2 Comments on Kick Them Out

  1. That was a great clip Joe… and an even better show from the two of you! Every single damn week all of you guys motivate the fuck out of me to come out stronger, I love this shit.

    You idiots that aren’t signed up yet…

    -cut your fucking cable

    -cancel your movie package

    -cut out the beer and cigarettes

    -skip that one meal (one fucking meal) of junk food

    And send that over to Resurgence, and we’ll hook you up for the rest of the year!

    If you’ve truly “woken up” your ass should be signed up here!

    No more excuses…


  2. BTW this was your BEST show of the year Joe & Paul.

    However…. understand these younger dudes are lost in a virtual world, clueless with no mentor and/or role models, you’re serving that role now Joe and Paul, with your wisdom! They need it!


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