No Gym, No Excuse!


Get HUGE, get ripped, get in shape... whatever your fitness objective is, it does not require a gym. Not in the least bit. Some of the most fit people on this planet have never touched a weight or walked into a gym! All you need is a backyard, a park, or even the wilderness to achieve your goals.



Get out in the wilderness and hike. Challenge yourself, find peace of mind, and enjoy the beauty of nature. If you can’t get there on that particular day, walk around your neighborhood and listen to an audio-book or a PTD podcast!



Excellent body weight exercise for the chest and triceps. Shit you can do these anywhere… at work, at home, at the park, wherever you are. Very simple once you strengthen your upper body and learn how to balance your weight!



Probably my (2) favorite body weight exercises. Both are excellent for the core, upper body, chest, and triceps. There are many different push-up methods (ex: incline, decline, diamond) and planks (ex: standard, side, weighted).



You can run long distance or jog and go for the Somali-look if you want to (I don’t its a waste of time), but there’s nothing like going all out with high intensity interval sprints. I do these once a week for about 15-20 minutes! I’ve gotten to the point where I can smoke half of the teenagers I’ve raced in a 20-40 yard dash (even at 33 with a good amount of muscle mass).



This is about recharging that testosterone for you “men” out there. Get your zinc and magnesium supplements and lift something heavy dammit!!! Stop being a pussy!



I prefer you do these with weights, but something is better than nothing, great for the legs and the core!



Probably my 2nd favorite body weight exercise. Excellent for the biceps, upper body and core!



You want to look like Paul Bunyan? Swing an AXE or a SLEDGEHAMMER. Caution: you might turn into a real man with balls if you take part in either of these (2) on a regular basis!

There are many more not mentioned above… the point is, most of you don’t need a gym, nor some faggot trainer to get your ass in shape. All you need is the will and determination. Power and Discipline!

“Pain is just weakness leaving the body.”

9 Comments on No Gym, No Excuse!

  1. Just my two cents
    I would just like to say, for guys who cannot afford a gym and equipment, do cardio run/sprint combo.
    Many if not all sporting stores sell a pull up bar kits Adjustable Width Doorway Pull Up Bar, and DOORWAY CHIN UP BAR that fits between the door frame.
    I had mine at kitchen entrance, every time I went in kitchen or passed it, a couple of strict sets, (start from a good hang with knees bent, no cheating you bastards… lol)

    situps you simultaneously lift knees up into chest like a ball, only thing on floor is your ass (eliminates improper form and back strain) then pushups (try to get to where you can do,strict sets, and fingertips).
    situps and pushups in sets together to properly balance those muscles, remember strong stomach abs for a strong back.

    Guaranteed six pack (an honest lean natural pack) in 12 weeks, overall body strength, then the heavy gym stuff will not only be more beneficial but enjoyable.

    ******* Don’t forget Rich’s diet guidelines in a earlier post, the engine won’t run without PROPER fuel and oil.


  2. OT: Fundamental video by Angelo John Gage:

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  3. I am by no means a fitness pro or anyone who is qualified to give an advice, but a two weeks ago I started my own new workout routine. Every day, or at least 4-5 times a week I go for a 4 mile hike with my 20 lbs back pack and 8 lbs dumbbels in my hands. While walking I am working out my biceps, triceps, shoulders and every quarter of mile or so, I paused for 15-20 pushups with pack on my back, just to make it harder, which at the end of the hike (less than 2 hr’s) I am done with at least 120 -150 push ups and freaking pumped up. In just two weeks I am already noticing my body getting tighter and stronger. I still have a long way to go, need to lose some weight, but I know this approach is the right one. For years I have been a member of some local gyms, working out, taking a tons of boot camp classes, but while spending a ton of money every month, I just couldn’t last, just hate it after while, classes loaded with bunch of fat, sweaty people, nasty air flow, sweaty equipment, so I finally quit and decided do it my way, all outdoor. So my take is, why pay ton of money every month for gym membership, when all it takes is to go out and improvise on your own.


    • Excellent work Slipa, I follow a similar routine as well.


    • Apropos of smelly gyms: The best gym I ever patronized was a complete cesspool!
      Great gym, really.
      The owner was peculiar to say the least: In the late 80s – early 90s he was a professional bodybuilder.
      Unbelievable body: At his peak, he was 110 kg ripped per 180 cm of height.
      The laceration of a tricep ended his career: His left arm never got back to its previous size.
      It looked much smaller than his right arm.
      So, he started neglecting the gym.
      You know: broken windows, no heating, little to no cleaning, etc.
      It snowed on the benches!
      It was dirty cheap, though, and unlike the other gyms in my area, he never replaced dumbbells, barbells and plates with machines — I never liked machines.
      One of the “funny” things about the owner is that he had a turbometabolism: in his day, he had to eat an incredible amount of food just to keep his mass.
      On the other hand, he was able to stay ripped pretty much the entire year: Preparing for a competition was never a problem for him.
      After he quit, he got back to, say, 80 kg.
      He continued to eat like a ravenous beast, though: Each year, after Christmas Holydays, he’d hit the malls of the city, buying lots of panettoni (an Italian sweet) on sale.
      Every afternoon, he’d go to his er… office, and start spreading nutella (he had the ~5kg jar) on some panettone – he sure wasn’t making it any easier for all those people trying to lose weight on treadmills!
      His desktop was perennially greasy.
      But there were plenty of weights, and I was happy.
      Really a gem of a gym.
      Sometimes I miss those days.


      • Hey Alberto, thats pretty awesome story, but it reminds me my old days, when I was growing up in a very small town in rural area in Europe back in early 90’s. As kids in our 15’s we hardly had any money, especially that kind of money you needed for a membership in in a much more prestigious gym’s in those bigger cities, we had no choice than to set up our own gym. We had a few old machines, some even kind of homemade one’s, some dumbbells, barbells, and couple of benches. Remember those times in winter, no heat, just dressed up in some hoodies but we warmed up pretty quick and damn we never complained. On the walls we had pinned down a tons of pictures of those pro body builders , like Mr Universe back than Dorian Yates, I believe that was his name and some other guys, which I can’t remember their names any longer. But like you said, I miss those days and every time I return home, those times are always a subject for conversation with my old buddies as we are having a couple of beers and laughing our asses off.


  4. Pain is temporary. Victory is forever.


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