Facebook, and the Importance of Personal Integrity!


Facebook, and the Importance of Personal Integrity

Submitted by Adil in Sweden.

As men and women, we live in the age of exposure. Most men no longer behave like men used to, and have mostly adopted female behaviors. One of them is cucking themselves out on social media, or generally behaving like attention craving children. Lone time no longer seems to be prioritized, and when "men" become forced to be alone they become nervous wrecks who can't stop using their smartphones our chewing their nails. The smartphone is the only practical tool "men" possess today, and if you give them a hammer and some spikes, or an axe to chop some firewood, they'll most likely chop their emasculated fat fingers of, because the only handcraft they'll master is the one of sliding their fingers on a flat screen and jerking off.

Smartphones have changed our lives dramatically, to the point of being online and accessible 24/7. If you think about it, it’s crazy and unnatural. So, as a PTD member, I felt this is something that should be addressed. Facebook has over a billion monthly active users, and their digital empire is the biggest social experiment up to date. I’ve been a member since 2007 and gradually witnessed how it turned more and more Orwellian and privacy insulting each year.

What disturbs me the most is the fading integrity of people in general (which I believe is an important topic), and how like-minded Facebook makes them. I see friends putting up pictures of their small children on Facebook, and all sorts of things that should really be of no ones concern other than your closest friends and family. Did these cucklings ask their children if they may post pictures of them? No, of course, they’re just children who can’t help their parents are boneheads. It disturbs me that people who really shouldn’t have children are the ones who have them more often than not.


The selfie-syndrome is another bizarre phenomena of course. Don’t people actually realize how stupid it is to take hundreds of pictures of your own face in front of the mirror? Real men can’t do that. Facebook is a platform for everyone to become a miniature-celebrity within their own social sphere, where personal details about ones life should be posted and “liked” by the “friends”.

It’s also a tool for social engineering and monitoring of the human psyche. They want us to feel monitored, because it destroys our integrity even more. Just by letting people now their privacy is monitored for the sake of “safety” brings people out of their natural behavior into a constant feel of being supervised.

The “I have nothing to hide” argument is one of the biggest problems of course. Yes, you assholes, you do have everything to hide! If you have nothing to hide, then give me your email password, your Facebook password and the keys to your house. Simple as that.


Social media has some benefits like creating a cyberspace where you can create a personal platform, follow what’s going on with your friends and share ideas, but Facebook has become an Orwellian mass psychosis. Social networking where anonymity isn’t predominant and integrity is respected should always be viewed on with caution.

In most people’s minds there doesn’t seem to reside such question marks at all though. I think there is something deeply unhealthy in the phenomena of exposing oneself, one’s family and life like it’s happening right now.

For me it is about valuing your inner core. To keep that power within the family instead of leaking like a sinking wreck. If you protect your own information you stand stronger in the wind. You become something instead of being “everything” which of course equates with “nothing”. You’re always at a risk of loosing this if you use social media, or especially if you’re some sort of celebrity.


Unfortunately, I believe mass Internet communication alters the mind on a much larger scale than one conceives, and we don’t precisely have any well meaning authorities. Reality becomes what we feed our minds, and if we create a world-wide cybernetic mass communication system which alienates us from natural interaction, just for the desire to be constantly accessible online, you’d guess something is wrong. Technology in itself isn’t bad, but when you have no control over your animalistic drives and become merged into techno-cosmos just because of lack of self-control, it becomes a problem.

People don’t realize that they’re interrupting the rhythmic cycle and the momentum of their real life interactions. Technology makes it seem as it “saves” us “time”, but it really decompresses it, with less inner space as a result. The whole concept of linear time is misinterpreted by hedonists who confuse quality time with quantity time.

If you have a society filled with mental and emotional midgets who tries to compensate their lack of spiritual and cultural vitality with measurable superficial accomplishments, then Facebook-likes is of course the ultimate instant gratification.


Here’s a number of problems tied to Facebook:

1) People have lost their sense of privacy and integrity, which turns them into open empty sheets with no inner core to protect. People willingly put up their whole family life on Facebook where they of some reason have hundreds of “friends”, and thereby expose themselves and their well being to be dictated by mass-attention.

