The Grand Shit-Test

Why does feminism exist? There are two possible answers to this. One interprets the question as ‘What is it trying to achieve?’, and that is the question that this article will answer. The other interpretation of the question is ‘why is feminism allowed to be?’ And that is simply answered; ‘because men let it’. Ultimately, as the physically stronger sex, with the greater capacities of invention and practical problem solving, men have a kind of natural authority over women which has been extant for as long as man has existed.

Just in the same way the strong kid has a authority in the playground, or a man with a gun has authority over the unarmed, menfolk are naturally in positions of authority over women. This fact is as natural as women being the ones who give birth. That is their function. The male function is authority. Yet in modern times a force has arisen which seeks to put women in equal status to men, i.e. in positions of authority over men. And men are agreeing to it! This article discusses why men have allowed feminism to become a governing force in human society.

‘As a male feminist, I make sure to be aware of my privilege and support victims of sexual discrimination wherever possible, I respect women’s rights, and women make a valuable contribution to society’…

‘If women ruled the world, there would be no wars or bombs!’…

‘We live an a patriarchal rape culture where women are systematically oppresed by men’…

Guys say this shit for ONE reason only. They are too scared to stand up to women and tell them ‘your feelings are irrelevent, and your opinion is unacceptable’ – instead the guys let the women spew their crap unfettered by male authority structures which women need. Guys take this path because they think it makes women happy and will get them some pussy, you just have to keep on agreeing with everything they say. But the pussy train never comes, so they cuck themselves out further and further for female approval. Of course, women HATE men who do this. Feminism is one big ‘shit test’ on the unconscious level. And all this garbage we see in today’s society is an offshoot from feminism and the moral and physical relativity values of the female mind. I am what I believe I am and you can’t tell me otherwise. The ‘subconscious shit test’ is part of a biological constant – sexual selection.

The pick-up artist community (which, unimportantly, is for faggots and betas) brought the term shit-test into popular usage. A shit test is when a woman ‘gives you shit’ to measure you by your response. It is an act by a woman performed on an instinctive level to test the boundaries of a man. ‘Here, Mick, just hold my purse a second while I go talk to that guy over there…’ And she goes over and hugs him and kisses him on the cheek while you watch on, holding a purse, and your balls shrink back inside you as you know you aren’t getting any tonight. ‘Harry is such a manwhore, you can tell he sleeps around by looking at him’… By agreeing with her condemnation, you are bitching about another male to a woman, and she will see you as a weak proto-woman. If you disagree with her and refuse to condemn Harry, she will look shocked and affronted, BUT you have passed the test by not taking her shit. The best way in that scenario is to say something funny that shows you are not interested in her condemnation, or discussion of another man at all, like ‘You gonna look at him all night? It sounds like you have an eye for a man who knows how to seduce a girl’ and give her that look that says ‘yep I said that, and I’m already picturing it’. This scenario is a powerful test females use all the time.

Notice how often it is the ugly bint of a woman who marries the cucked out man, and then most likely gives him a life of nagging hell, taking authority over the household at every turn and demanding constant deference of his needs to her own (all with the logic of ‘I will scream and cry if my feels are not appeased and you are too weak to stop me’). The beautiful women, with the best genetics, are always attracted to the alpha males. In deer, the males rut to see who is the strongest male in the territory. The winner gets the to mate with ALL the does in the area. Birds must have the brightest plumage, or the loudest call, in order to display their health and strength to females and be allowed to mate with them. It is all part of the ritual of weeding out the weak bloodlines so their poor genes do not infest and weaken the population or burden the mother with sickly children. Humans are much more psychologically complex animals, ESPECIALLY women. The male brain may be more logical and better at creative processes and problem solving, but the female brain is much more complex in the sense that it can and often does guide its ‘owner’ in ways that are subconscious and instinctive, causing them to say things they don’t mean, and perform all sorts of dysfunctional behaviours, with the goal (that they are not even aware of) of weeding out men strong enough to lead them and govern over them.

