The Weak Shall Perish, The Strong Will Prosper; Critical Moments for the Beginnner



Inspiration hit me today will driving to the gym straight from work at around 6:30pm. Listen and enjoy the show. Don’t the mind the background noise, I HAD to talk to you, get this message out before the thoughts left me. Topics Covered on my second episode;

  1. the mindset behind discipline
  2. following through
  3. everyday life applications
  4. overcoming excuses, lazy fat friends and awkwardness at the gym
  5. Making partnerships with Alpha males at the gym
  6. networking with better people at the gym

10 Comments on The Weak Shall Perish, The Strong Will Prosper; Critical Moments for the Beginnner

  1. Love it Gabe… Powerful broadcast brother!

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  2. Let me get your take on something Gabe…

    On the Benchpress, Lock the Arms, or not?

    I personally do not lock my arms.

    I’ve been discussing this point for years with people in this field/industry most of whom agree with me.

    Every so often I’ll run into a guy that doesn’t, and the people that tend to disagree vehemently with me on this, are these idiots that get their form and technique from the NFL Combine.

    Let me just say that on the bench I can shit on almost all of these younger dudes coming into the league. Most of them rep 225… maybe 20x times, 25x for the stronger dudes… A lot of them can’t even put up 20x reps. On a good day I can usually pump out 30x reps on the bench at 225.

    But I don’t lock my arms.

    Here’s why… to me when you lock your arms you’re taking the pressure off your chest, therefore it turns into an arm excercise, with a tricep focus rather than chest.

    When you don’t lock your arms, you continuously keep the pressure on your chest. Which is why my chest pops out of my shirt and a lot these arm lockers have soft tits!

    What’s your take on this Gabe?


    • Thanks brotha!

      In regards to your bench press statement i completely agree. As a chest development exercise the point of the bench press is to keep constant tension on the pecs so locking out the elbows is wasted effort and energy. I personally stop just short of lockout on all my reps as well. The only time i personally like to lock elbows is when I’m testing my bench 1 rep max, when locking out is the way to completely hold the weight under control at the top of the movement. so typicaly powerlifting sets of 6 reps or less locking elbows is useful for overall strength in the entire movement, which involves mostly triceps at the top. Strength for just your chest and chest development, bodybuilding sets of 6 reps and up with just short of locking out at the top are best. Definitely can’t be having soft tits brotha, completely unacceptable!!! lol for sure keep tension on the pecs!!

      the nfl combine test, I’m not sure why or how the bench press was determined to be a “benchmark” for upper body strength. A much better choice would have been standing presses or push presses for reps or even power cleans and press for reps, much better upperbody strength indicator.


      • Excellent,

        And yeah… that circus called the NFL has done some much damage in so many different ways I can’t even get started on it, I’ll be hear all day ripping it apart.


  3. Gabe, thanks for the information! All your post are knowledgeable and inspiring!


  4. Iron Will!


  5. mattinbritain // April 17, 2016 at 4:44 am // Reply

    Good show Gabe. You speak really passionately and what’s great, you give clear instructions straight to that guy who is sitting on the fence or hesitating about making these lifestyle changes, and tell him to JUMP. It’s like you take the listener under your wing in a way that is clearly very genuine, you obviously want to help people get stronger. Your show contains some of the best practical advice I’ve ever heard. I love your show man


    • Thanks for all the encouragement Matt. I’m here to motivate and educate as much as I can. I love to help and see people become stronger mentally and physically. Let’s make our men great again.


  6. I just made the mistake of listening to this at 9 am and now I can’t wait for 5 o’clock to roll around! If anyone is feeling like they’re on the fence about going to the gym… Listen to this right now!!!
    Gabe, this is great stuff. Thank you for this podcast, I look forward to the next one. Also your book was fantastic!!!


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