“New Nationalist Revolt”Election Update available to non subscribers

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This broadcast is available to non subscribers. Today on New Nationalist Revolt Mike Sledge talks about the election results from New York, on repeaters on alt right platforms repeating Bolshevik propaganda unknowingly or knowingly. Also Sledge talks about the rise of the Resurgence Media Network and the ” Sledge TV” premier. Also getting  back in touch with our early European spiritual foundations.

4 Comments on “New Nationalist Revolt”Election Update available to non subscribers

  1. Fantastic show once again.

    Looking forward to Sledge TV, should be a blast!

    BTW you have that piece of shit Mark Levin down to a T. Great impersonation… It’s not easy to sound that weasilly and annoying.


  2. joenorthpal // April 20, 2016 at 9:02 pm // Reply

    Just pulled the pop corn popper down from the attic, vacuumed the cob webs and scrubbed her clean. Just setting out to fetch some kernels for show time.

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  3. Great show Mike.

    So many good points infused with humor and passion. Loved the “happy ending” intro.

    “Bolshevik Box”… I will be using this as a proxy for the “electric you know who”.

    And you touched on the Asian issue which is HUGE. I see really big problems with this moving forward. They are like freaking locusts. Here is a little peak at what has been done in China, of course due in no small part to corporate America and the worthless WalMartian appetite for endless consumption, it is very sobering. Not a fan of Vice to be sure, but it is what it is.


  4. Great show. Nationalism and cigars are great combination btw.


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