A European Critique of America, and Resurgence!

America, the political landscape here, and Americans themselves have been critiqued as a group by Europeans for the last 200 plus years! Tocqueville made some great, keen observations of America during the Jacksonian Era, but also warned us about the future here if we ever came to value equality over freedom. Europeans have given us feedback and advice in the past as outside objective (at times) observers. But did we listen? Do we listen today? What can we learn from our brothers across the pond? The following read is an observation sent to me through email from overseas… Enjoy, and pay attention asshole!

Email from Albin…

Hi Rich,

Love your show, you´re the best etc. etc.

A message to Americans

Listening to your show there is a couple of things I’ve been dying to comment on. The more I listen (and thats quite a lot lately since the supply has exploded and my tolerance for “analysis” and theories on what went wrong has dropped like a rock since being spoiled with your message) the more I feel like there are some points I must add to the conversation. But for now I’m gonna focus on the one thing that I feel is the most important.

You Americans have GOT to sort out your identity crisis!

As I understand it, there is an ongoing and seemingly never ending debate among American nationalists on what to call yourselves. I’ve heard RamzPaul go on about how he is not a “white nationalist”, basically because he doesn’t want to be told what he can an cannot say in order to be a “true” white nationalist. And when I listened to Gage’s last podcast I heard him say something similar. I think his reasoning went something like “reducing ourselves to the color of our skin means missing other important aspects like culture ect. + we don’t hate black children”. He then went on to say he is proud to be an Italian American. I guess the other end of that debate would be Anglin et all and the white genocide people arguing that anything less then being explicitly white means cucking, confusing or opening up for chauvinistic Ukraine/Yugoslavia style brother wars.

Please don’t mistake me for one that would think that you could give less of a fuck about the arguing back and forth in the duck pond. The reason I bring this up is that it is IMHO a symptom of a very real problem. The goal of this text is to prove this problem and to offer a solution that, however obvious, doesn’t seem to be considered by American nationalists.

I think it’s worth pointing out that these arguments does not (to my knowledge) exist in Europe. Have you heard golden dawn debating whether to be white nationalist OR greek nationalist? Ever met an Irishman tell his Irish brothers not to dress up in green because that might give the impression that they are not for european unity but mere patriotard useful idiots to neocons?

Why? We are not confused about who we are. And you need not be either.

On your first three way-podcast, Gage stated that nationalism is not just about race and that culture and religion also matters. Though obviously correct I think he is missing a very crucial point.

Nationalism is not built on race – but neither on religion or culture – it’s built on myths

Race, just like culture, religion and language and (actual) history is not what nationalism is built upon, it is what defines the in-group. No one is proud of their language. The Swedish language is not a more efficient way of communication than any other language – it’s just that anyone who doesn’t speak it is not one of us. The color of my skin, eyes or hair is not objectively more beautiful or purposeful than other nuances – its just that when I see a blond stranger, I know that person is not likely to blow shit up, rob me, talk loud on a bus or start making demands that I respect his suffering. And even though one might (I certainly would) argue that white women in general, and swedish women in particular, are the most beautiful on the planet, I wouldn’t trade our ugliest 10 % for their hottest 10 % and say that my in-group consists of everyone that is beautiful. Same goes for intelligence etc.

The in-group is defined by all the things that sets us apart from the rest – but our nationalism is built on myths and symbols.

Exhibit A – Swedish myth

Swedes are vikings gone soft feminized pussies. I think the whole world can agree on that myth. We know it – the world knows it.

At year 0 blond über alphas rode their bad ass dragon ships all around the world to teach our fellow men a thing or two about masculinity. The fag ass Brits, who had departed from their pagan gods and spend their time shaving their heads to look elderly, disavowing the pussy that the vikings took wherever they could find it, praying to their cumbaya god for forgiveness for the slight glimpses of manly instincts that were left in these sorry excuses for men, swiftly got punished for their faggotry when they met the last pure-blooded sons of mother Europe.

