5 Comments on Sledge TV Coming Soon Only At Resurgence Media

  1. Looks good Man.


  2. Looking forward to it…

    I’m looking into this myself by the summer.

    If I decide to do video, with additional PTD broadcasts, it will be set aside for the Network!

    Good shit Mike!


  3. Hey Rich, I’m about to sign up but I cannot access my PayPal acct. (has old phone number to which I no longer use). Am I able to donate w/o a PayPal acct. and still get membership? Thanks man looking forward to joining this Empire!


    • Of course Matt.

      90% of the guys that sign up don’t have paypal accounts… They just use a credit card or gift card.


      • Thanks for the reply bro. Just signed up about ten minutes ago. Do you need my email to send over the password or something?


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