You’re Seeing the Big Picture. Now Let’s Take it Back!

Resurgence Media Network


The explosion of Resurgence Media, and where we’re headed in the future with your help.

Getting rid of poisonous associations, severing our ties completely… keeping the lunatics the fuck away from Resurgence. Becoming a legitimate media alternative… the difference between Resurgence and SiriusXM, what we offer that they don’t, and never will. We must become “thee media outlet” for men. Like it or not… media entertainment is the largest, most powerful industry in the world. Where’s our share of it, where’s our outlet? This is much more than a political struggle folks. We’re here to “make our men great again.” Without our men, there is no political struggle! Getting the fuck away from negative media, depressing news stories, and weak headlines from your favorite bitch corner.

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