Apprenticeship Program!


Unlike most media platforms, that recruit their on air personalities and media"talent" out of prep schools, we do it right here on this website. This is just another reason why the "old media" is dying... it's dying right before our eyes, they've lost the entire male demographic between the ages of 18-50. Men are tuning out, and they're leaving in droves, as they head to the internet. Unfortunately, when they get here, they find themselves even more frustrated because there's no one offering them a legitimate alternative. That is, until now!

Resurgence Media Network is a media platform that caters to issues of importance to men. And we want to become “thee main media outlet for men.” A legitimate media alternative… for the men of America, and the rest of the western world. An alternative to the main stream! I’ve talked about this many times in the past… a guy gets home from work, a guy that’s off from work, a guy that’s on a break, the guy that just got done listening to his wife nag and his kids scream all day long, the college kid that’s dealing with Marxists everyday on campus… they all need an outlet.

Resurgence Media Network is that outlet.

We are the alternative. Satellite Radio blows, it’s already filled with commercials and the “talent” is horrible. And how much music can you listen to as a man? None of these guys want to watch CNN, or Fox News, or RT, or listen some whining little bitch like Michael Savage, Sean Hannity or Mark Levin on the radio. All that shit does is frustrate these men even more… And that’s why these guys go for mindless entertainment and get caught up in destructive vices… because most of what’s out there on a legitimate platform in the way of media, is garbage.

Both avenues… the main stream and alternative media is filled with shit. It’s lifeless, it’s humorless, it’s boring, its politically correct, and it’s soft. Very little of what’s out there appeals to men. For far too long there’s been no where for these guys to go. There’s nowhere to go for men with high testosterone, men looking for improvement, guys looking for real entertainment and media that caters to their issues. But we do. We don’t do boring pseudo intellectual broadcasting. We’re not running a country club with martini cocktails… we don’t feature soft spoken nice guys doing boring interviews that put you to sleep and motivate you to do nothing. We’re not chasing down phantoms and feeding you fear porn and negativity.

We’re here to give you good entertainment (for once). We’ll make you laugh, we’ll make you think, we’ll keep your attention, and talk about practical common sense ideas and solutions. But we’ll also make you a better person, a more powerful, more discipline man. That’s why Resurgence Media exists. Because we’re tired of the softies out there. We’re done with guys that don’t talk like real men. We’re sick of negativity… the fear porn pushers and boogeyman chasers. We’re done with the other platforms! We want a return to reality… and a better future for us all, our families and our children!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, and you have talent in the way of writing or producing media content, you can begin apprenticing for the Resurgence Media Network today! We’re always looking for talent, current and possible future talent. As a result, we have decided to offer an apprenticeship program for the Network.

Right now we are looking for (2) positions: Authors and Editors. All new apprentices must serve as a volunteer (Author) for a minimum of 8-10 weeks.


This is strictly a volunteer role. All full time and part time authors will be asked to submit news stories, articles, radio shows, videos of interest with a PTD/Resurgence slant (message) attached to it.

We don’t want content from other shitty websites. We want our own content here. We want your content here. Our side of the story. Our version of the events. Links to other sites or an original story location are ok, but none of their boring drivel is allowed over here.

Authors working as volunteers will not be paid. However, as a loyal contributor to the site and network, you may freely advertise your own personal blog, website, or products on your web posts here with our approval.

Anyone interested in a paid position here must serve as an author (volunteer) first. And you better be damn good. *Again, all new apprentices working as an author on the site, must serve as a full-time volunteer for a minimum of 8-10 weeks.

This is not a drop in and say hi, and post once a week thing and put up one mediocre show… You have to show us serious time, effort, energy, and commitment here.

If your work meets up to our standards, we’ll bring you up for a board vote. You must receive a clear majority of the vote. Currently, there are (4) board members. Myself, Angelo, Joe, and Mike.

So for ex: If Mike and I vote a potential editor/host in, but Joe and Angelo vote him down, he doesn’t get in.

It has to be a 3/4 (75%) vote of confidence.

When we have (5) full time editors/hosts it goes to a 3/5 (60%) vote of confidence. And on it goes. Full time editors/hosts serve as the board members.

Now… what are responsibilities of an editor/host at the Resurgence Media Network?


In addition to serving as a board member, reviewing and evaluating potential talent… as an editor/host you must put out quality media radio/video every week. At a minimum, you’ll be required to produce at least (1) 40 minute show per week (video or radio). It must be excellent, and it must surpass our standards!

Full time editors must also post articles, news stories, headlines, personal observations (what have you) with our kind of slant attached to it exclusively on a weekly basis.

Editors/hosts serving as board members will also have the authority to remove anyone from the platform with a clear majority of board votes. This is strictly a meritocracy. The cream will rise to the top. The best will find their way over here. And together we’ll build something HUGE!

Anyone interested in apprenticing may leave their name and contact information in the comment section below. And one of us will be in touch will you soon.

7 Comments on Apprenticeship Program!

  1. Good stuff. Creating great hierarchy and structure.


  2. Chris James // April 10, 2016 at 11:58 pm // Reply

    Let me know how I’m doing when you get the chance. I’m going to have to slow down a little due to finals coming up. Also I don’t want to flood the site. We should figure out some sort of schedule in the future when we/you have a concrete group of guys.


  3. mattinbritain // April 11, 2016 at 5:24 am // Reply

    If anyone out there has been waiting for an opportunity to DO something,and contribute to our cause, what else are you waiting for that isn’t right here? Get on board, Rich has come to YOU, offering you this opportunity on a plate. You have NOTHING to lose. This is a fantastic site where your work could be up there with some of the top quality show/video producers out there in the entire sphere of the alternative media.


  4. Rich, I emailed you and the other Resurgence Media contacts a potential article a few days ago. It was about gravitas. If there’s anything I need to add/change or if it’s not what you’re looking for, let me know.


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