Red State Revolution?


The goal of the international communist and our wonderful cultural Marxist parasite controllers, has always been the subverting of our republic and transforming it into a red communistic superstate.  This dangerous vision was pushed by the left in this nation for quite sometime.  Their plans were exposed over the years and Obama might be the final actor used in their "progressive" revolution. This does not mean by any means that they have been defeated, quite the contrary. In fact, these commies have become even more skilled in their art of deception. Rather than continue their Bolshevik attack from the left wing, they have now decided to once again trick middle America with a subversive right wing hook.

In order to properly explain how the deception works, I must remind the reader that the establishment is a Bolshevik bird of prey. This very dangerous predator has always had a single target in mind for the kill. That target is Western Civilization. They view the middle class, the white working class, middle America, with total disdain and hatred.  This predator needs both wings to properly dispose of its prey.  It needs the left wing with its progressives and forward thinking liberal communists, and it also needs its cuckservative artificial right wing free market phonies, in order to properly kill its nationalist enemy.

So, in order for both wings to function properly it needed two variations or strains of Bolshevik doctrine. One would appeal to the metropolitan minds of the northeastern establishment as well as the trendy forward leftists from Berkeley and San Francisco from the west coast. The other strain or program would be a very carefully crafted form of communism.  This strain would use all the buzzwords of the right.  Words and phrases like the constitution, rule of law, Christian conservative, and yes even the all powerful phrase, ” YOU ARE A GREAT AMERICAN!”  This artificial right wing would have people believe that they were supporting the right, when in fact they were merely supporting just another left wing agenda, hiding beneath the American flag. But, behind the red, white and blue is only RED! Communist RED!

This new form of faux conservatism really came into prominence with William F. Buckley Jr.. The back story of William F. Buckley is very interesting. You see, before Mr. Buckley founded the National Review publication, he served as a delegate to the communist United Nations under the Nixon administration. Prior to that he worked with E. Howard Hunt in the C.I.A. in Mexico during the 1950’s.  His connections through these organizations would make him the perfect vehicle to push the new false right wing program.  The establishment needed to create a new right wing to keep the country in line with their globalist agenda. During the late 50’s and early 60’s the country was waking up to the dangers of international communism.

Most of the right in this country during that time was quickly identifying with the America First movement. The America First philosophy was in danger of completely taking over the right side of politics during that period. As a result, a new philosophy and program had to be created to fool the people into accepting their global cultural Marxist concept, through a Trojan horse on the right. This vehicle would be the modern day “conservative” movement.  With William F. Buckley’s arrival on the scene and the creation of National Review, the new “conservative” movement began to overshadow the America First movement on the right.  The masses on the right were told that we as a country should stay in the United Nations and not withdraw from it. That both the U.N. and NATO were good for this country as long as we had control over those institutions with strong American leadership and principles.  They were told that they needed to accept the left’s version of the civil rights movement during the 1960’s and support a conservative form of egalitarianism. They were told to support the building up of a global military empire to enforce U.N. resolutions and the NATO charter.  After years of this program being pushed by so called “conservatives”, they over time reluctantly accepted this new “conservatism”.  The beliefs of the America First movement slowly fell into obscurity, and the new “conservatives” took over not only the debate on the right, but also the GOP establishment.

Knowing this history is important in properly understanding what is taking place now with this election. Trump represents the new version of the America First movement in  this country.  And we see the false prophets of the fake right like Erick Erickson, National Review, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, etc.., doing the bidding of their elite puppet masters.  It is even interesting to take note of all the communist symbology  they use in their own publications.  Take a look at the picture just above this article. You see the book cover of Red State Uprising by Erick Erickson. Not only does it use the communist red color, but it also uses the symbol of the communist clinched fist holding a copy of the constitution. And ask yourself, Who came up with calling the “conservative” states red states anyway? Oh yes, I forgot the Bolshevik mainstream media outlets.  And now we see all of these phony “conservatives” doing their best to defeat the true grassroots movement of the predominately white working class.  They are all aligned together to once again destroy nationalism under the banner of “conservatism”.  I was thinking to myself just the other day. I love the term “cuckservative” and I understand the power it wields in the fight to decimate the left’s virus of “racist”. But sometimes I like calling these traitors what we used to call them. Communists. That word still sounds good to me.

Mike Sledge

1 Comment on Red State Revolution?

  1. Great article, read, and brief history lesson Mike. The CONservative movement is officially dead. Trump killed it, and all of us here need to pick up the torch he’s lit for us, and carry it into the future. OUR future!


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