PTD Radio: Special Edition!


Power Through Discipline Radio: Special Edition!

***Interview with Angelo Gage & Mike Sledge***

Rich sits down for a kick ass interview with Gage and Sledge today. Don’t miss this one folks, exclusively heard on Resurgence Media Network.


6 Comments on PTD Radio: Special Edition!

  1. joenorthpal // April 6, 2016 at 5:41 pm // Reply

    Hey Rich;
    I just want to say your doing a HELLUVA job.
    But then again.
    What the hell do I know?
    I’m just a guy from Jersey with a GED


  2. Great show you guys. Very powerful, uplifting and motivational, and even had some good laughs as well. I am honored to support Resurgence Media Network.

    Let’s get Angelo a better mic for the next one though, or maybe it was a poor connection, but I had to turn up the volume when he spoke. Or course Rich blasted me out when it was his turn LOL. Anyway, I figured I would leave that feedback so we can polish everything up and get better with each new show.

    I liked the 3 way discussion and it was my first time hearing Mike. Nice to have a Southern boy in the mix.

    For those who haven’t signed up yet, don’t miss out, it’s well worth it.


  3. ” I never let my schooling interfere with me getting an Education”. Mark Twain… You have nothing to be ashamed of, quite the opposite my good man.


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