Attracting Our Youth!


Understand that if we're to attract the youth... our aggressive young men out there that need guidance and need an outlet... we have to speak their language and address the issues that are important to them NOW! They don't want nice guys, they don't want intellectuals, they don't want soft language and a monotone voice. They get enough of that in high school and on campus with the commie faggots and bull-dykers that shove it down their throats and impressionable minds.

We are the Resistance here. Resurgence Media Network is where every young man in this country, and the entire Western World needs to be. They shouldn’t have to go anywhere else. And once they get a taste of what we offer here, they won’t go anywhere else. Young Men… if you truly want to rebel, get your ass over here and sign up for Resurgence. Play our shit in the dorm room, play it in the frat house, play it in the car for your friends, play it every where you can! This is your Website, fuck everyone else, this is now your home!

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