constructive criticism and/or words of encouragement. Continue reading this post for Matt's show and his thoughts on the MGTOW "movement."

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7 Reasons why MGTOW is not the way forward for our Men

Spurned by girls in high school, despite faithfully carrying their books and doing their homework, bitter and addicted to porn and video games; many men of today are choosing to embrace philosophies and movements that involve turning your back on women and relationships, and focusing on your own hobbies and goals (as long as your goals don’t involve being able to talk to women, in which case, you are instructed to just give up). Here are 7 reasons why this is a poisonous message, and should NOT be entertained by any man who is serious about a solution for our sick society.

1-Running away is not manly Running away from a problem or a deficiency in your life is what women and children do. Blaming others and making excuses rather than taking responsibility to fix it yourself is what women and children do. As a man, your role is to set an example for others to follow. Turning your back on womenfolk and romantic and familial relationships shows weakness, selfishness, and lack of purpose.

2-Going your own way will NOT get you a woman MGTOWs delude themselves into thinking they could get a woman, but they just have other priorities. Their crutch of porn may make it easier to bear, but deep down they know that no woman wants them. If you choose this path, don’t think even for a second that it is YOUR choice to be single. This is a rationalization(excuse) for your failure to attract a woman, and giving up on yourself. Women will not see you whittling your own fedora or polishing your latest D.I.Y. project and become interested in you romantically or sexually. The MGTOW movement sells itself on the basis that women are attracted to men with their own purpose and hobbies in life, who don’t base their self-worth on chasing women. There is some truth in this, but in reality, women are repulsed by a man who, rather than take control of his relationships, turns his back and waits for a woman to come to him.

3-Look at the people espousing the MGTOW message – are these guys your role models? MGTOW is designed to help you make excuses for the fact that women don’t want to be with you. The whole message is about blaming women. They are sluts. They are dumb. They are liars. Okay… what is the solution? These supposed leaders do not have one. The solution is simply pretend women don’t exist and enjoy your eternity of porn, living like a child forever; take the helpless position willingly and settle for it. These are your role models? No way. Look at the vast majority of people this message appeals to. The people who are taking this message on board and supporting it are the fat, cheeto-stained basement-dwellers who are bitter that they got their heart broken by every girl they ever talked to. They are looking for a bitch corner to get together with other pathetic males and talk BULLSHIT to each other about how useless women are, and use the anonymity of the internet to spin tall tales about the pussy they get. They are excuse-makers and hopeless do-nothings who hate women because they got friend-zoned in high school. Rather than look to change themselves and become someone women will admire and men will look up to, they embrace their porn addictions and life on the internet. Do you want to join this crowd?

4-Do you really want to live a life jerking it to porn instead of having sex with a real woman? Men have certain needs and instincts which are very powerful. So if you aren’t with a girl who you have regular sex with, you are likely going to become depressed at the lack of sexual fulfillment and turn to porn. For a while you will become increasingly desparate in your attempts to find a girlfriend, and when this doesn’t work, you will resort to porn. Sex is VERY important to us men. Without it you will be out of balance hormonally, energetically, and you will feel like less of a man. Using porn, which will become a lifelong addiction, is the natural path that turning your back on women leads to. Consider what an abnormal state of affairs you are advocating if you think this is acceptable – the vast majority of 18-40 year old men, who could be finding women and starting beautiful families, are in their room with their pants round their ankles. This is a degrading life and you should not embrace it but fight to get out of it.

5-People respect family men Unlike fat losers who play video games and watch sports all day, men with families, get instant respect. There is something about a man who is awake to his responsibilities, has the love of a wife, and has children whom he provides for and who worship him, that brings the admiration of his peers. This is because he is a useful, responsible man who has leadership skills, a purpose, and something to show for his life. He is not a bedroom theorist with a PhD in hiding. He is not an excuse maker or a self-deluded fool.

6-They may not realise it, but MGTOWs are feminists. Turning your back on your role as a male to lead women and provide structure and authority for them, is why feminism exists in the first place. You are the single biggest promoter of feminism there ever can be; a male who refuses to lead but turns and hides. In fact, there is no such thing as feminism really – only the chaos left behind when men abandon their people by falling into weakness, selfishness, and childlike choices. Moaning about the problem, blaming someone else because it’s too hard, and making selfish decisions while refusing to grow up.

