Support Our Police Officers!

The Old Media: Slandering Police Since 1965

These men are performing a difficult, high stress job with shitty hours... in charge of policing a population of animals and borderline retards. All I see society do, is shit all over these men. Even those on the supposed "Alt Right."

Take the video above for example: some wise ass bitch causing chaos in her school, a “safe space” where learning, growth, and maturity is supposed to occur. Unfortunately, little monsters like this young “lady” are tearing up schools across the country.

Female teachers, administrators, and the weak men that accompany them in the field of education are incapable of keeping these “children” in line. So they bring in  police to help quell the situation. Then they complain when the officer does his job.

At that point the “Old Media” steps in and shows the last :20 seconds of a video to make the office look like an out of control maniac.

Fuck You Old Media!

And fuck all you sorry ass parents with no control over your damaged children.


Support Your Local Police!

Wave hi when you see them, shake their hands, strike up a conversation, get to know them and their families if they live in your town. Be a fucking leader, and don’t let these scumbags win!

7 Comments on Support Our Police Officers!

  1. joenorthpal // April 7, 2016 at 2:34 pm // Reply

    Yup, another out of control vaginal incubator soon to litter the streets with another brood from the matriarchal ghetto.

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  2. She looked much more complaint after that body slam. 🙂 Listen and look at how that officer is surrounded by unruly savages who have no respect for others, let alone someone who has been hired by the community to enforce its laws.


  3. tygisleson // April 7, 2016 at 9:06 pm // Reply

    That’s another thing I love about PTD… We have to have these men in blue on our side… Most of the alternative media creates a toxic and destructive “us vs. them” attitude towards cops. Forgetting that they are in the same boat we are. The PTD message is gonna bridge that gap in our communities!


  4. There is a “Blue Lives Matter” rally in Richmond VA this Saturday at 11 AM to commemorate the fallen trooper who was killed recently.


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