When Your Vote Doesn’t Count

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAeAbX4RLns Take the time and watch this shit. This is why creating a new media is so important. This is why we need activist organizations. Because they don't fucking care what you think. "The partnership for a New American Economy" has decided what areas will be 'culturally enriched' in the near future. You can tell how happy this anchor is to be receiving this wonderful blessing.

fuck you (2)

This was the most supportive community they could find

Fargo won the Gateway for Growth Award and the locals will also be receiving diversity education on the merit of immigrants. I swear to god every time a liberal says they’re going to “educate me” I have to resist the urge to dive head first into oncoming traffic. At least the anchor is pointing out who’s behind it all. By the way, he didn’t need a conspiracy, he named them one-by-one focusing on King Shit himself.


Someone get this man a cloak and a red lightsaber

If you take anything away from this at all. I want you to realize how they dress up their language. This town received an award from the prestigious “Partnership for a New American Economy”. That is bullshit speak for: “HEY MORONS WE’RE REPLACING YOU”. Our politicians are traitors, they are literally advocating for changing demographics where it’s you that needs to change. You can find this piece of shit organization at: lssnd.org

Comment below and give me your take on the “Partnership for a New American Economy”and how we start fixing this mess.



2 Comments on When Your Vote Doesn’t Count

  1. Chris James // April 14, 2016 at 2:19 am // Reply

    George Soros is mainstream, even Trump has called him out. He’s not a “boogeyman” he is right in front of your face. There’s a difference between calling someone out and blaming an entire group of people.


  2. mattinbritain // April 14, 2016 at 4:18 am // Reply

    Good article Chris. We see the grip that the media has by the way they control the language. They use terms like ‘new Americans’ and ‘gateway for growth’ when what they are acually talking about is poisoning us. They push points like ‘lack of labour force’ and give you their spin on the situation and tell you we need these scumbags in our countries and we need to sympathise with them. We need to fight this by voting with our feet (i.e. not paying their wages in our cable bills) and convincing others to do the same. It’s hard to change the world when all their frames of reference come from the liberal agenda. A new media is the answer. One that uses language appropriate to our cause and our aims.


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