Gravitas… Got Some?


Submitted by Matt Sal We all want to be leaders. We all want to be seen as the guy who can get the job done, no matter how complex or involved. In order to be a leader, you must possess one trait above all: gravitas.

Without gravitas you might as well start doing stand-up comedy; no one will take your advice or guidance to heart. Without gravitas, who takes police officers seriously? Imagine if cops walked up to cars, and in an upbeat, light-hearted manner, said, “Hey, buddy! What’s going on? Why ya speeding?” It’s ridiculous. Thankfully, the police walk up to vehicles with a hand on their pistol and sternly demand to see your license and registration. If they didn’t, no one would respect them.

When people hear you speak, they should know they speak to a man. There shouldn’t be any doubt where you stand. Bruce Jenner: “He’s a freak.” Hillary Clinton: “She’s a criminal and human garbage. Don’t vote for her.” Donald Trump: “He’s great. He’ll be a great president. Can’t wait to see the wall.” When people ask me if I’ve seen the latest episode of some show, my response is, “I don’t watch TV.” I don’t go on an anti-TV rant like some damn lunatic, nor do I pretend as if I merely missed the episode. Keep it laconic without being a dick.

There’s a big part of male culture that gets in the way of gravitas: sarcasm. It’s important to be able to joke and kid, but frankly, anyone who is constantly sarcastic is a pain in the ass and isn’t taken seriously. I know this personally, for I’m known for being sarcastic. I’m working on eliminating much of my sarcasm, as I’m no longer a pimple-faced teenager.

Sarcasm is too easy; it allows you to fit in with most people, especially the goobers who pass for men today, and sarcasm also allows you to flirt with controversial topics but then claim you’re just joking. Grow a pair and speak directly. If some idiot is offended, ignore him. We’re much better off dismissing weak men instead of arguing with them. These retards won’t know how to handle your nonchalance and lack of care.

What is a major reason that PTD is growing and Resurgence Media is wildly popular? Gravitas. These guys aren’t comedians or “nice guys.” They’re men; they speak with purpose. They’re leaders.

Want to be a leader? Start with gravitas.


5 Comments on Gravitas… Got Some?

  1. Matt – the problem with your article is it is pitched too high. I think I’m a pretty smart guy, but I’m still not quite sure what gravitas is. At least in the context of your article. It’s not an everyday word and you haven’t given me a clear context to relate it to my life so I don’t have that picture in my head of what you’re talking about.

    Nothing you are saying is technically in correct, but imagine it from the point of view of someone who DOESN’T understand what you’re saying or how to be a leader or a proper man. I can easily imagine Alpha McBigDick reading this and thinking “YEAH man people respect me like they respect a cop, no one kicks sand in my face at the beach”… but imagine some nerd wanting to change into a better man, who has been bullied in school and walked all over at work. He sees your example of the cop and has no frame of reference for being respected as an alpha male. And what do you offer to guide him? To give him that picture of himself as an alpha male and go out there and work towards? A word (gravitas). And not a particularly inspiring word at that. Gravitas is going to just be yet another word that he has no idea how to be!

    Imagine this pale kid who wants to change, but all he knows is being spurned by women, called four-eyes, and watching Jean Claude Van Damme movies and fantasising about a better life. What can he possibly take from your article? Have gravitas? Why not just say “Be taller”, “don’t get bullied”, “fuck hot chicks” – He has NO idea how to do that!

    The promising part of your article is when you talk about sarcasm. You make it relatable to my life so I understand what you’re talking about. You tell me how it affects my interactions with people and potentially harms them. You tell me what NOT to do, and HOW, and then you go on to tell me what TO do, and HOW. This should be your model.

    Your cop anecdote is true but it seems like it’s more relatable to authority. But again – “have authority” is not good advice. The pimple-faced, pencil-necked loser out there who WANTS to develop needs a push in the right direction, but it needs to be hand-held, baby steps.

    My advice to you is to write another article with more focus on argument structure like the sarcasm paragraph. If your ideas aren’t giving me clear guidance on what TO do, and what NOT to do, and HOW (for both steps), I’m just going to go back to watching Jean Claude Van Damme movies and picturing myself kicking ass – it’s equally constructive.


    • I understand your criticism. My link to a definition of gravitas was broken when I copied the article into the email I sent to Rich, but it may not have helped. My point was: be more serious in your interactions. Gravitas implies more that just seriousness, but it isn’t a well-known word, so I get how it’s not immediately helpful.

      As for what to do and how to do it, I agree. Practical advice is key. The next article I write will likely focus on sarcasm and how to curtail its usage during interactions.

      However, I think it best not to simplify or dumb down content too much. While insults and taunts can work to motivate men, if men feel they are being patronized, they’ll tune out.

      Thanks for your input. I look forward to the next PTD Radio Britain.


  2. Nice article. You just insulted the males that wear French Poodle skirts.


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