Their descendants, after regrettably being cucked into christianity, still went on to be a great military power who gave zero fucks about wine ore poetry that the fag ass fresh threw around to feel superior. Finally they settled for being the per capita richest country in the world. Not filthy rich like the upperclass of the lesser nations – their just nature created a society where the wealthy stayed humble and the workers got their fair share for a work done through the unique nordic work ethics. Zero corruption, zero mafia, zero starvation – just the way of swedish justness. Then men got comfortable and week from all the wealth and crazy dikes took over and invited everyone in too leach.

Some scientist might tell you that there were actually several different migrations to northern Europe long before the vikings, and that there were actually a lot of bad things going on in the golden days, but no one is listening to that nerd trying to confuse things. The myth of the swedish vikings are so strong that everyone knows deep inside that the rest is irrelevant details.

Does this mean that Swedish nationalist hate our white brothers for not being vikings? Do we not understand that all white people are in this mess together? No it doesn’t and of course we do. The other scandinavians are our viking brothers and the only one who could ever claim equality with us. The germans are near enough vikings (as proven by the success of their nation if nothing else) and we are really just a smaller more pure part of greater Germania. The english might have beaten us in empire building, but that’s just because of their numbers and the fact that they are are decadents of germans (near-vikings), actual vikings and norman vikings. Americans might rule everything but everybody knows that the original Americans, were from scandinavia, Germany, Holland or England. The Russians – founded by vikings. The Greeks and Italians – built rome and athens so they must have gotten something right.

Point: Swedes are vikings and we are fucking proud.

Every other nation has these same kind of myths that keeps them together, strengthens them and makes their in-group worth fighting for.

German myth: At year 0 blond giants, sprung from the wilderness, crushed the roman armies and all their advanced weapons with their bare hands just by being 10 feet tall and 1000 times more alpha. They then invented everything and the second they finally united they became the strongest force in Europe. And every time they got bombed to dust they became the richest country in Europe again within a generation simply by being best at everything.

The russians are bear men that drink vodka while other faggots zipp wine. They go bare chested through Siberia which would make the armies of Napoleon, Hitler and Carolus Rex freeze to death within minutes. They have lately gone fucked up by communism but will rise again.

Italians – the founders of Rome and therefore all of western civilization who have lately gone mafia run, but will overthrew the corrupt and the greedy and be great again.

Australians – 100 % decadents of bad ass convicts – don’t fuck with us!

Does America not have myths?

Do you have to go on and explain how you’re 5 % italian, 30 % swedish, 50 % irish etc? Do you have to resort to white nationalism in order to include all combinations? Or is the concept of nationalism simple not viable in America – and you should instead go for traditionalism or any other set of values that would have to be written down and agreed upon? it’s obvious to everyone that you have. I’d say you have the most powerful myth in the world.

Americans are Cowboys gone fat.

At year 0, American cowboys sat down from their horses, put out the cigar and strode down to the port to a ship controlled by the most powerful navy in the world. Asking the faggots to move aside they threw all their tea in the sea. Why? Because Americans don’t like tea, they like coffee. And Americans don’t like wine. They like beer. Ore drink whiskey straight from the bottle from the horse back while fearlessly riding in to savage territory to break new ground to build a farm on the prerry with their bare hands to provide for their beautiful wife and cute little children. Americans don’t care for European snobs telling them how to sound educated. They spit in their hands and start building something useful.

Americans went on to build the greatest country in the world, and time and time again had to sort out the mess that everyone else started. And you won easily. Everyone wish they were you. They learn your language, listen to your movies. When my dad was a kid, they all played indians and cowboys. Only problem is people start mistaking your goodness for weakness. It is true you are the most generous people in the world. But you are also the strongest. And biting the hand that feeds them might just sooner than you think turn out to be the gravest mistake these ungrateful good for nothing foreigners ever made.

You were once great – now the savages are running all over your once great cities. But that will change. Thats the myth of EVERY nationalism in the world (se where the “Make America great Again!” comes from?).

