Understanding the General Public in your Area!



Much of America today is made up of a population of "adults" that act like children and perpetual teenagers. Stop pretending, and start coming to grips with it. This is what we have NOW. Is it ugly at times? Yes. But we must be honest with ourselves and confront reality. We've now reached the point where most of the "adults" in this society are so dumb and so pathetic, that we have to start treating them all like children.

These are “grown-ups” that stay with an infantile mentality well into their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. This is a reality in most our communities today. And it was on display in Connecticut Saturday morning, when crowds of these fat retards, these genetic mistakes… rushed an Easter Egg field to rob candy from four year olds! You can’t make this shit up. But this is much of the society at large. And yes, all of these fat retards vote! Which is why you must stick to generalities with simple language and play on the emotional factors. It works in business, and it works in politics. Understand your population! SOURCE

6 Comments on Understanding the General Public in your Area!

  1. kerberos616 // March 28, 2016 at 3:40 pm // Reply

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  2. tygisleson // March 28, 2016 at 4:10 pm // Reply

    “But we’re waking people up!” -Truther

    These people need leaders, not truthers.


  3. Even if we could wake these people up we wouldn’t want them. We need to form a new elite that can influence society…Taking only the best. Hurdles like a basic donation, meeting up, organizing will filter out these types losers.


  4. Meanwhile in the State of Washington…Marijuana bust halts Easter egg hunt

    More than 45 pounds of marijuana, worth a street value of more than $202,000, was found.

    Check out this story on USATODAY.com: http://usat.ly/1MvwoWK


  5. I deal with a similar events routinely in my job and have taken away many observations of the years. Starting with the plainly obvious, we live in a society primarily composed of atomized individuals who lack admirable standards of conduct. These people are the majority. Secondly, as atomized individuals, the only authority accepted is from an outside authority or supposedly disinterested third party. This third party is expected to meet the needs of all atomized individuals at once. Failure to achieve the impossible results in anger at the third party authority, which oddly enough, frequently becomes common rallying point for the atomized individuals previously in conflict. (The cops, government, event security, etc.) Notice the woman in the video and her complaint “I don’t want to take my kids to something where THEY don’t care about the safety of my kids.” The third party who created the free event for this mindless maggot to attend, in effort to give her free shit and entertaining her kids, without much effort on her part, is given the lion’s share of the blame for her having a negative experience. In short, she has no expectation of decency from others and no responsibility for acting according to her own expectations. I see it all the time, and her mentality is as common as dirt.

    I avoid the places and events with open access to the greater society. If for some reason, I think something is desirable to attend (very rarely) I recruit my “tribe” and we go together, with the long held and tested understanding that we will mutually co-operate to impose our standards should the need arise. This is an idea as old as civilization itself, but a concept forgotten or ignored by our people as they have become atomized idiots. It bleeds into our politics and subsequently our economy, prosperity, and health as a people and individuals.

    You rightly offer this sort of thing up for consideration Rich, and it should not be shrugged off as trivial “WTF” material to shake our heads at. This is what we are up against, and these people and the society they create are an obstacle to be negotiated. Well done.


  6. joenorthpal // March 29, 2016 at 6:15 pm // Reply

    I see this as the result of social engineering at its worst.
    Are people really that much different from the past? genetically?
    Were the mobs of Rome any better or worse during the later stages of the Roman Empire?
    Or is it the standards and responsibilities of the people in a society that reflects the leadership (or lack of)?
    Weak men in leadership results in such mob behavior lowering of standards and avoidance of responsibility to conduct themselves in even the basest behavior, organization, and participation in a damn Easter egg hunt for children.
    Culture is almost impossible to change in the short term, therefore I see it more as a leadership problem.
    When bad behavior is accepted, rewarded, tolerated, encouraged, or more to the point not discouraged and reprimanded, that penetrates every stratum of American society.
    This goes hand in hand with this large welfare state and lowering IQ of the average citizenry with mass third world immigration.
    These are the voters needed to support a weak leadership that feed this downward cycle in a society.
    The rest of society either rebels/rejects or adapts, since a large government has the biggest guns and the power to economically force adherence, most will adapt best they can.
    The children learn this strategy of adaptation from their parents.
    These children become the peers who influence and regulate behavior of the other children.
    After a generation or two, they will violently protect this system and its leadership.
    Sooner or later the lower IQ unproductive will by sheer reproducing and consumption overcome the higher IQ productive.
    The result is ? Well not very good.
    Every day until this crash and burn of a society occurs is the moral and courageous opportunity for strong leaders to either rise or cower, the choice is ours.
    It all starts in the home then geometrically extends into the community till it rests in the halls of power.


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