Police Officers single greatest health hazard

Police Officers single greatest health hazard? Dumb Ass Citizens. A motorist to avoid a traffic stop, takes police on a high speed chase. The Officer must then rescue his dumb ass after he loses control and is thrown from the flipped vehicle. A nurse and her husband who witnessed the crash, also stopped and provided aid.

Grandview police released dashcam video of a rollover crash on Sunday near Missouri 150 and Interstate 49. Police said the officer tried to pull over a driver for a suspected traffic violation near Missouri 150 and the East Outer Road. Authorities said the driver refused to stop for the officer and lost control of the SUV, flipping it over at 12:35 p.m.

Police said the driver was thrown clear of the vehicle, and the video shows the officer rushing to the vehicle, searching for the driver.

“Do you see anybody?” the officer shouts to another person.

The driver was found a few moments later in a ditch. Police said the officer started chest compressions on the man and tried to keep him calm until paramedics arrived.

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