7-Whining on the internet is a waste of life – be a productive man, get involved in the community and raise a family. The MGTOW movement leads our men nowhere. Men with pride want nothing to do with it. Moaning about women and society on the internet might make you feel like a tough guy and an intellectual, but how happy are you? Look yourself in the mirror and say you wouldn’t swap it to having a loving wife who meets your needs, and kids who scream with excitement when you come in the door. Would you rather get to level 49 on call of duty or find a decent woman? Would you rather echo other losers on the internet or become someone they envy, as you go through your life with pride and focus? Anxiety and social issues are becoming increasingly common in young men. The only way to overcome these issues is to face up to them, by embracing the important social sides of your responsibilities as a man, which include finding a woman. MGTOW is the movement of deserting your people and being a selfish baby, it is a losing message that would put us on the fast track to extinction.

14 Comments on PTD Radio Britain: Episode#1

  1. Man great work, this is an awesome addition to ptd.


  2. Good first show, looking foward to the next one!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. angelojohngage // March 25, 2016 at 10:13 pm // Reply

    The British are coming! The British are coming!!! lol… Good stuff Matt, excellent for a first show.


  4. Good job Matt. I look forward to hearing more.


  5. Great show. Thanks, Rich and Matt. PTD has helped me understand the importance of local politics and took me out of an anti-marriage/LTR mindset. Keep the sanity coming.


  6. Excellent insight into modern male and female relationships. As well as on how to return to our natural and harmonious state of patriarchy. Great solutions…Well done!


  7. thumbs up


  8. Check out http://www.lions of


  9. tygisleson // March 28, 2016 at 1:03 pm // Reply

    Listened to Matts podcast for the second time today, here’s my thoughts: the information is 100% on point. It’s also a subject I feel bears a lot of repeating (as most of our message does, repetition is key). It’s also critical. I think a big problem with a lot of our men is that they can’t pin down a good woman, and it’s for lack of understanding women. Just as a woman needs a good man to lead, also the man needs a good woman to feel like a man and a leader, and give his life more purpose and meaning.

    I think a lot of guys treat the women they date like they treat their friends. They don’t understand the nature of the female and that it is much different from there own.

    So I think Matts podcast was very useful in this regard.

    As far as critiquing his work. Can he continue to put out useful stuff? Can he relax and go off script and have a conversation with his audience? Can he put out a show every week that we wanna jump to listen to?

    That all remains to be seen.

    Can he offer up the uniqueness of his personality and turn it into an entertaining show?

    It’s hard to answer these things after hearing but one show.
    Although I think that more than likely given the right pressure and opportunity the guy (like many of our guys) could shine.

    On a more superficial and perhaps trivial level, I personally would like to hear more guys from the USA with our kind of message. And maybe Matts voice leaves us wanting something else. I don’t know… Deeper more charismatic, more manly. After all voice is somewhat important for radio. But this is me absolutely reaching for the only bit of critique I can think of here because otherwise I think his show was spot on.


  10. Matt in the UK // March 28, 2016 at 5:28 pm // Reply

    tygisleson – I think you bring up an important point, from which I take the message ‘accurate info is great, but it’s only half the battle, style is also important’. Certainly, it is the art of radio to engage the listener, and your voice, your ability to entertain, your personality, all make an important contribution to the overall quality of the show. So point taken. Reflecting on my own strengths and weaknesses, I know my ability to form coherent views on a problem is a strong tool, but I need to pay particular attention to communication, language, and interactive skills.

    Please keep listening to the work I will continue to put out; these things take time to develop, it is like any ‘performance’, you have to develop your own flair and originality. My ‘style’ will improve as I settle into presenting my views in this format, and relax, and gain ‘off-script’ confidence. Try not to form final judgements, this is my first experience contributing anything, and it has made me realise that radio IS quite difficult. Im not looking to be treated with kid-gloves, just give me time. In 6 months to a years time my work will stand on it’s own merit and be a refined, relaxed, entertaining addition to PTD. I thank you for your critique and please remember you guys in the USA are not the only ones here on PTD. We have Europeans and Brits here who are also sick of being cucked out and that’s why we’re looking to get involved and contribute!

    And to everyone who listened and commented – thanks for your input and support, keep listening and keep fighting!


    • Ya and like I said, I really think you will do great, it was an excellent first show… And I am of course glad to see the PTD message reaching into Europe. We are very much in this struggle together, even separated by the Atlantic . Connected.


  11. This was a great first effort and kept my interest, so thank you! It is not easy to pull off a program like that, and it was very impressive. Looking forward to the next one.


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