So the men who permit and enourage their behaviours, and say ‘you go girl’ and ‘yay feminism! female empowerment! don’t let me, a white male tell you what to do!’ are subconsciously categorised as too weak to mate with. On the conscious level women will return approval of these men, and want to hang out with them for the constant validation of having someone who you constantly have something over (they tell you anything you want to here because they are hoping to get in your pants). On the conscious level, women will see these men as allies. But imagine how dry their pussy gets when after 5 years the guy says ‘actually I’ve had a crush on you this entire time and been too scared to say it!’ Women actually feel deeply betrayed by this type of weakness.

There is certainly no sexual attraction in top quality (genetically speaking) women towards the faggots who put female standards before their own standards, and are too weak and spineless to disagree with the femfeels. Humans naturally move slowly in times of social change, and it takes decades for a change in the order of our society, our philosophy, if you will, to play out naturally to its logical end. We see this in the way that the decline in spritualism in westerners has slowly brought us ever closer to a hedonistic, consumerist hell, that is because the ‘end’ or the logical result of atheism or total lack of spiritual purpose in life, is the selfishness and childish distractionism we are beginning to see.

We see how the promotion and praise of single motherhood has, not instantly, but slowly, led to the breakdown of the family and the breakdown of community responsibility. This is because the knock-on effect or ‘end’ of raising children outside families becoming the norm, is a betrayal of our nature as cooperative beings who thrive under structure and order, and a lack of respect for ‘the hand that feeds’ a.k.a. Those who uphold and support society.

And we also now need to become aware of the ‘end’ of men cucking themelves in the hope of female approval, and the ‘yes I agree you’re a special snowflake, you’re soooo clever and progressive, do I get to mate with you now?’ tactic of trying to get a girl. The end is NOT that we reach a certain level where women feel ‘okay, this guy has given me my way in so many things now, lets reward him with some commitment, sex, and babies!’

The end is NOT ‘how lucky I am to have been given the vote, and never be expected to face the draft, or do terrible jobs like fireman, but if I do, I’ll be in the papers as a brave new womyn hero, I better show my gratitude and be kind towards the men who created this comfortable, easy ride society for me.’

The end is NOT ‘Wow, Jake, it was so great of you to dress up in a corset and high heels and come on our slut walk today, I find your commitment to female empowerment sooo sexy, can we go out some time maybe?’


‘SURELY this will be enough to show them I’m a nice enough guy? SURELY I deserve some pussy after wearing a pink dress and marching round in public?’ No pussy was had that day.

This is because the goal of feminism, the end toward which it pushes, is not the equality of the genders, or rights for women, or even a better life for women (women are objectively less happy now than they were in the 50s and studies show this – see the famous paper, the paradox of declining female happiness, at ). The end of feminism, and you must remember this at all times, is the subconscious deselection of weak males not to breed with attractive females. A.K.A. If you are too weak to tell me to shut up and put my feels aside and be your woman, if you instead put your balls in my purse and tell me I’m right to want to be equal to a man and have power over men, you are not getting this pussy.

We see this by the way that being enshrined as equal in law was not enough to satify the cravings of the rabid dogs of feminism. They instead then complain that they don’t get equality of outcome. That is, of course, men’s faults too. And again, men cuck themselves and say ‘yes dear, sorry dear, we’ll lower the standards of entry and put up mandatory targets to show how equal women are’ (the insanity of this cannot be addressed here). It is never ending, there will ALWAYS be something new to blame men for. The concept of ‘stare rape’ proves this.

