Revolutionary New Tactic to Beat the Boogeymen


They control everything. We can't speak out, we have no power, we can't fight back, we can't vote against it, we can't even breathe without their concurrence and permission... UNTIL NOW... Read this article to discover my amazing new strategy to beat the boogeyman once and for all.

This is it folks. Now THEY have no power, and we finally CAN fight back, thanks to an absolute game-changer discovered by yours truly. The Resurgence Media Network and the whole of the internet will be a-buzz, mouths will gape, eyes will stand out of the heads of their owners as if on stalks. The churches will ring their bells and the flags will be hoisted for change in all the kingdom, as a new era dawns under this new strategy to topple the mighty boogeyman from his lofty perch.

So safe, so sure, so protected, they sat. Until now. YOU can defeat the super-semites in one easy step…

It’s amazing that no one has ever thought of it before really!



This previously undiscovered button can de-boogeyman your tv, your home, and your family.

Behold it’s glorious effects.

Surely, now we can beat the overlords who physically forced us to obey them and pay for the privelege of destroying our own societies for decades!


You’re welcome.

1 Comment on Revolutionary New Tactic to Beat the Boogeymen

  1. Ha ha great post!


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