PTD Radio Britain: Episode#2

Learning how to win by thinking long term, and beating depression through pride

If there's one thing I want to bring to the table here at power through discipline, it's the cultivation of pride. Rich's title 'power through discipline' pretty much sums it all up, and Angelo complements that talking about taking power over our own lives. But my big talking point is discipline (and a whole load of other things) through pride. On today's show I discuss how lack of pride causes depression and worsens our individual weakness as well as collective weaknesses. But cultivating pride in ourselves makes us stronger. I also discuss the need to adopt one of our enemies' most effective tactics, a tactic which has eluded our cause from day one.

Discipline through Pride is the use of virtuous cycles, discussed in today’s show, to strengthen yourself and beat those demons. We are deceiving ourselves if we think we were created hardcore PTD leader-warriors that inspire men and make women wet in the panties. All of us have struggles inside that weaken us and make us doubt ourselves. These thing pull us down and distract us from our purpose and long term victories, and it is through beating the demons that we learn to be strong.


Learning to grab hold of even TINY positive developments in our favour and hold on to them and grow from them, on the individual level to beat depression, and on the societal level to beat cultural marxism, is the theme of today’s show. Beating depression is so important – we can’t just pick up the few guys out there ready to become warriors, there are not enough of them! We’ve gotta get those disillusioned men and boys who have been taught to hate themselves by our schools and our anti-male media.


In today’s show I also call on the members of PTD within the shores of Britain to prove themselves not complete cucks and INTRODUCE YOURSELF to us at Anyone not getting in touch will be assumed to be busy organising a train of Somalians to fuck their wife. Those who do get in touch will receive their complementary ‘United CUCKdom’ bumper stickers in 6-8 weeks.

I’m going to be putting out two videos a week from now on, so I can give twice the help to our young men out there, and get them twice as pumped up to lift twice as much weight and attract twice as many hot broads.


Scottish lassies want YOU, to beat depression and conquer their hearts.

Depression convinces you booze and video games are more important than making lasses swoon for your righteous and muscular ways, and puts you in a mindset to leave it to Haji filth to impregnate tartan beauties.


The latest studies in chickology show that if you beat depression, you are 95% likely to bag a hot celtic maiden for a wife.

Remember, pride and strategy, pride and strategy, say it again, PRIDE and STATEGY.

Those are the keys to VICTORY. MP3 DOWNLOAD

17 Comments on PTD Radio Britain: Episode#2

  1. You’re wise beyond your years Kid.

    You’re on the accelerated PTD path brother.

    Love the use of the hot babes too!!!

    Push forward young man… “Pride and Strategy.”


  2. Chris James // April 13, 2016 at 8:33 pm // Reply

    Goodshit man. More young men need to hear this.


  3. joenorthpal // April 13, 2016 at 10:45 pm // Reply

    Well, I’ll be truthful, this is not bragging in any way shape or form it could just be circumstance I dunno.
    I never suffered from any true depression and I don’t really understand it or people who do suffer.
    Whenever I felt any defeatist or negativity, I normally got extremely competitive with myself, if it meant facing a fear, that became the challenge, I slowed everything down and took on the challenge of some sort and I was never a good loser.
    And oh yes, I didn’t always win.
    But that’s me not anyone else.

    Apparently many people do suffer, and I am truly grateful there are people who have fought through it.
    Better still, there are people have fought through it and are able and willing to help others.


    • Joe, your post is actually very useful to people with depression, they see people who do not have that issue and think those people always win in life or never take a hit or a backwards step. To know the truth, that it’s the way you APPROACH your problems and difficulties, is what people need to know. Not that you were born to win and they were born to lose, which is how it often feels in their minds.

      Because the brain has so many more working parts to become faulty, which are impossible to single out and heal (unlike bodily illnesses), to beat a mental illness you have to change your whole life. Drugs or no drugs, your world cannot change if your attitude does not change.

      Depression IS an illness but it’s also a respone to circumstances. For a young male to be raised by women in a feminised society, go to school and be taught to hate male authority, and have no male role models, and be constantly brainwashed with sexualised music videos, violent films, homo propaganda, and cultural marxism… that is a set of circumstances which, for a young person who has not had a strong father cultivate pride and strength in him, is a recipe for depression.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, no generation has had this recipe so closely followed to cook up weakness and self-hate in young men than my generation (often called the millenials), and the generation in school now. And in my generation most of the fathers are so weak that we don’t even have an alternative to look at. The media raised us. Hollywood raised us. Video games raised us. Because the grip they had was so tight on us. Even hollywood now rarely depicts strong masculine men. Depression is bound to rise and keep rising in those circumstances. When you have beaten depression, you can fight almost any set of circumstances. But that pride needs to be taught by undoing the marxist indoctrination and media addictions that kids as young as 3 have now.


  4. Great show Matt! It helped me get through some negative shit today.


  5. Really good, thanks for this! I like the small silent pauses after you make a point (makes you internalize). And great fucking folk music!!


  6. Love the show!What a pleasant surprise to hear PTD in the UK,so good to see the message growing!keep up the Great work!


  7. mikesledge72 // April 14, 2016 at 2:21 pm // Reply

    Great show Matt. Very important topic. Our enemy has used their media manipulation to promote apathy and nihilism especially within the white working class communities. This was done on purpose to break our spirit. I think our people have had enough. Great work Matt keep it up!


  8. TwoHeadedEagle // April 14, 2016 at 4:35 pm // Reply

    Matt, another great episode. Men of Britain, get in touch with us via as we will be having a meetup shortly.


  9. Good stuff, Matt. Did anyone help you, or were you basically on your own? I ask because I know someone who battles severe depression and anxiety, and I want to help him as best I can.

    Maybe you can talk about how to reach out and help other men who need guidance.


  10. Whos getting involved in the Grass roots out campaign? the EU refferendum. This should be an area of focus , weve got just a few months.


    • mattinbritain // April 15, 2016 at 7:12 am // Reply

      Hi carsick – with regards to the referendum, of course I support the out vote. I totally agree with you that this is a real world opportunity we’ve got to take, and we’ve not got much time to spread the word. I will cover this on my next show in full detail.


  11. You talk about how we need to copy the winners’ strategy in order to win ourselves. It seems like a balance needs to be struck here. Practical outcomes must trump ideological purity, but at the same time we must defeat the enemy without becoming the enemy ourselves. My question is: what specific tactics do you think we should be copying? Not blowing shit up and assassinating people, surely?


    • mattinbritain // April 15, 2016 at 11:09 am // Reply

      The strategies we should be adopting are the ones that the enemy has used to weaken us. This includes being consistent with your talking points. Not letting things slide. Getting active. The left is way more active politically than our side. You can come up with reasons for that but it’s true. And holding on to our youth and our family values. That is what the muslims do and its why they are in such a strong position. Each new generation carries on the values of the previous one, so their ideology is pushed further and further with each passing year. With our society, it’s changing as each generation becomes less attached to its culture and history. The Muslims are attached to their culture, their values, and their history. That is what we need to promote. We don’t need to change our ideology at all. Our ideology remains the same. But we have to take responsibility for why we are losing and they are winning. Because they teach their kids their values, and don’t compromise when it coes to their culture. We have compromised and tolerated for over a hundred years now. That’s why we are losing. It needs to stop


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