The Amazing Professor Janice Fiamengo Professor Janice Fiamengo from the University of Ottawa explains why she identifies as an anti-feminist.

Fiamengo, a former feminist who in earlier years marched in “Take Back The Night” campaigns, has given lectures on feminist-related topics at the University of Toronto, Queen’s University, the University of Ottawa, and more, and has been featured on The Agenda with Steve Paiken as well as many videos here on Studio Brulé.

Thanks to Jack Carter for bringing to my attention that the current “Yes Means Yes” laws sweeping across the continent actually first appeared at Antioch College in 1991, and were criticized for being impossible to obey. “Adopted in 1991 at the prompting of the “Womyn of Antioch,”” here are some links :……
References, Articles, and Links:

If Feminism Is About Equality, Why Do Feminists Oppose Equality?by Janet Bloomfield…

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The Right To Kill Husbands, Barabara Kay…

No Charges For Bogus Assault Claims, Ottawa Sun…
The Victim Stance is a powerful one.…

3 Comments on The Amazing Professor Janice Fiamengo

  1. Joe, your thorough, well-researched, and organised approach is inspiring.

    However, the rise of the strictly enclosed politically correct arena of political and philosophical discourse, wherein people apologise for their privilege and beg to exist, and messages or strains of thought outside the approved list indoctrination are outlawed, and constant lip service is owed to victimhood and empty pandering, is directly linked – not by accident – to the female assumption of natural male authority.

    In my opinion, this is the kind of approach we need to run away from, the ONLY way forward, is to teach our men to take charge of these issues and remove these boundaries that cripple our cause. Women like this professor Fiamengo, even if they fall on our side of the issue, are not built to lead, and I include speaking on men’s issues in that. Her objective, matter of fact style is technically correct, but it doesn’t move me. This politically correct, overly academic, softly spoken, begging to exist method is the reason why we are in this situation. This is a very feminine arena of discourse we have today, wherein people whine and cite studies and hope you are persuaded to agree.

    In the proper, masculine arena of discourse, women have no place, because they cannot handle the scrutiny of having their ideas challenged, and desire above all, approval, rather than truth or righteousness. They expect special privileges because all they know is princess status. When we straighten our men out and get them involved in these issues that affect them, women should not be talking about anything other than women’s issues and even then it should be a message that the male authorities over those women, their husbands and fathers, approve of. I don’t mean to knock what Janice is doing here, but it only serves to show how emasculated our men are that some pussy-foot academic is speaking for us. All we can do with women leading us is repeat what we know the problem to be and have an academically correct circle-jerk. And that’s fine. But it doesn’t take us anywhere. It doesn’t change our situation.


  2. joenorthpal // April 9, 2016 at 11:57 am // Reply

    Matt you are missing the boat on that one.
    Academia is where most of the attack upon patriarchy and western civilization comes from.
    Women dominate the academia from kindergarten to university supported by the state,
    Professor Janice Fiamengo works in the academia world of politically correct arena of political and philosophical discourse, and deals with it directly.
    “professor Fiamengo, even if they fall on our side of the issue, are not built to lead” – lead what?
    But she is leading a fight in the halls of academia where lets face it, you and I will never get to.
    “In the proper, masculine arena of discourse, women have no place” – well where is that?
    The state has built a matriarchal society, open your eyes and ears, listen to the current public and political (aside from Trump) discourse, is filled with feminine rhetoric.
    Opinion on Margaret Thatcher remains divided after her death but one thing is for certain, she was a staunch nationalist and she often argued that the UK was too densely populated and that immigration needed to be controlled at a sustainable level, referring to immigration as a threat to national British identity.
    Thatcher displayed a determined opposition to further movement of refugees to the UK fleeing the Vietnam war of the 1970s.
    Thatcher’s opposition to Ugandan Asian migration in her early days in Number 10 Downing Street was well documented in the press; prompting Enoch Powell to express his support for her when she became Prime Minister. Powell was famous for his Rivers of Blood speech in 1968 in Birmingham where he warned about immigration and the consequences of uncontrolled migration. Thatcher said the country “would be swamped by people with a different culture”.
    Thatcher would be looked upon today as a female version of Donald Trump.
    Britain would be lucky to have THAT woman in charge today.
    European men have never ignored nor discounted strong women even though they are far and few between, but those few have helped save and secure European civilization through out our history.


  3. mattinbritain // April 10, 2016 at 4:21 am // Reply

    I take your point on that one Joe. Maybe for now she’s some of the best help we’ve got. The academic arena is a lost cause until we straighten out our society in general, was the crux of my point. She has all the facts, but her view will just be pushed to the fringe by the majority of man-hating lefties. Modern Academia is purposely designed this way as part of an indoctrination system. Look at the way they shut down students for Trump in Portland.


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