This is why Trump must Win!

Anti-Trump Rap "Song."

Apparently this is "music" that is going viral on social media right now. I guess this is what the average Bernie Sanders voter listens to... as they beg, cry, kick and scream for more subsidized shit from people that work for a living. This is the direct result of the disappearence of strong men, strong fathers, and strong communities, most which disappeared from much of America some time ago. As far as this crowd in the video is concerned... Most (if not all) of these ferill children will be dead or in jail within a few years.

This is the exact future we must prevent! This is what we must save our children from. This is the mission of PTD gentlemen. To empower ourselves, our men, and the communities we live in. To create a better future here for us all. Notice these degenerate gutter rats are all about negativity. All about tearing down. All about a bunch of ingrates and deadbeats that want free shit. As Trump continues to preach a return to a better time. To “Make America Great Again.” Trump 2016.

Just Win Baby! Just Win!

3 Comments on This is why Trump must Win!

  1. kerberos616 // March 30, 2016 at 7:11 am // Reply

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  2. That was awful.


  3. Low IQ, low empathy, low “normal” expectations, are the norm with a large percent of the under 35’s. What I find, through having a “no choice” working environment, is that many others, in the same age group, actually know what’s going on. The (c) rap song, is not popular, its just pushed by the leftist/liberal music elite.


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