Get Out of the Big Box Gym!


Human Hamsters Burning Through Muscle Tissue

Glycogen (Sugar) burners… not fat burners… repeat the same damn cycle every fucking week, as they spike the shit out of their cortisol levels, leave with adrenal fatigue, and over eat to resupply the body with more Glycogen (Sugar) stores.

The Big Box Gym… your planet fitness, 24 hour fitness, retro fitness are social hangouts that suck every last bit of energy & motivation from your body and mind! Find yourself a smaller gym with serious dudes, or start building your own! 


5 Comments on Get Out of the Big Box Gym!

  1. Terry "Budney" // April 20, 2016 at 9:55 am // Reply

    Hey Rich, It would be great if you, Gabe, or Tyler could do a post on creating a gym at home. I live about 45 or 50 minutes from the closest gym and I would be grateful for any suggestions. Currently I have a pull up bar that goes on a door frame and a kettle bell.

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    • Sounds like your on your way bro, maybe add some gymnast rings to hang from your bar for presses and pulls (rows), find an area to do a sprint day outside, maybe get a couple heavy Dumbbells to grow into, and do a lot of body weight stuff. I personally like the challenge of creatively training with limited space and equipment, or even limited time…practice one legged squats (pistol squats) with holding your KB to add balance. Use a chair to practice these squats with minimal depth, before working all the way down into a full pistol squat. Focus a lot on core stabilization as a warm up, work planks with deep diaphragmatic breathing and maximal core tension, a strong core is key for health and power.


      This guy does great tutorials on proper plank technique, ten deep breaths in aproper plank should be excruciating.


  2. Lol definitely recognize this. These gyms are a detriment to society. I’ve seen 14-15 yrs old kids in there destroying their bodies. Then you have the cardio robots running on those machines with some gay music in their ears, even when the weather is great for jogging outside. And unfortunately, those who are in good shape in there are either pathological body builders attending these thong-competitions (creating some sort of bizarre sub-culture), or just narcissistic trendy douchebags with no ideals. Yeah, we definitely need our own gyms. And for teenagers, IMO before you even go to the gym, you should train with your own body weight (push-ups, pull-ups etc), and become strong enough to carry your own body. You don’t need no faggot modern gym for creating a good base. Just the music they play in there is enough reason to avoid them.


  3. Another thing… don’t hire a personal trainer (unless it’s Gabe, lol). At least here in Ukraine, personal trainers sit on the bench, tell you what to do, and proceed to sit on their phone as you go through the exercise. Absolutely a waste of fucking money. I used to be a bit self-conscious when I started, but now I don’t even notice anybody else or care what they’re doing. Looking forward to throwing $25 your way, guys, just waiting on my salary.


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