The Boogeyman Illusion

Welcome to today's lesson! Pull your saggy pants up your asses! Today we're gonna dive deep into the abyss and see if we can smell some rats down there. We're gonna take a look at language symbolism, learn how to think in pictures and try to explain the boogeyman dead-end from a symbolic POV!

The nationalist world view is one of myths and symbols. The day’s of dry intellectualism are over, sitting on uncomfortable school benches (because the “boogeyman” prioritized refugee accommodations), trying to memorize what some boring, overly “educated” teacher said about how rain occurs with the water vapour condensing when it reaches the dew point (even I remember that), memorizing irrelevant dates or trying to calculate an equation while at the same time wondering why the hell your teacher smells like alcohol!

No, it’s time for real education, and for that you first have to unlearn your faggotry habits and kill your holy cows preventing you from re-learing!

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” – Alvin Toffler

So who the fuck is Alvin Toffler? Well, it doesn’t matter, but the quote does!

So, let’s now cut the bullshit and get on with todays lesson…

The boogeyman fallacy


Today we’re gonna explain the nationalist boogeyman fallacy, in terms that everyone can understand! And we will do that by using illustrations from The Walking Dead. So let’s reveal the walker virus, and why our nationalist movement is infected as well.

But wait a minute.. Why The Walking Dead?

Well, normally I never watch series, but about a year ago I made an exception and for some reason began watching The Walking Dead (I don’t do anymore). The first season of the series was pretty good (survival plots of course always go home with domesticated citizens who lack excitement and meaning IRL), and I de-coded a lot of symbolism from it. For me, The Walking Dead became an analogy of the shortcomings and grievances of modern life. The more I watched, the more I came to identify the walkers (zombies) with modern human beings walking around with their face in their flat screens, alienated from their surroundings. Those walkers also represent modern days leftists – the soft betas, the feminists and the cultural Marxists – in how alienated they are from reality.


We’re all equally degenerated, you evil fascists!


I’m a feminist – a strong, proud, emancipated woman who serve my employer, not my husband!

The walkers also very accurately represent the “traumatized refugees” roaming in through Europe towards Germany and Sweden.


Pissed of truck drivers driving through biological hazard

In the meantime, thousands of boogeyman-chasers and keyboard warriors sit in their basements and “wake people up”.


Sucked up in the dopamine kick of their self-proclaimed heroism, they all miss a very crucial and devastating point.. Namely, that we are ALL infected by the walker virus! This is the great revelation – the revelation of the illusory boogeyman. If you’re infected you might not even know you’re sick. Do you dare to confront your demons?

The nationalist movement is now OFFICIALLY divided in two halves, with two different philosophical approaches to our problems: the one’s who blame external factors, and the one’s who grab the balls of our own men!

On the Resurgence, we refrain from pointing fingers outwards and blame shady powers. We blame YOU!


But why.. Why do we do this.. What the fu*k.

Because, until now, nationalists have not dared to question their own holy cows, and have therefore fallen into the same booby trap of being useful idiots, which they claim leftists to be. This has become the case, because we have not cleaned up our own backyard filled with loose ends. We carry the very same boogeyman virus as the left themselves. The mere difference is that the leftists are the walking deads, and we nationalists are the few survivors, previously unaware of being infected (just as in the series).

That until the message of PTD struck the chord!

You see, if we tie the loose ends in our movement, we can strike from a much more powerful position, and generate a roar which echoes in eternity – which will make the Marxist Fortress quiver in its very foundation!

We’ll refrain from blaming external factors, because this is our outlook (or at least mine): The boogeyman is programmed to do what it does, and will always act accordingly, as history shows. The Creator has created a fixed world, but also given you a free will. That’s why we can only blame ourselves for our downfall.

If your computer is infected by a virus you don’t blame the virus, you blame the virus protection, and you blame yourself and your lazy ass for not being able to uphold the protection! Even if we win this war, the boogeyman will by its very nature keep working on advancing its interests on behalf of others (because it is a necessity for its survival).

If it then again, in a 100 years, succeed to infiltrate the Western fortress and bring it down, shall we once again play on the same broken strings, or blame OURSELVES? Oh boy, would it be a waste of time to let 100 more years pass to learn that lesson; that lesson which has repeated itself in front of our eyes for centuries!

This is our last chance for survival, before the virus turns us all into walkers.


Holy shit, we’re infected too!

Time is running out, and our biggest problem are weak white men, who sell out their people, either through playing X-Box, jerking away their desires, acting like traitors in the government, importing cheap labor, selling out production and sovereignty to cheap-labor countries for short-term gains (the white upper class boogeymen).


These weak white fags make for good cheap labor!

Behold, European brothers! The ever lasting intellectualizing about the boogeyman has played out its role. It’s high time to stop undermining ourselves into a position of submissiveness, and rise up to strike from a position of Power Through Discipline!


Fuck you PTD, I’ll chase the boogeyman til’ the end! Still going strong motherf*ckers


Hey, PTD, let me in guys, you were right!


Embrace yourselves, the free shit crowd is approaching!

Want the antidote? Sign up for Resurgence asshole!


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    I don’t care if its only 3 bucks a month, I’d rather send that to cable vision or verizon or dish to upgrade my package!

    Fuck the future… I want FREE SHIT.

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