Taking Our Media Back!


If you spend any amount of time channel flipping (for those of you that still have cable) or scrolling through various webpages of the internet, you'll notice a constant, consistent trend: The target audience is most definitely female. The language is soft, the content is feminine, the humor is lame, the narrative is politically correct, and REAL MEN have nowhere to go! That is, until now.

Resurgence Media Network was born as an outlet for men. A new media platform that disseminates news, information, commentary, and entertainment from a real man’s perspective. At this network we advocate a political approach rooted in populist nationalism with control at the local level. In regards to society and culture, we advocate a return to traditionalism with households headed by strong men.

Our media presentations here are designed to buildup our men, our families, and the communities we live in. And unlike the “Old Media” (which relies on a constant stream of nauseating advertisements) we rely on you, the loyal subscriber, the men and women that are fed up with the “Old Media” to keep us up and running moving forward into the future.


Some of you might ask, why Resurgence? Why should we sign up here? To sum it up in one sentence: There’s nowhere else to go! Every other media “alternative” focuses their attention on chasing down phantoms all day long, many of which specialize in pushing fear porn and negativity, while offering ZERO practical advice and not ONE damn solution.

Furthermore, the focus should be on us as men. That’s where it should’ve been from day one. The internal, not the external. Identifying a problem is great. But it’s only productive when it’s followed with practical solutions that are easy to apply and implement right NOW. No more arguing and wasting precious time over who caused the problem. That’s an exercise in futility. Every last problem we identify must conclude with the following question: what do we do about it?


This website and network is not for the hobbyist retard. We don’t want the boogeyman chasers, the cranks, the misfits, the perpetual losers and weak men over here. All those boys can go back to their favorite bitch corners on the internet. God knows we got plenty of them! Once again, Resurgence Media Network is an avenue for real men. Sure, we’ll entertain you, we’ll make you laugh, and keep your interest here… but in the process, we’ll make you a better man. The motto of this website and network is “Making Our Men Great Again.” And that’s what we intend to do!


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