Why is it so hard to be American nationalists?

Are you afraid to be confused with patriotards? Afraid someone might think you care more about the constitution than the people that had the capacity to actually follow that law? That you rather bomb muslims then ban them? Unfounded I say.

Imagine showing up to a Trump rally with t-shirts saying “America first – American nationalists for Trump”.

Compare that to “white nationalists for Trump” – that’s obvious.

Compare it to patriots for Trump – thats not saying much.

Traditionalists for Trump – are you guys like … conservative or more like…?

“Not white nationalists, we don’t hate blacks but we are still proud to be whites for Trump” – well…

“Italian-Americans for Trump” – like the blacks we were collectively blamed for crime. But not all italians are mafia, we just wanna live in peace with our spaghetti so we kind of victims too. And since we as a minority supports Trump he cant be racist…

The American myth is explosive. Every one on earth gets it. You don’t have to use celtic or german symbols that no one identifies with. You don’t have to claim that whites built the pyramids and thus deserve to be proud. People would require proof for that and they don’t have the attention span to examine it. No one needs proof of why Americans are great. And no one gives a fuck if your ancestors came a bit late and missed the whole cow boy thing. Think no swede ever stayed home from a raid? You might be full of flaws but the (myth of the) nation is flawless and pure.

Reclaim the eagle, the flag and the rock’n roll from the patriots. Patriotism was for fighting a kingdom from overseas that shared your language, race and religion. Today you are entering in to a European style ethic conflict. You know that America is not about the constitution. Or freedom. Ore any of that shit. It’s about Americans. The greatest people who ever lived, builders of the greatest country who ever existed – against mexican and muslim invaders. If you scream “USA, USA” when a mexican journalist gets thrown out – there is no room for confusion. If you scream it from the audience when a muslim on campus takes the mic and starts demanding free stuff because oppression – no one thinks your thinking about the constitution. Don’t need to be no confusion.

The Myth is there – all the stories and symbols – just fucking claim it and redefine it for what Americans are craving for today! We are American nationalists, America for Americans, speak english motherfucker or talk to my .50”!

So thats my thoughts on that topic. If you think it’s thought-worthy – think about it. If u think its worth addressing on air – do it. if you like to put it up as an article – feel free to edit it any way you see fit (second language obviously and i’ve never written anything outside of work or school even in swedish). And please don’t hesitate to tell me why the writing – or the ideas presented in it – sucks. I listen to your shit for exactly the reason that you don’t cuddle the feelings of grown men.

If you like it however I have a lot of other things on my mind I’d gladly share.

PS. Your show is dynamite. It hit home bulls eye from the first episode. In my late 20’s, as I had just become a father and were in the middle of a huge identity crisis transitioning from a borderline alcoholic, somewhat successful womanizer, just out of university having to cope with the thought of working the rest of my life and not even being able to act a pig on weekends. Than i listened to your show and was like “fuck yes – becoming an alpa male as an adult and a father, by being better and stronger than and acting serious is exactly the goal I’m gonna strive for now that drinking with the guys and loose women aren’t on the map anymore.” Still feel motivated by the thought and doesn’t miss having no responsibilities nearly as much 🙂

12 Comments on A European Critique of America, and Resurgence!

  1. As an American myself… I must say this is one of the most inspirational pieces I’ve ever read.

    The following line was textbook PTD and really struck a cord… “”The Myth is there – all the stories and symbols – just fucking claim it and redefine it for what Americans are craving for today! We are American nationalists, America for Americans, speak english motherfucker or talk to my .50″!””

    This is what I’ve been trying to get across with every show… “We can’t complain about it, we have to reclaim it and become it ONCE again.”

    Fucking Grade A+ material here my Swedish brother. After reading this, I’m convinced, we must be related on my fathers side?!?! He’s a swede. Lol


    • AlbinSweden // April 25, 2016 at 4:10 pm // Reply

      Wow thanks Rich! I actually have second cousins in the state, some of which I know are half Italian, so who knows hu?

