PTD Radio Britain: Episode#4

article-1209278-062EE5AB000005DC-335_634x710 This week I call out the football CUCKS - the single biggest time-waster and family killer in the UK, is football culture. Losers and boozers, staring with dewey eyes at overpaid nobodies playing a child's game. I also discuss how to contribute to a change in narrative and general public feeling towards topics we discuss, in order to win people over.


We don’t win on trade, we don’t win in wars, we don’t win in the political scene, but BY GUM we MUSTN’T lose a game of football!

As usual we get some kick-ass, beautiful European music. Starting with Scottish fiddles, taking a break with a traditional English/Scottish pub song, and ending with a beautiful Irish tune in the incredible Irish Gaelic language. As I reiterate time and time again – the era of pretending there is no problem with our men is gone.

It will become laughable and embarrassing to be like the average man of today VERY soon, and continuing going about your business, getting drunk at the weekends and watching sports with every spare minute of your time, is going to invite serious contempt from that growing crowd of people who have had enough of the losers and pretenders who do NOTHING about our worsening problems.


Shame him? No, let’s just sing ‘who ate all the pies?’ No room for shaming here in our footballing safe space

Get away from that cucked, feminized, and frankly boring game, and invest your time and money in something that will develop you as a person. I.E. The Resurgence Media Network and a gym membership.

12 Comments on PTD Radio Britain: Episode#4

  1. tygisleson // April 26, 2016 at 9:24 pm // Reply

    Get ’em Matty!!


  2. Over 15 years ago, I was making speeches about this very subject. Look what’s happened since then. We should work together.


  3. mattinbritain // April 27, 2016 at 7:24 am // Reply

    Hello ironkraft – I have emailed you at the address give on the website you linked to.


  4. Hahahahahaha! I “Fahkin” love it mate, now I Know where the “Fahk” us ‘New’ Englanders get our funny accent over here in Massachusetts,
    Over here in New England the sports culture CULT is huuuge, it’s a huge part of the resentment and indignation I feel towards the overgrown little boys in this country. Great great show, love the skit in the beginning hilarious and well thought out.


  5. Good show bro, although I have some disagreements on the way you view football. I’m a footballer myself, and I don’t like that you entirely bash the sport (although I very much understand where you’re coming from). Football is a cultural phenomena with deep European roots, and it holds surreal power – both to the detriment and benefit of the society. It’s the only joy many working class whites have, and it has been entirely turned against them. Your conclusion is spot on though, the game has become a watered down substitute for men who won’t grow up and face our real problems. I was going to write an article about this actually, so it’s good that you brought it up. I might write something complementary to this, as the football problem is something that very much has to be adressed, with many points to be made. Keep up the good work enoying your shows!


    • mattinbritain // April 27, 2016 at 1:48 pm // Reply

      If people want to play a team sport and hang out with guys on the weekend and discuss it, that’s fine. But paying hundreds of pounds a year for sports channels, thousands for tickets, and getting bladdered watching this feminised game, is unacceptable behaviour for a man, whichever way you look at it. Especially if you are ‘working class’ and have little money. The football culture is something our men should run away from. There is no ‘moderation’ when it comes to this pathetic culture. It’s like saying I use cocaine in moderation or attend strip clubs in moderation. With the shape that football culture is in now, any involvement in it (apart from simply playing with a group of lads for camaraderie) is an embarassment. I will be writing an article further on this issue soon highlighting how the football culture is RIFE with degenerate shit that we need to keep our kids WELL away from.

      Football is a cultural phenomenon… well ok, but if we lose our countries we will lose our culture by default!

      I have no problem with working class people reclaiing football at a grassroots level, in fact there is a lot of that starting to go on. But investing tribalism and serious money and energy into football culture is embarassing.


      • You’re completely right. What I’m saying though, is that you come from a position of belittling the game itself (which these cry-baby-couch-potatoes always take as an insult). Although it’s true football has become a caricature of overpaid men kicking a ball, it’s always easy to make fun of what looks simple. You indeed have all the right to be furious, after what football fanboyism has done to your country. The sarcastic monologues were funny and spot on, and you made the main point in that we must stay away from the football circus. I’m just going to cut in from a slightly different angle, as a proponent of the game myself.


      • Champions League now btw.. boycotting the shit!


  6. Matt, What audio platform do you use for your podcasts? I’m trying to get off YouTube whilst still using my badass soundboard (BossJocks). I’m shopping around, I tried one called audioBoom that ain’t gonna cut it.


    • mattinbritain // April 27, 2016 at 1:50 pm // Reply

      I just use audacity and record with a headset. I talk about the first issue, then listen back to check it’s ok, then record the second half, import audio files for the intro, break, and outro songs, and then upload it.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the show.


  7. Great episode brother. Good quality and production value. I need to step my game up!! In respect to your topic, I completely agree. I can’t fucking stand lazy, out of shape people OBSESSED with professional athletes to the point where they can spew out hundreds of unimportant stats and facts that have no BEARING ON THEIR LIFE. These people act as if they are also on the team and playing with them. They waste their free time not investing in themselves or growing as people, but instead spend it drinking all night every weekend and weeknights sitting on their fatass on the couch or bar stool!


    • The single most annoying “burden”, on a healthy European person of moral strength, is the Roman one… “Bread and Circuses”. As long as the masses are entertained, fed with gutter-tripe, and full of belly bloating beer, sod all will be accomplished.

      Spread this link, as we will yours, and help fund our project for a bricks and mortar Embassy, for people of European origin.


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