PTD Sweden: Episode #2



The Message of “Power Through Discipline” has gripped our men by the balls… all across the world! More and more Europeans are reaching out to chime in here on the Resurgence Media Network. Here’s Adil in Sweden with Episode #2 – Enjoy

6 Comments on PTD Sweden: Episode #2

  1. Great show Adil.

    A reason why finns has intergrated in the swedish society is the fact that the countries used to be one, without Sweden there wouldnt be no Finland.
    We are very similar people dispite the language barrier. You’re spot on with the differences.
    Im also a second generation immigrant and i’ve struggled with identity since a child. Theres nothing good in multiculturalism. It makes people rootless.
    I grew up in the finnish community in Sweden where everyone i knew spoke finnish, now as an adult i might be the only one that still speak finnish daily and i am for certain the only one that has taught his children finnish.

    Finns are indeed way more nationalistic than swedes, my own relatives are a good example. Half of them live in Finland and the rest lives in Sweden. Do i have to say who are liberals and degenerates? The brainwashing is way worse here than there.

    Great show again Adil, keep up the good work!


    • Thanks once again Markus! Yeah well Sweden is probably the least nationalist country in the world, which makes Finland look good in comparison. They have more solid resistance, yet of course Finland is not free from cultural Marxism either and the same problems awaits Finland in the long run if we don’t wake up our men. My family is from Tampere, which they is “the most red town in Finland”, and my relatives are all socialsits/leftists (lol) and some of them are leftist politicians.. As I said in my show though, the problem is that Nordic socialism has been manipulated and replaced by international marxist socialism.


  2. Hey Adil, I very much enjoyed this show. What’s your stance on the SD? Are they just controlled opposition? Is there another alternative?

    Greetings from cultural marxist Germany!


    • Thank you! Well, you know, I have my reservations on that, but I don’t want to talk about controlled opposition. I encourage everyone to participate wherever they can. What I can say though is that SD has left the right wing open and there will probably emerge a new party to fill that space.


  3. AlbinSweden // April 26, 2016 at 4:15 pm // Reply

    Really interesting to hear your story brother! Loved the Machiavelli quote. We must grow up and learn how to balance between cucking and trigger peoples conditioned negative responses when there’s no need.

    It’s funny to hear how all of you guys loosen up at the second episode go from reading up your point to developing a confident relaxing connection with the listener!


    • Appreciate that bro! Exactly, we have to be flawless in our approach, to trigger a desired positive outcome. I think we’re on our way to something big here! This site has people who are mature leaders and who understand psychology. We are going to do to the left what they have done to us, but we’re gonna crush them twice as badly!


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