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I have decided to create a YouTube channel. I’m doing this for a few reasons: #1 – YouTube is the 3rd largest (most visited) website in the world, and I intend to use it as an external platform to advertise my show. #2 – Full shows will never be uploaded over there, these are strictly previews, the 1st 10 minutes or so of each broadcast put out to give people a taste of what we do. #3 In the future I will be doing Video Broadcasts (kept private), accessible to PTD Members that signup for our network package (coming soon)!

14 Comments on PTD Radio now on YouTube!

  1. TonyMontana // March 21, 2016 at 3:05 pm // Reply

    Funny how you “speak the truth”, yet your shows cost money to listen to. 50 dollar donation for a fucking t-shirt probably made in Guatemala LOL Ban my IP/delete my comment as you have before when I was actually being fair. No discussion allowed as usual. Might as well comment on some mainstream news website!


    • Where’s your website where you post articles, write original content, mentor young men, organize meet ups, and do a weekly radio show for free?

      You got some balls asshole.

      My time is far too valuable for losers like you. I will not take time away from my wife and children and professional responsibilities to entertain cheap fucks like you for free.

      You want to work for free?

      Go ahead jerk off.

      As for your IP, why are you even here?

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      • TonyMontana // March 21, 2016 at 3:58 pm //

        I don’t have a website nor do I post articles. Don’t think I’m a great writer. Just an average Joe. I barely even comment online. I am a young white male. I did radio shows in the past with no avail. I’ve met pro-whites in person whom were awesome folks. I’m currently in touch with great people who I plan on meeting, despite America being so large. I wasn’t personally attacking you. “Cheap fucks” – not in the slightest. I’ve donated (paid) for shows in the past.

        One of the biggest problems with whites is our egos. You represent that in the fullest. Our individualism and hatred of our fellow white man/woman is a major part of why we are in this situation today. “Fuck everyone else, I’ll do what’s good for me”. I would never want to associate with you because you are nothing more than a jock-type douchebag from high school.


    • BTW speaking the “truth” is for another crowd, your crowd that I want nothing to do with. A crowd that’s achieved nothing. I never claimed to speak the “truth.”

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      • TonyMontana // March 21, 2016 at 4:38 pm //

        Good luck with waking up the masses. They are some real great folks. Just make sure you wake them up to the issues without naming the enemy between the niggerball seasons!


    • HannaMontana…you got to be kidding me. How can you complain when people charge for their services? Rich’s time is worth something. People like you pay over $100/month for cable so they can watch you sing and dance on TV…you’re a millionaire and you complain cuz Rich asks for some shekels?

      Naming the Jew has its place…but that is not here. Here we are whipping whiney weak white males into shape. We aren’t getting the word out to the masses because we are forming an elite. We don’t want the masses with all their mooching, whining, infighting, etc.

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  2. TonyMontana // March 21, 2016 at 3:39 pm // Reply

    One more thing… In your Truth Militia days when you still retained some sanity, I bet you would have made fun of all these Trump-shilling retards. I hope that piece of shit clown does get elected so I can mock his supporters when nothing happens. Trump tards are the true “weak white men”.

    Now I see Angelo John Gage calling folks like me “Jew worshippers” for naming the bastards. He obviously has been influenced by you and your personal Karl Marx, Joe Northpal. Whining like a pussy, saying “we’ve been doing it for 60 years and nothing happened”. The internet has only been around for a dozen or so years and we are finally beginning to change the narrative.

    You may have good intentions and I hope that is the case. The self-help stuff and physical fitness promotion is wonderful. But if you give me a bowl of vanilla ice cream with literal shit in it, I won’t eat it. That’s what you are now doing. If you don’t want to name the Jew, then don’t. Do your own thing and leave people like me alone. Put all of your hope in the masses of sheeple and waking them up.

    I am not saying there is no hope but go ahead and support Trump. Go ahead and attack good white people who name the Jew and identify him for what he is. You went completely overboard and you will eventually see that. Your ego is too large to realize it now but I have faith you will eventually come to your senses and knock it off.


    • Just remember this, Donald Trump has done more then any of your Jooo chasers or tin foiled hat conspiracy retards talking about vaccines or flat earth theories to wake people up. Take your circus act back to Rent-a-gay or where ever else you people hang out nowadays. Keep up the good work Rich.

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    • joenorthpal // March 22, 2016 at 8:55 pm // Reply

      “nothing more than a jock-type douchebag from high school”
      Trump or Bust!
      Trump big picture : next 4-8 years 3-4 supreme court justice appointments could come up. Scalia is up now ,
      Anthony Kennedy 80
      Ruth Bader Ginsburg 84
      Stephen Breyer 78
      That will be a 25-30 yr legacy
      The way they rule from the bench this could be a game changer that spans across the next 100 years.

      And your twoof will do what?????
      But what the hell do WE know compared to a snot nosed boogeyman chaser who still laments paying for the privilege of sitting in the stands watching while WE jocks took over and dominate the competition on the field.
      Funny how some things never change, you are still jealous watching and complaining about not making the team, while WE just get down to it.

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  3. “we are finally beginning to change the narrative.”

    Maybe you should’ve tried comedy?

    You say “we” as if you personally have changed or achieved something. Much like the average fat fuck sports fan, touting “his team” when he says “we” won.

    You haven’t changed the narrative. You haven’t done anything.

    You’re obviously a confused young man, and this website isn’t for you yet.

    Keep chasing phantoms…

    Eventually you’ll grow up and become a man.

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    • TonyMontana // March 21, 2016 at 4:57 pm // Reply

      Eventually I’ll grow up and learn to not name the Jews. If I don’t, I’m no better than a Black Lives Matter activist blaming whitey – according to Gage.

      I’ve never removed blame from our own people. I talk about “race traitors” just as much as Jews. Where do you think the term “cuckservative” came from? If guys like me just whined about Jews all day, that term wouldn’t even exist…


  4. Looks like this video needs to be posted again.


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