The History Of The GOP Fake Right And Delegate Theft!

When one thinks of the ultimate Cuckservative sellout, you need look no further than the ridiculous and dangerous Erick Erickson of  the red state site, and now self appointed leader of the ever shrinking impotent modern day faux conservative movement. I live in the Atlanta area and listen to Erick's show on the radio coming home from work everyday, as my new comedy relief. But in actuality, this is no laughing matter.

The fact is that individuals like Erick Erickson are still very dangerous and have  lot of sway, particularly with older GOP voters. You know the type that drink their prune juice while listening to fox news. Erick Erickson and others have put together a coalition of “globalist neo-conservatives” and other sellout GOPe types to come up with a plan to steal the nomination from Donald Trump.

This would not be the first time that the GOPe has done this sort of theft during a highly contested presidential election. This occurred before in 1952. The republican race for the presidency was then between America First true conservative Robert Taft and General Dwight D. Eisenhower. As the race drew to a close and the convention just around the corner, the high powered forces behind Eisenhower devised a plan to steal the nomination from Taft. Taft had accumulated 530 delegates to Eisenhower’s 427 delegates. The powerful lobby behind Eisenhower quickly put a plan in place accusing the Taft campaign of stealing delegates in the southern states from Texas, Louisiana and Georgia. Most analysts at the time thought the charges were false.

Nevertheless, the Eisenhower lobby pushed the issue. The Eisenhower forces and their high powered lawyers came up with what was the called the “Fair Play” rule. This rule stated that all that was needed to cancel out delegates was just a hint of wrong doing. The narrative was pushed by the press and the big money forces behind Eisenhower, who after all was a World War II hero…right? To make matters worse for Taft the third place candidate in the race at the time was Earl Warren. Earl Warren came out at the last minute at the convention, and gave his support for the Eisenhower “Fair Play” rules change. Many people believed he did this at the time, because Eisenhower promised him a seat on the Supreme Court. We all know this to be the case today. Earl Warren became one of the most disastrous Supreme Court justices in history. We need look no further than the utterly disgusting Warren Commission.

Think of how similar this sounds to what is happening today with this race. Trump in many ways seems to be in a situation similar to Taft. Trump like Taft is the candidate who is standing up for American nationalism and defending the sovereignty of this nation. Like Taft, Trump is running a new “America First”  campaign. Similarly, just think of how Ted Cruz fits into the Earl Warren narrative. A Harvard lawyer working on behalf of establishment interests, and well known for wanting to be placed on the Supreme Court. In the end we know how it turned in 1952. The race did not end well for Taft. The GOPe forces at the time were in fact able  to steal the nomination from the primary voters and hand the presidency over to Eisenhower, the establishment’s golden boy. And Earl Warren made it to the court. So before we laugh at despicable Traitors like Erick Erickson and others.  We must remember this history of the Republican party. This is exactly the scenario they are in fact planning with their “secret” meetings.

Hopefully by shining the light of truth on their plans we can stop it this time. After all, we have tools at our disposal the electorate did not have back then, internet, blogs etc.. But nevertheless, the scenario is dangerously similar.  Let us hope we can stop the plans of these neo conservative “Reds” falsely representing the red states of the electorate. We can only hope that some establishment hack like Romney, Kasich, or Ryan never makes it to the  white house by a very well funded GOPe campaign of K street lawyers and media disinformation. We can only hope and pray that a faux conservative Canadian snake oil salesman doesn’t slither his way to the highest court in the land. The stakes have never been higher. Our country literally hangs in the balance. Time to stand up and stop this very dangerous campaign against the survival of American Sovereignty and Western Civilization.

Mike Sledge

2 Comments on The History Of The GOP Fake Right And Delegate Theft!

  1. Either way though Mike I see this as a Win/Win for us… Sure we want him in there, but if it doesn’t pan out more and more people will head over here to look for answers and solutions to their local and immediate circumstances. And that’s where our true fight in this country should be anyway!


    • mikesledge72 // April 13, 2016 at 11:12 am // Reply

      Agree 100% with you Rich. My podcast today is going to be about building that new local nationalist platform. Building a new movement from out of the ashes.


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