PTD Radio: Episode#47

episode 47

Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #47

***The FREE Shit Crowd***

On today’s show I talked about the FACT that we now have millions of deadbeats not only on the left, but on the right, and millions of them right here on the internet. They've all become part of the FREE Shit Crowd. There's not much of a difference between the average (able-bodied) welfare parasite and most of our men here on the internet today. This issue was hit hard, and it was intended to offend you. If you don't like it.... take a fucking hike! Also discussed on this show was presidential politics, the NY Primary, Ted Cruz and Mr. Rodgers, attracting the youth, and ESPN firing Curt Schilling! The MP3 Download is now posted in the Radio Club and the Resurgence Media Network.


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5 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#47

  1. If all the shit that I said was caught on camera during the hockey games I played in, fuck I would be hung by these PC fags. In a game where we can beat the fuck out of each other. The last thing anyone really thinks about are trivial insults. NHL= National Homo League.


    • More of the same Bro!

      It’s truly unbelievable Eric… makes you wonder if any of these Cucks experienced a huddle, or your average baseball, wrestling, or hockey practice?

      All we did was belittle and mock each other in the most vulgar way possible! Albeit, in a non-malicious friendly way..

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great show Rich.

    So where do I get my free Resurgence Coffee Mug? I love free shit and I’m pretty special 😉


  3. mikesledge72 // April 30, 2016 at 11:47 am // Reply

    Another kick ass broadcast!


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