      I had planned to do an entire ass kissing e-mail just about how this kind of mentality is so refreshing, and how you put into words an un-ease about our own side that have been troubling me for a long time, but i figured that could wait since you probably get a ton of that already and would appreciate me to add to the discussion rather than create an eco chamber 🙂


  2. Wow American Nationalist… I like the sounds of that… Fucking amazing article, can we get this guy to write for us regularly? Really inspirational… Let’s rock the American myth baby!!!!! A big thank you to our European brother.


  3. Awesome pics added for effect too, just awesome.


  4. Well said brother!
    Painted the picture PERFECTLY!
    So true, about the identity crises symptom..
    This is the message that rang true , which Rich was putting forth, and got me hooked from day one also..
    Much gratitude for taking your time to write this and share it.. Great Stuff… Simple but True, doesn’t need to be complex.. American Nationalists! Cowboy Up! Haha love it!


  5. The idea that Cowboys are representative for Americans is interesting but it’s not new. The whole world knows it. Don’t believe it? Listen to this Japanese guy

    Liked by 1 person

    • AlbinSweden // April 25, 2016 at 4:00 pm // Reply

      Haha told you! Just as you can never see how you your self appear from the outside, it can be hard to see aspects of your in group that is clear to outsiders.


  6. This is truly great material. I read this today and had to contain myself from screaming “fuck yeah!” at work.

    We need to stop saying, “I’m ‘an’ American.” We must say, “I’m American.” Fuck people who want to debate and split hairs.

    I’m American. What are you?


  7. mattinbritain // April 26, 2016 at 10:59 am // Reply

    Some really great points here. Dynamite work Albin, well done. Angelo talks about conquering the heart and minds of people… this is how. Most people, when they are sceptical, will, as has been mentioned here, ask for proof which they then don’t have the time or intelligence to examine! But when you see people chanting their country’s name as they protest some foreign invasion or SJW bullshit, you know exactly what they stand for and it moves you in a deep place.

    People are afraid to give the short answer, where they say ‘I’m a nationalist’… or ‘I’m Britain/America first’ They want to rationalise and justify everything in a way that takes the heat and passion out of it and puts you in a negative possition, begging people to listen to your 3000 page proof of the problems we all know are around us. People don’t need complicated flow charts of why holding onto your guns is central to American identity, or why anything is central to anyone’s identity. We all know what our own people are like and what great things they have achieved in the past. And that is what we need to appeal to. People are happy and comfortable with that. We mustn’t succumb to the enemy’s tactic of portraying nationalism as a boneheaded, numbskullian philosophy. The enemy wantss to break down the myth, that self-image of which we used to be proud, in order to make us apathetic to it’s destruction. We must promote and encourage it once again.


    • AlbinSweden // April 26, 2016 at 3:45 pm // Reply

      “People don’t need complicated flow charts of why holding onto your guns is central to American identity, or why anything is central to anyone’s identity. We all know what our own people are like and what great things they have achieved in the past.”

      Exactly! Like trying to explain to a female in a rational way why going home with you would make so much sense. If they aren’t buying that you share a common identity, they are either lying, or they just don’t feel it’s the time or place to bring that shit up. Or you just framed it in on off-putting manner. Or, to be brutally honest – you are to ugly or otherwise un-appealing in their eyes for them to want to associate that bond to. We need to be the guys that our brothers and sisters would be dying to be able to claim shared blood line with! (or at least find a way to hide behind someone like that and point them to him 😉


  8. Fuck Yeah! Spot on. I had and interesting thought today while out riding my MTB. “Identity exists in Discipline and Self Control”. “Identities found in opinions and material possessions is false”. A disciplined, self controlled American Nationalist Man can never be defeated.


  9. LexTalionis33 // June 27, 2016 at 3:24 am // Reply

    Hell, yea! America first! American Identity! American Nationalist unity!

    Perhaps an “American Nationalist Party”? Anyone? Anyone?


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