“Sledge TV” first episode now up only at Resurgence Media Network


This is the first episode of Sledge TV. In this episode Mike Sledge visits the Jefferson Davis memorial in Ga. Mike also explains how our history and traditions are being destroyed by cultural Marxism and communist scumbag organizations. Also included in this first edition of Sledge TV the “Cigar Nationalist” . So tune in and join the revolt!

9 Comments on “Sledge TV” first episode now up only at Resurgence Media Network

  1. Hell Yeah!!! Rock n Roll Brother!


  2. Loved the discussion in the backyard… common sense approach, making things palatable, coalition building. Spot on target Mike!


  3. Awesome show! Sledge Rules!
    Man that was some sick shit that those commie pinko fucksticks did to those confederate cemeteries… That shit is sacrelidge. Really enjoyed the show all along, thanks for showing us the Jefferson Davis museum…


  4. Great stuff Sledge!


  5. mikesledge72 // April 26, 2016 at 10:42 am // Reply

    Thanks for all the feedback everybody. Next episode will be at Stone Mountain Ga. They are now proposing to destroy the Confederate Carving on the face of the mountain. Disgusting!


  6. I’m not a southerner, and I have never been one to be upset by the actions of the left, but seeing the images of BLM spray paint on statues and desecrated momuments made my stomach flip. I get viscerally angry at BLM. They’re scum.

    I enjoyed the show, btw. Finances permitting, I try to have at least one cigar a week during warmer months. I look foward to your cigar recommendations.


  7. fingerfood@hotmail.com // April 30, 2016 at 7:53 am // Reply

    Why cant I see the video?


  8. ‘free shit crowd’ … mmm, how kosher


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