Just go on tumblr for an hour and you will see there is zero logical grounding in this line of thinking, the objective is simply to bash men however possible, whether it makes sense or not. This is why no amount of rights, positive discrimination, appeasement, and ‘yes dear’ will ever be enough. The test is a biological imperative to eliminate weak men from our species. The logical end it will play out to, will be the full extent of male cuckdom. Men will be forced to walk around with their heads hanging down. To look up and see a woman will be a crime, punishable by castration. Women will walk around totally naked or in slutty outfits to rub it in men’s faces that they aren’t allowed to look up. Men will be led by collars to work where they work day and night to maintain a comfortable lifestlye for their female overlords, and women will still claim men are oppressing them and they are victims of male society’s hatred for women. The education system will have strict rules, no boy can get higher marks than a girl. If a girl gets the wrong answer, and a boy gets it right, we change the text books to make the girl correct. No subject which appeals to men over women will be allowed to continue. Science, tech, and engineering will be seen as heresy against the religion of feminism because they appeal to men (male will become a byword for evil/wrong). Disagreement with a woman will be classed as rape because any violation of a woman’s right to be correct about everything is a violation of her personhood and is thus a rape of her snowflake spirit. Only the ugliest women will mate, as their inferior genes are worthy of cuckolds and weak faggots only. The species will get weaker and more stupid with each generation and will then completely die out.

Of course, the idea that it will ever get this far is probably impossible. We will probably just be over run by Muslims before that happens and we will be too cucked to say anything except ‘I’m sorry I’m white, I’m sorry I’m a male, I love diversity’ while Haji and Ahmed take our women and breed with them. Again, on an unconscious level, we should examine why women don’t apply these levels of cuckoldry to Muslim men? Why are the feminists also so pro-immigration? Why is it these feminists are happy for extreme patriarchal Muslim societies to come flooding into our countries? Where are the femfeels then? Nowhere to be seen, because they respect the fact that they know Muslim society laughs in the face of feminism. You are being deselected for your weakness and ultimately replaced by males they perceive as stronger.

They (women) are attracted towards strong males on an instinctive level, so while the white cucks go out for coffee with them ‘just as friends though, Dave, jeez, Dave’s like, my best friend, like, it’d be way too weird, right Dave?’ ‘Totally Becky, I’m not crying into my pillow every night because I’m too scared to tell you I’m in love with you and I’m a hopeless faggot! Not at all!! Let me pay for the coffee.’ Meanwhile, it’s not long now til Haji and Ahmed totally and literally cuck Dave out.

Everyone will have either been through the folowing situation in their life or have seen someone go through it. Guy hangs around with girl at school, they spend every day together at lunch. He buys her CDs. He goes a mile out of his walk to knock on her door every morning and walk with her. He talks to her and she confides in him with family problems and the usual teenage angst. Rumours fly around that they are dating but she shyly denies this. In the meantime, her pretty face becomes more mature, with fuller lips, and she grows tits and starts dressing to show off her figure. Guy keeps hanging with her struggling to hide his boners as they eat lunch together paid for by him. She pretends not to know he is in love with her because it’s nice to have someone to bitch about her parents to. Then within a week some guy, maybe 2 or 3 years older, on the football team, with a job, or some muscles, has noticed this girl, approached her, and nailed the shit out of her in the back of his car. Our guy has been straight cucked. He has put his heart and resources into this girl just for her to say ‘I don’t like you that way’, yet she’s blowing this bonehead jock with nary a whisper of the previous caution and shyness that our guy tried so hard to appease and work round sensitively.

We can ALL relate to this story. This isn’t exactly a far-fetched scenario. It happened to most of the hot girls in my school. They grew tits, started showing them off, and suddenly guys with beards and tattoos were picking them up after school while my skinny 15 year old ass was left wondering why my game of respect, listening, and agreement left my dick unused and much abused. This is the grand cucking that is coming if we don’t put our women in line. A stronger outside force is going to replace us by a coupling of progressive female voting patterns and migrants’ refusal to integrate with western culture (or at least the part of it that involves being a cuck and placing women in positions of authority over you).

Ask yourself if Ric Flair ever bought a women 400 cups of coffee before watching her run off with the quarterback?

Did Ric Flair let women shit-test him out of the competition for sexual selection?

