Redpill Your Woman


Wonder if they know 'refugees' is code for economic migrants comprised of 70% men

This may be one of the most important things you can do as a man. If you lead she will follow. The problem is women are always going to do the “nice” thing even if it kills them. The world is taking a very feminine approach to the way we deal with migrants, degeneracy, and just the general tone of politics.

Ironically the more control women have the more they are abused. Since Germany elected Angela Merkel, molestation and rapes by ‘refugees’ has become the norm. And the solution? The mayor of Cologne (who happens to be female) had this to say: “There’s always the possibility of keeping a certain distance of more than an arm’s length” (Henriette Reker).


These young gentlemen seem perfectly reasonable

An arm’s length away…..that’s your solution? I can’t believe women didn’t think of this before. Another liberal genius folks. I mean holy shit they walked a thousand miles to get to your country. So what you’re telling me is, you can’t keep them out of your country, but you think you can keep them out of your personal space? This kind of logic hurts my brain.


Can we keep him? No honey, if I let 1 in you’ll want another 1.7 billion.

So what is the solution? Redpill your woman. Not all women, you can’t save them all. Focus on your woman. The solution starts with you. You can’t just tell all women they’re wrong and need to get back in the kitchen. But you can guide her to the truth and educate her on politics that will actually benefit her.


That or she can look forward to living in a trash bag. Her choice.

But seriously, we love our women and we want what’s best for them. They’re victims just as much as us in this struggle for survival. Can you really blame them for acting this way when most ‘men’ in the West are such limp wristed pussies? If you have any ideas or stories to share about this issue let me know in the comments below.



12 Comments on Redpill Your Woman

  1. FANTASTIC article. Bang on with the right message, not overly complicated. You must not over complicate the issue. It will not help and it makes them tune out. It is man’s job to lead by example. Women are natural followers. They simply obey the strongest influence in their life. If that influence is Sex and the City, degenerate drunk sluts in the music industry, and feminist dykes with facial tattoos who wear scarves knitted from used tampons, you get this insane, chaotic arrangement that we have today, where women openly express contempt for men and male authority and think they have what it takes to make important political decisions and life choices on their own. If that strongest influence is a strong father, and then a strong husband, she follows the interests and direction of that strong authority figure and accepts that he knows what is best for her.

    People forget that women do not choose to be like this. They are simply programmed to do as they are told. It is us, who let the media be that voice that gives them direction and tells them what to do, and let them think the drunken, promiscuous, girl-power slut life is acceptable.

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    • Chris James // April 9, 2016 at 2:52 pm // Reply

      Glad you enjoyed the article Matt. You’re right about strong influence and what we need to become vs what most men currently are. Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to set an example through this site.


  2. If a man cant control or lead even his woman he cant control or lead anything.
    My house isnt a democracy. I decide. Period.

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    • Chris James // April 9, 2016 at 12:27 pm // Reply

      You seem to be in the minority of men these days. Which is a shame because households are falling apart due to poor leadership. The example you set is exactly what young boys need to grow up strong.

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  3. Angelo John Gage // April 9, 2016 at 2:30 pm // Reply

    Good post. I just had to center your pictures though lol.

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  4. Great article. Great pictures! I would sit down and have a serious discussion about these subjects. Women tend to follow their men. But I wouldn’t constantly make comments. I have done this and my wife doesn’t like it. It’s too depressing. It’s best to keep things light and fluffy with your wife. But it’s a good idea to sit her down at an appropriate time to have her think about something. But the other 99% of the time has to be light hearted. Women arn’t political by nature. They arn’t the fighters.

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    • Chris James // April 9, 2016 at 3:09 pm // Reply

      I agree, it’s important to not always be a downer. People (at least in my experience) don’t respond to negativity. I think it’s important for her to know your stance on the issue but in a positive way. When you’re positive people tend to be more agreeable with your message, and in turn adopt it as their own.


  5. I got my wife onboard a few yrs ago. She actually shows me news stories she sees online now. It’s very important to have her somewhat red pilled for stability in your marriage/relationship. Most importantly if you have children both parents are raising them the correct way.

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  6. Excellent and on point article. However, being a woman myself, I can say that we have been warriors and have fought for our people all through history. Unfortunately, our modern era has made us soft and too comfortable. Our media has made the current disaster in Europe seem far away and untouchable. Most do not see it coming and and by the time it reaches our doorstep here in the US, it will be too late.

    For now my mouth is my sword:

    I am alone and have nothing to lose, so when they take me down, I will go out with their blood under my fingernails. Keep up the good work and I am passing this around to all I can.


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