2) People become apathetic towards mass surveillance. What’s there to hide, right? Let the watchdogs guard us from evilness! Example: I have an Arab “friend” who recently shared on FB that his relative was murdered by ISIS and had lot’s of affection. He has 1000+ friends and try to be as “victimized” as possible to gain likes, with all sorts of “anti-racist” posts. He is using the Palestinian and leftist cause in order to get sympathy and attention – because you have to strike the evil white man from an underdog position, right?

3) The urge of constantly looking into a screen while simultaneously interacting IRL decreases your focal attention. You can’t be multitasking all the time which reduces your ability to focus and be in the moment.

4) Pathological tendencies shows up. You see “doo-gooders” sharing worldwide messages of “peace” and “love” just to show that they’re “gooder” than the rest. Here, the envy factor comes in. Facebook-Likes naturally result in dopamine release so it becomes a habit, an addiction. People like us don’t do this of course, but it’s still funny to witness. It’s not uncommon to se Leftists on Facebook write things like: “Those who vote Donald Trump, please remove me from your list”, as if the world revolves around Facebook.


It certainly has a lot to do with envy and also narcissism. People are obsessed with demonstrating how good and humanitarian they are and all of them are competing for heavyweight title in benevolence. If it becomes too mainstream to share pictures of a dead Refugee kid on the shore or putting the fag-flag on your profile pic, the most dedicated of do-gooders will try to find and unique example of goodness to put on their profile to generate likes to that they can jerk off to their own reflection- “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most humanitarian of them all? “

There is much that could be added to the list really, but anyway, the long term effects of technological abuse is yet to be seen. Don’t be surprised if lot’s of new cancer forms begin increasing in ten years or so, because of radiation. What I’m ultimately trying to say is that real men have to be really defensive and questioning when it comes to social media and technology overall. If you have firends who use their smartphone when you’re out and are supposed to be interacting with each other, mock them (you shouldn’t have such friends)! I even see men on our side overuse media and compromize their intergrity.


I’m not saying you should delete your Facebook now, but in the long run, IMO we have to stop using shit like that. There are other better alternatives I’m sure. We have to be men of both tradition and progressiveness (in a healthy way), using technology to our benefit, not detriment. Privacy is important, and it’s up to the man of the family to protect and guard it, because women easily gravitate towards mimicking social norms and being more social overall.

When it comes to spreading our message online, I believe Facebook is not needed. I believe radio is the most convenient, old school and badass way to do that. If you feel you need Facebook for whatever reasons, keep it. If you don’t need it, delete it.

6 Comments on Facebook, and the Importance of Personal Integrity!

  1. Good article. Sometimes I want to take my wife’s cell phone (when she is Facebooking) and throw it out the window. I got her to deactivate her account, but she has reactivated it…Its clearly addictive. You can scroll through the videos people post and its a form of mindless entertainment that is worse than the TV.

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  2. Good article. Facebook is toxic and a severe security risk. I cancelled my account about 8 years ago after a week or two.


    • Thanks, I believe you made a very good decision. Facebook is enemy ground anyway, you see people trying to spread our message there get constantly banned.


  3. Thank you for a great read!

    It is important to note that this feminization and rising narcissism is not at all a new phenomenon, but rather is it a long-going trend. Already in the 1990’s British author Mark Simpson noticed the trend of rising de-masculinization, rising narcissism and of more men rejecting relationships. He identified it as an epidemic. He even launched the term spornosexual (etymologically from sport+porn) for these “man”, who are interested in no one but themselves and whose only sexual object is thenselves. In a modern context this would translate to the average Facebook-user (whom you so precisely describe) who would rather hold a selfie-stick in his hands than a woman. The typical weak white man.

    Europeans have always valued masculinity and traditional gender roles and the men who were girly/narcisstic were mocked- As far back as Ancient Greece we find the story of Narkissos, the MGTOW-prototype, who rejects all female love to replace it with the love for his own reflection. A choice that later becomes the cause of his death. A story that tells what a man is not and what he should not be. Something went wrong along the way and today white men have become what they should not be. They have become Narkissos.


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