Did Ric Flair apologise for existing to women and let them tell him which way to go?

Did Ric Flair get his moral compass from progressive women?

Did Ric Flair have trouble getting pussy? Or was he stylin’ and profilin’, banging hot chicks at will?

The promise of feminism, that everyone will be equal and happy, is a promise that can never come true. The only way is a return of our men. A Menaissance. Our men in the future will be cocky as all hell, and will laugh in the face of shit-tests from ballbusting women. Women will quite literally get in line to date the reformed men of tomorrow, with healthy physiques, strong morals, and a Flair-esque tenacity and self-confidence. Instead of high-pitched whines and nagging, excited squeals will emerge from young women as alpha males parade, proud of their heritage and their existence, proud to be MEN.


YAYYYY! The Men are back!!

This is why our mission here at Resurgence is not only an important one but a spiritual and essential one. This is why you must get on board with the message of self-improvement, and taking your head out of the sand where it is buried, and form an allegiance with other men who will help you go from cuck, schmuck, and lame duck, to a HERO that other men look up to. This is why we have to make our men great again. So we can pass the shit test and enter a glorious era of pussy-getting.



8 Comments on The Grand Shit-Test

  1. Senatssekretär Freistaat Danzig // April 23, 2016 at 7:25 am // Reply

    Reblogged this on behindertvertriebentessarzblog.


  2. WOO! That was fucking amazing article mate, seriously glad I clicked on that this morning, awesome insights, I think this may be the best article I’ve read in a long while… Great job Matt your a multi talented guy! Throwing Ric Flair in there was genius. Every man needs to read this so they can get out of the mind traps of feminism.


  3. Besides my bio, this might be the strongest piece of writing on this site, and that’s saying something since we are the best site on the net…I can’t believe there’s not more comments on this piece… I think I’ll highlight this piece in my next podcast. Killer info, the reason women are going haywire is because they aren’t being LED by STRONG men, it all falls back on enemy #1, don’t blame feminism, don’t blame Islam, or the Jews or the new world order, take a look in the mirror boys, time to man up.




  5. mattinbritain // April 24, 2016 at 6:33 pm // Reply

    Thanks for the response Tyler, really appreciate it! At first, I wasn’t sure about the Ric Flair thing because of the sort of clownish, childish element of wrestling, but there’s actually a big reason it appeals to ‘men’ to watch that circus act well into adulthood. They see aggressive, proud, cocky, arrogant men with amazing physiques who aren’t afraid to get physical and take a few lumps. Where else do they get that???

    Look at promos with Stone Cold Steve Austin or Ric Flair, forget that it’s clownish, it’s the presence of attitude that’s important. They aren’t apologising for existing and waiting for their turn to talk. They aren’t monotone faggots and theirbody language is dominant, not passive. That isn’t something a passive faggoty guy can ‘put on’ as part of a character or wrestling alter-ego. These guys are just shining, and their masculine charisma is 100% natural This is why our women hate our men and our repulsed by the thought of being led by them – because they lack that pride and directness of speech, and that assertive manner.

    Anyway, I’m glad that point came across without seeming like I’m some clown who thinks wrestling is real… the point is, the fact that our men don’t have that attitude is the simplest way to express our problem.


  6. If you haven’t ever checked out the work that the Ultimate Warrior put out onto YouTube in the last couple years of his life, I highly recommend it, he’s a great guy. Very inspirational and masculine.


  7. AlbinSweden // April 26, 2016 at 4:03 pm // Reply

    I’ve been chasing this idea a while but I hadn’t been able to pin it down. You did so spot on. It’s not many guys who could get you to happily read an article this long. And at your age. Funny as hell, coherent, speaking to “my own” memories, and leading me to the should-be obvious realization to be drawn from them like some old wise man holding my hand walking me through it all in some movie.

    Can’t post pictures here but this cartoon i saw really illustrates your article:

    Liked by 1 person

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