The Absolute Madman

1460084741730 Get ready for every media outlet to completely lose their shit over Trump's latest tweet. This is a prime example of how this man owns the media and is on the offensive rather than the defensive.

The question has been asked time and time again….. Will this Stump the Trump? Nope. The answer’s always the same. He does this entirely on purpose for free media attention. There’s a reason he doesn’t need a Superpac and it’s because he’s not a part of the news, he creates it.

They call him Teflon Don, nothing sticks. While the other candidates have to pay for commercial spots and media attention, Trump knows how to assert himself and demand the focus of the msm. So grab your popcorn and enjoy the shit show this coming week

Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia……


9 Comments on The Absolute Madman

  1. Power through discipline? So you should be able to handle criticism of your position.

    You are not a fan of Saudi Arabia but you hold Israel in high esteem. Why is it then that US, Turkey, Saudis and Israel have been implicated in the Syria civil war?

    Will Trump cease support of Turkey’s brute Erdogan? Will Trump stop the billions in military welfare to Israel? Will Trump cease selling armaments to Saud-land criminals?

    The answer is NO!

    Turkey (Gladio B/NATO), Israel (AIPAC, Neocons), Saudi Arabia (Oil, weapons,perodollars) are all part of the criminal nexus in that area.

    That the criminal enterprise that is America will give up Saudi Arabia oil and middle eastern oil and as a direct result undermine the petro-dollar is laughable.

    Trump looks like an easy and lazy fix for the angry betrayed voters but they answer is harder than voting for Trump.

    Power through discipline, you have betrayed your cause already. i expected stronger reasoning and thought from your blog about the criminal game being played.


    • Chris James // April 8, 2016 at 7:19 am // Reply

      The tweet literally calls for Saudi Arabia to take the refugees instead of us. Who else is telling Saudi Arabia they can take the refugees and to leave us alone?

      We can be bitter about literally everything or take our small victories when they come.

      What you’re asking for is your ideal politician. Who holds all your positions. That is never going to happen. Trump is a small step in the right direction.

      Will he be perfect? Idk. Will he better than everybody else. I personally think so.

      Just the fact that he would tweet this is a wink and nod in our direction.


    • Take your Turner diary, Jew chasing crap elsewhere. Voting for Tom Bowie isn’t going to do shit. You Rent a gayders seem to think Rome was built in a day. You weak white men have done nothing and will do nothing. Fuck off already. Real men are at work.


      • Amazing how quickly the wannabe alpha male [enragederic85] descends into insults after rational criticism. Even the owner of this site acknowledged Trump is compromised.
        Jew chaser? Your leader, nay saviour sucked it up at AIPAC.
        You forget a very simple thing. The biggest guns and weapons mean nothing if your intel is wrong.
        Is your intel on Trump right? Have you looked at all the angles that can be played here? Have you looked at the hard evidence in your FACE about AIPAC compliance.
        Jew chaser? Indeed!
        I was hoping to get challenged to grow instead I see wannabes.
        Sorry Chris if [enragederic85] is typical of the men following you then indeed I am in the wrong place.


      • Chris James // April 8, 2016 at 9:40 am //

        I was under the impression this site was for the mainstream.

        Let me guess you’ve been chasing Internet j00s and complaining about complex global policy for a decade?

        Do normal people understand that shit? Would you bring that up in public? No they don’t and they don’t give a fuck either.

        Normal people understand Trump not “the collapsing petro dollar”.

        I came here to escape talking in circles. Because when normal people read your comment they think you’re straight from /pol. They think you’re a lunatic. I personally don’t blame them.


      • They love their ignorance, huh?
        Being informed requires time, effort and determination.
        Exposing the frauds makes me a lunatic?
        I wish I had that contempt for “normal” people and their desire for honest talk even if it is unconventional or difficult. If I did, lying to them would be a no-brainer.
        I was once “normal”, I once believed the lies of govern-ment and media-whores. It took a “lunatic” to open my eyes.
        Moving on…good day!


      • Take a hike back to your local bitch corner. We don’t waste time “debating” weak white faggots with no answers, not ONE fucking solution… Other than “bitch” about support for Israel…

        Fuck off you little cunt.

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  2. It was nice to see while I was at work being productive for 8 hours today, we have the same man child nitpicking and critiquing real men for not yelling Jooo from every tree top. Not much rationality there. Keep up the good work Rich!! Just win baby!!!

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