PTD Salutes Daniel Boone

***Bringing Back Our History***

Resurgence Media Network will continue to salute the warriors, pioneers, innovators, great thinkers and leaders that helped form and shape our once great civilizations.


Today we salute you: Daniel Boone (1734–1820)

A true legend and American hero, Daniel Boone was an explorer and hunter whose bravery and exploits made him one of the most famous frontiersman in American history. He stood about 5ft’9 inches tall, was broad-shouldered, barrel-chested, and weighed about 175 pounds. He didn’t go to school, but his mother taught him how to read and write. His father toughened him up, taught him how to survive in the wilderness, shoot a gun, and how to be a gentleman. He always remembered the day he shot his first bear at the age of 12; how many kids could shoot a bear at that age? Most kids would get scared and freeze, but not Boone. Everyone said Daniel could hear a twig break from a quarter of a mile away. They also said he could spot something out of order like an Indian in the bushes at a very early age. Originally from rural Pennsylvania, Boone moved to the Carolina frontier around 1750, exploring west into Kentucky in the 1760s and 1770s.


He trailblazed through the Kentucky wilderness, leading settlers through the Cumberland Gap. He cleared the Wilderness Road, and in 1775, established the frontier outpost of Boonesborough, one of the first white settlements in Kentucky. Thousands of people followed his path, moving west deeper into the interior of America. He spent the next several years trailblazing and fighting off Indians. Eventually Boone settled in western Virginia, where he served in the state legislature from 1781-1791. In 1784 he published his memoirs, The Adventures of Daniel Boone, Formerly a Hunter; Containing a Narrative of the Wars of Kentucky. In his own words, we can learn all about his courageous adventures. Boone then moved again (for the last time) in 1799, to Missouri with his family, where he stayed until his death, in 1820 at the ripe age of 85.

2 Comments on PTD Salutes Daniel Boone

  1. Yes, I love this shit Rich. Keep on this if you can, our history needs to be revived, rewritten in a stronger sense from our point of view, and brought more easily to the younger ones.


  2. Great work, I’m putting you in for a Commendation Medal.


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