PTD California at the Trump Rally!

“Make Amerikkka Mexico Again!”

From Reilly in California,

These were the words on one of many crudely scribbled signs waved by the degenerate, inbred-looking protesters whining from behind police barricades. as thousands of normal people waited for hours in line to attend the most recent Donald Trump rally in Costa Mesa, CA. The contrast was stark. On one side stood every-day, normal people. On the other were the filthiest, weakest individuals one can imagine.

On Thursday, April 28th, a group of us from San Diego travelled to the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa to see Trump speak at his first rally to kick off his vital California campaign. We were joined by over 31,000 California residents energized by Trump’s rhetoric against political correctness, as well as his pledge to put America First for the first time in recent memory.

My wife and I travelled over an hour with our group of fellow Power Through Discipline listeners, representatives from WHS, Identity Evropa, and members of the old 80’s right-wing punk band Fight for Freedom. We were a mixed crowd, but no more mixed than the fellow Trump supporters we encountered during our two hours in line waiting to get in. There, we met and conversed with women (young and old), Vietnam veterans, high school students, and everyone in between — all fully motivated and more aggressively outspoken than Trump himself in regards to what needs to be done to truly make America great again.

As the protesters screamed obscenities and incoherent slogans, against a backdrop of Mexican flags, we all shouted back with the need to “Build the Wall!” and send them back! The contrast between our side and theirs was truly stark; normal people, many still in work clothes, opposed by completely degenerate Mexicans and assorted ethnicities apparently under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Many of the opposition looked underage, and this was supported when we observed a White female following them with a handwritten “Teachers Against Trump” sign. The mere sight of this should serve as a warning to those of us with school-aged children; imagine your child being dictated to by their teacher that, to earn extra credit, they must join her in protesting against their own interests, alongside the absolute scum of the earth, screaming anti-White invective, and harassing innocent children and the elderly.

The anti-American, anti-Trump protests continued into the evening, as thousands of Trump supporters were locked out of the event due to overcapacity. The Trump crowd turned to taunting the anti-American hordes, children climbing trees above the protesters shouting “Go Back to Mexico!”, while others attempted to talk some sense into their heads regarding the criminal background of Hillary Clinton, or the questionable motives of Bernie Sanders. As event goers peacefully dispersed, protesters became more and more violent, assaulting women caught in traffic, and attacking anyone caught walking alone having the “appearance” of a Trump supporter. Police vehicles were destroyed, and debris thrown in the streets to block traffic from exiting the event. The police seemed overwhelmed, apparently incapable of protecting normal attendees, or even their own property. Why are the police unable to protect those whose taxes pay for their services? News outlets reported a number of squad cars destroyed, resulting in damages taxpayers must cover. Who will pay for the civilian vehicles destroyed by the rampaging mobs?

Furthermore, in crime-ravaged Southern California, which boasts a massively militarized police force, why were law enforcement personnel unable to protect American citizens? It is possible that our traitorous local government and general politically correct climate has effectively bound the hands of the police from performing the job they are paid to do. We can only hope a change in national leadership will help shift this climate — but of course, responsibility falls upon us to get more involved locally, in order to allow that change to occur.

With these events, and those the following day in Northern California, where Trump was opposed by a sea of Mexican flags and violence, it is clear the action is just getting started in California. Trump supporters, composed mainly of average working people, are attempting to take the high road in this struggle. People are clearly working to behave in a civilized manner, and avoiding violence. However, watching the encounters between aggressive protesters and young White Trump supporters, it is clear that our men are hindered by the weakness bred into them by our current feminized, anti-White society. If there was ever a time for our men to assert themselves, this is definitely it.


I definitely encourage readers to make plans to get to the next Trump rally in your region. Sign up for updates on, because they are usually only announced a day or so beforehand. Get commitments from friends, family, and acquaintances to be ready to go when a rally is announced, and be sure to get there early so you actually get in. While there, serve as an example to all of how a real man acts. Do not back down, and speak frankly with those you encounter about what is happening. For many attendees, this is their first time being surrounded by a mostly homogenous group of like-minded people, and witnessing the very real contrast between us and our enemies. You are never going to have another opportunity to get through to so many normal people at once in a situation like this, where they are so primed to hear our message. Make an impression on them, and they will carry the lesson for the rest of their lives.

8 Comments on PTD California at the Trump Rally!

  1. Awesome report from Reilly in California!

    Very encouraging to say the least. 👍

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  2. “There, we met and conversed with women (young and old), Vietnam veterans, high school students, and everyone in between — all fully motivated and more aggressively outspoken than Trump himself in regards to what needs to be done to truly make America great again.”

    This is why I believe Trump can win the presidency. He he has the support of the white working class. The white working class decides elections, and they prefer a masculine leader. I think Trump’s outright masculinity will defeat shrew Hillary’s anger. Anger is all Hillary has; whereas; masculinity is all Trump needs.

    Good stuff, Reilly. Hope to hear from you again.

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  4. Great report Reilly.
    And sorry I couldn’t join you guys. Next time

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  5. Angelo John Gage // May 2, 2016 at 10:45 pm // Reply

    Good job gents

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  6. I appreciate the comments, gentlemen. I definitely think business cards would be useful in a situation like this. This website is definitely the kind of thing a lot of the people we saw there would be into. I’m looking forward to the next rally.


  7. joenorthpal // May 3, 2016 at 6:06 pm // Reply

    For anyone who wants a slice of how America used to be, Go To A Trump Rally!

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  8. Great report, Reilly. Nice work!

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