Trump: America First

Donald Trump continues to impress, and he demonstrates his willingness to fight for Americans every time he speaks. Trump's speech is an enormous change from the last 20 years of foreign policy. Whether or not this is a true America First policy is debatable; however, the fact that Trump is even willing to use the term "America First" is a great change in American politics.

Mike Sledge has a great breakdown of Trump’s speech on his latest episode. Check it out, or join Resurgence Media, and check it out.

4 Comments on Trump: America First

  1. I held back bile for the first 3 minutes, but managed through it. At 8:33 I had to suffer through the “Israel, our great friend and one true democracy in the Middle East” shtick, and then I lost it on the whole “a force for justice and peace” crap. And I stopped watching at 9:04 when he denounced Obama for not being a friend to Israel. Seriously, how in the hell is this AMERICA FIRST? It’s Israel First pandering to the “greatest generation”… Disgusting.

    I voted for Trump in my State’s primary, and I will vote for him in the general if the boogeyman doesn’t fuck him out of the nomination in the name of preserving democracy. But God Damn it all if he doesn’t drop this Israel knob slobbering, I just can’t take it. If this is the best we have then the end is far closer than any of us imagine.


    • Vladimir Putin also pandered to the Jewish Oligarchs before coming to power. He had them fooled to the point where they actually promoted him in their controlled media outlets as Yeltsin’s replacement, and effectively helped propel him to power in the mistaken belief he was their man. Once he succeeded in consolidating his power, Putin double-crossed all of the oligarchs and prosecuted them for their rape of Russia. We can only fantasize that Trump is playing a similar game.


      • This is a great point. Trump is the only candidate who has the potential to change policies for the better. Could he be lying? Sure, but he’s the only who may not screw us over. We all know the others will.

        As for Israel, it not what he says but what he does. He may say great things about Israel while simultaneously letting them twist in the wind. Who knows? Once again, he’s the only one who MAY change things. The others definitely won’t change anything.

        My big concern with Trump is the second amendment. I am not sure he wouldn’t trade gun rights with liberals in order to get something he wants. But he has released a policy on national concealed carry. Yet again, who knows?

        Trump is a big question mark. That is part of his appeal, but I understand the worries some have.


  2. It may be a case, of him having no choice but to pander to the Isreali elites. The past saw a particular German leader, doing exactly the same thing. Time will tell, but for now, memes and Euro-freindly speeches, could see a welcome change, regardless of Trump’s performance, if he gets the Whitehouse.


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