Obama Builds A Wall

Obama who attempted to belittle Donald Trump's call for a wall 'goofy', anyone who agreed with him as just angry, small minded, bigoted, racists crazies now sees the light and wants it blocked. As part of a defense strategy against Isis attacks and overall national security, the Obama DemonicRATZ Miss-Managed-Striation is spending millions of dollars of US taxpayer money to build a border wall. The Pope (who lives behind a wall) has offered no critcism ... er I mean comment as of yet. 

Yes folks, your multi-billion tax dollar funded welfare check to Israel has alrady built a wall there in the name of security. Now your tax dollars, well not exactly, the Federal Government actually borrows so much money it cannot cover it with the taxes it flays off of all working men, your family, unaborted children, and future grandchildren’s boney hides. Those taxes barely cover the interest with the remaining to accure (refinance) in that mystical magical formulae known as continual-POUNDING interest. It POUNDS your ass continually for foreign interests.

But, it at least will FINALLY go towards a wall for security against terrorism, against Isis. Yup, after destabilizing Libya, creating another muslim terrorist training playground equipped with self funding oil fields and a populous of ready made recruits. Obama has agreed to the need for a security wall in……. Tunisia! In fact, the US is now funding a 125-mile long wall between the Tunisian border and Libya to the tune of over $25 million dollars, to achieve just that and the US is paying for the ‘wacky’ wall. Read More Here

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